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Comment Re:@Intel: Why no ECC for consumer-grade processor (Score 1) 163

You hit a LSB and something is off by one. You hit a MSB and you're potentially off by trillions.

That's a good argument for Gray code.

I have to take issue with the assumption that nothing clears errors better than a hard reset. There are very many known strategies for dealing with errors on a running system, and a reset only clears persistent and cumulative error, rather than transient ones. Since we can assume that your computer doesn't keep the same data in memory all of the time, most will be transient.

Comment Re:ECC (Score 1) 163

The situation for AMSAT is still pretty bad, as far as I've heard. As a radio amateur group (and one that has launched quite a few satellites as space hitch-hikers) they can't afford the good stuff, but they get some donated by NASA and some of the commercial satellite companies. Only a few years ago they were still using the 1802 as their main vehicle controller, as that was their main choice in silicon-on-sapphire CPUs. They get some donations of space-qualified solar cells. They scrub their memory continuously, They use no boot ROMS. The program is loaded entirely by hardware, and then the CPU is started.

Comment Re:Basic Physics (Score 1) 57

Or, perhaps, your own understanding of physics is bullshit because, well. Physics is bullshit. And this is why physics hasn't accomplished anything significant since the atom bomb. It's mental masturbation.

Well here's some things physicists have done after the bomb that I thought of off the top of my head: Lasers (and laser-related stuff like laser spectroscopy), Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Holograms, atomic clocks, high temperature superconductors, tunnel diode, scanning tunneling electron microscope, atomic force microscope, stochastic resonance, charged coupled devices... All kinds of stuff that maybe isn't as high profile as the atomic bomb, but are essential to things you take for granted, like flash memory and liquid crystal displays in your electronics or the Hall effect sensors in your anti-lock brakes.

In any case, leaving aside the obvious hooey , if physics were mental masturbation then anyone could do it. It's the fact that so few can do it that makes so many people see it as a pointless and trivial exercise.

Comment No goalposts moved - kernel is kernel (Score 2) 104

The kernel is linux. Gnome desktop, redhat distro etc etc are all their own thing.
Just because people are lazy and frequently call the entire stack linux doesn't mean that someone who isn't lazy is wrong when they are talking about the linux kernel specifically.

So yes, android is dominating not redhat, debian or whatever, but the article is about the kernel underneath.

File it with people making noise about Mac versus MS Windows when the topic is really about an x86_64 CPU.

Comment Re: Android is Linux (Score 1) 104

The linux kernel is linux.
Gnu/linux was the second attempt by Richard Stallman to raise awareness of GNU on the coat-tails of linux after people didn't take his first suggestion of LiGnuX seriously. Linux is not a GNU project. Their OS is called HURD.
So your "fact" does not appear to actually be one despite it coming out of a book.

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