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Comment Re:This is a very real threat to free speech. (Score 2) 206

Recently botnets haven't really been the issue, they've mostly been reflection attacks which use DNS, NTP, etc. to amplify the size of the requests. If networks started to drop UDP packets with spoofed addresses that would reduce the problem significantly (so would convincing a huge number of people to fix their DNS or NTP servers, but that is harder).

Comment Re:Thanks, but no thanks (Score 1) 98

Everyone I know that used Google Talk switched to Hangouts for the simple reason it was a continuation (though the EOL of the desktop application in favour of a shitty browser plugin was dumb), Allo/Duo however is completely moronic as they exist in parallel are disconnected. I haven't installed Duo, and won't be installing Allo, I'm sure as a Nexus user they'll eventually appear on my devices but I'll disable them at that point.

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