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Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 1) 98

Since when is CNN left?

So you mean the external renaming to 'Clinton News Network' was only because the letters matched?

So you mean the external renaming to 'Clinton News Network' was only because the letters matched?

Clinton is not a liberal. She is a neocon. Trump is not a conservative. He is just a sleazebag.

I never said she was a liberal, historically liberals believe in personal liberty... she does not. She's very much a illiberal progressive.

What? You just contradicted yourself there completely, smart guy. Care to rephrase your sentence until it makes sense? Here, this might help. Don't go alone, take one of these. Maybe then you'll have some idea what the words you're using mean.

Comment Re:Case Backwards (Score 1) 406

What then is the appropriate care to bring down an unmanned unattended object hovering over your property out of arms reach?

There is none. The proper legal remedy is to follow it "home" and sue the owner. You have no right to damage someone else's property, just because you feel like it, even if it's on your property. This is solidified in the case law around owned objects left on your property, such as someone illegally parking on your lawn. You aren't allowed to slash all 4 tires to ensure it's immobile until you can call a tow truck to haul it away.

Perhaps throwing small rocks at the drone, or turning a hose on it would be appropriate. Something to indicate it's unwanted, but causes little to no direct damage (though may cause a crash, which would cause more damage). Similar to a boot on a car, which causes no direct damage, but could damage the car if it's driven off, and could cause minor unintended damage, such as scratches on the wheels.

Comment Re:Case Backwards (Score 1) 406

Enable HA failed.Update object 44 failed, stale object state.

A drone can't trespass. A person can, a device can't. If you come home and find someone else parked their car in your yard, you can't yell "trespass" and shoot it. A drone would be treated like an unattended vehicle. You must use appropriate care, or you are liable.

Comment Re:better quotes form the linked article(s) (Score 1) 406

Youngman said she believed in 2nd Amendment rights

That's one of the truly funny things about this.
As a person over 45, and being a woman, the second amendment does not apply to her at all - she's excluded twice.
When are you people going to wake up that your gun rights are there because they were not taken away and that the second amendment has nothing at all to do with it?

Comment Re:Drones might have weapons. (Score 1) 406

Drone haters pre-date drones. "drone" isn't even a very good word for it. RC airplanes have been around for many years. I remember waking up to them on weekend mornings, flying from the school near me (two soccer fields in an "L" shape, space for maneuvers, but in the middle of a residential area.

Today, many smaller drones are insect-quiet battery powered units, but "in the day" all the "drones" were fuel powered. and noisy. I can't say gasoline, or IC, because there were gasoline jet drones, and ones that ran on non-gasoline fuels.

The drone operators deserved the hate they attracted. Then the next generation suffered from it. But it wasn't unearned.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 406

I was gifted a cheap quadcopter for christmas. It was so quiet that I could sneak it up on people and land it on their head. The air movement gave it away before the sound did. The $1500 monsters are louder, but not so loud that they'd disturb someone inside a house if someone outside was playing with one.

Comment Re:25 years, still garbage for the mainstream (Score 1) 315

So why the extreme reaction to a very innocuous factual answer that you know from your own experience is correct?
It was a simple question about doing things on the command line and I gave a real and practical answer of batch image processing.
If you don't hate the platform why the irrational reaction?

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 406

A thought occurs to me. Functionally, a desk fan with metal blades is an appropriate analog for a drone rotor if the housing is removed.

Aside from the speed not even being in the same ballpark, sure. If that doesn't work, then it certainly won't work on a drone. If that does work, it might work on a drone, or at least, one which is only hovering and not actually going places.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 406

"those things" aren't loud. "that thing" may have been. A battery-powered quadcopter shouldn't be any louder than a large insect.

The loud ones are fuel-powered, and they are not designed for stealth. When he's peeking in the window, it's not to see stuff, but to show off his new toy. Had he wanted to spy on you, he'd have gotten one of the quiet ones.

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