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Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 4, Insightful) 307

Why should the rest of the country pay to relocate people who chose to be near the ocean? That isn't a federal issue, that's for the state or local governments to figure out.

Maybe because the issue has been caused in no small part by 300-million Americans driving SUVs, trucks, and burning coal. This is where the funds from a carbon tax should go.

Comment Re:Hateful readers will abuse this. (Score 1) 146

Hateful in what sense? I know there has been an unfortunate contingent of anti-science partisan nutters who have been trolling the site in recent years but other than that I'm not sure there is enough interaction for someone to have a personal dislike.

I've been moderating a lot of submissions and there are some where the summary is confusing to the point where it seems like spam yet the submitter appears to be a normal user. I give these the benefit of the doubt and not mark as spam (but maybe down vote) since I also find it difficult to try to write a succinct original summary.

Comment Re:How can we give a fuck? (Score 5, Interesting) 146

The original shouldn't have been here either. Unfortunately we've moved from technical articles to a dumping ground for tech blogs which are pretty much the lowest on the tech totem pole.

If you look at the article submissions its pretty clear that they should be considered spam as they are often submitted by the authors or site promoters e.g. MojoKid, MirandaKatz, BrianFagioli, Trailrunner7, sciencehabit, the_newsbeagle, Esther Schindler, wisebabo, and a bunch of anonymous submissions.

I think there are two problems, not enough people are marking these as 'spam', and we as readers aren't submitting enough of the articles appropriate for the site.

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