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Comment What compression efficiency means (Score 2) 45

Codecs (such as H.264 or VP9) describe a bit stream, and how to decode the bit stream. They basically provide a kit of tools that can be be used by encoders.

The quality of video encoding is mainly due to the technical knowledge and artistry of the encoder manufacturer and how the use that took kit. I can show you great H.264 encoders and horrible H.264 encoders, but they both emit valid H.264 bit streams.

In particular, the biggest challenge is rate control. If you don't care about the details of a variable bit rate, almost anyone can write a great H.264 or VP9 encoder, with the bit rate jumping up and down all over the place. However if you expect a bit rate to be held within say +/- 100 kbps, only a few vendors have the expertise to make a more constant bit rate look good.

I'll also add that I've seen no good data that shows that VP9 encoders perform better over a wide range of content than H.264.

Comment Just another reason. . . (Score 1) 58

not to have a "smart" phone.

When I'm on vacation I don't want people to know where I'm at because the point of vacation is to get away from them. I'll call you when I'm at my next destination and only then will you know where I'm at.

A dumb flip phone. One of the greatest technological gifts of our times.

Comment Re: We have those already in the US (Score 1) 89

Despite the insistence of one or more people to mod down everything I post, if you do decide to come over and will be somewhere in the New York City area, drop me a note beforehand. I can't promise you the world, but I'll do my best to get you oriented on how we move in this country.

Comment Re:You never had any privacy on windows (Score 2) 144


"You never had any privacy." Full stop.

Not with mysterious government cameras appearing on utility poles, "Stingray" type cell-site MITM units used by local PDs, even being near others with cellphones/tablets/etc, ALPR systems, biometric ID matching, NSA/TLA/Five-Eyes data-slurping anything they can, etc etc etc.

The ways in which individuals can be and are tracked if/when authorities wish makes an amazingly-long list.

Not saying you should accept this crap from MS, just the opposite. Just pointing out that this is only one small front in a huge war for your private data and thoughts and who has control of them, the individual or TPTB. Information is power and they mean to be hold a monopoly on their control of it and remove any ability for the individual to make choices about what they share.


Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 144

If I have to give up my privacy, I want a computer that always works. Otherwise, it's security through inoperation.

Lol, not a bad idea. Like nazis used to turn off electricity in whole blocks to see if the resistance transmitter stops working. Screw up updates to half of computers, see if what you want to stop has stopped. Divide, conquer :) In a few decades of failing updates you will know who is doing it, totally worth it right?

MS: "Gosh we feel awful about it, but this is gonna hurt you a lot worse than it hurts us."


Comment Re:Maybe I'm more anal-retentive than most (Score 2) 153

I'm always careful to grab mine, but with all the bullshit rules these days I have FOUR FUCKING BINS plus my bag to take through TSA.

It's complete fucking security theater. Stop requiring removal of all these devices that just slow down lines and lead to lost items. It's all bullshit.

...This is a friendly reminder to please leave these items at home.

How about we leave the TSA at home? And DHS along with them? They don't actually keep US citizens safe, they keep the US government safe from citizens.


Comment Personally I hope they donate most to nonprofits (Score 1) 153

...but if they sell them, http://www.eyeflare.com/articl...

Where to buy TSA confiscated items for sale:

US state Website address
Alabama www.adeca.alabama.gov
Alaska www.publicsurplus.com/
Arizona www.azdoa.gov/agencies/msd/surplus_property/public_auctions.asp
Arkansas www.arstatesurplus.com
California http://www.dgs.ca.gov/ofam/hom...
Colorado www.cijvp.com
Connecticut das.ct.gov
Delaware www.state.de.us/dss/surplus/index.shtml
District of Columbia app.ocp.dc.gov/RUI/information/ppd/ppd_main.asp
Florida dms.myflorida.com/dms2/business_operations/
Georgia surplusproperty.doas.georgia.gov - Online auction sales
Hawaii auction.ehawaii.gov
Idaho fsp.idaho.gov/
Illinois ibid.illinois.gov
Indiana www.state.in.us/idoa/surplus/index.html
Iowa www.iaprisonind.com
Kansas da.state.ks.us/surplus/default.htm
Kentucky finance.ky.gov
Louisiana doa.louisiana.gov/lpaa/auction.htm
Maine www.maine.gov/bgs/centralserv/surplus/
Maryland www.dgs.maryland.gov
Massachusetts www.mass.gov/portal/
Michigan www.michigan.gov/dmb/
Minnesota www.fss.state.mn.us/auction.htm
Mississippi www.dfa.state.ms.us/Offices/SurProp/SurProp.htm
Missouri www.oa.mo.gov/purch/surplus.html
Montana gsd.mt.gov/local/publicauctions.asp
Nebraska www.corrections.state.ne.us/federal_surplus/index.html
Nevada purchasing.state.nv.us/property/auction.htm
New Jersey www.state.nj.us/treasury/dss
New Mexico www.generalservices.state.nm.us/transportationservices/publicstorefront
New York www.ogs.state.ny.us/supportServices/fedSurplus
North Carolina www.surpluspropertydivision.com/
North Dakota www.nd.gov/surplus/
Ohio www.das.ohio.gov
Oklahoma www.ok.gov/DCS/State_Surplus/index.html
Oregon oregonsurplus.com

Pennsylvania www.dgs.state.pa.us/surp_prop/site/default.asp
Puerto Rico No website
South Carolina www.ogs.state.sc.us/OGS-disposable-index.phtm
South Dakota www.state.sd.us/boa/Prop. Mgmt/propmgt.htm
Tennessee www.state.tn.us/generalserv/ba04s/
Texas tfc.state.tx.us
Utah fleet.state.ut.us/
Vermont bgs.vermont.gov/business_services/surplus
Virginia dgs.virginia.gov
Washington www.washington.edu/admin/surplus
West Virginia www.state.wv.us/admin/purchase/surplus
Wisconsin www.doa.state.wi.us/
Wyoming ai.state.wy.us/GeneralServices/index.asp

Comment Re: "Super-Efficient"? (Score 1) 104

Of course nature has a feedback method to automatically correct the damage we do: extinction (or a major culling at least)

It couldn't possibly be some other mechanism or combination of mechanisms nobody has thought about or understands yet coming into play. That's unpossible. The science is settled. It has to be extinction. Because alarmism gets attention and funding.


Comment Re:Somebody mod this story down (Score 2) 294

No, not every piece of right wing journalism is fake, but enough that stories from them should be suspect.

Further, neither did I say anything about Russian spies. I said Russian trolls who, as you pointed out, deliberately try to insert enough fake "news" or falsify factual stories to divert attention or obscure facts. As I pointed out in my original post, Russian trolls will mod me down to try and prevent people from seeing the truth of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. When confronted with the truth they go into overdrive in St. Petersburg in attempt to do everything to discredit the facts, most specifically going after either the person posting the facts (me) or where the story comes from.

Even when Putin admitted he sent Russian troops into Crimea to steal it, Russian trolls still denied their dear leader's own words. They made every excuse for why the story was fake EXCEPT for the fact those are Putin's own words. In other words, even facts coming out of Putin's mouths are lies in the world of Russian trolls.

And that is what this about: countering blatant lies with the truth. Using facts to pummel trolls, get them to twist themselves into such a ball of anger they climb over themselves in a vain attempt to extricate themselves from the ball of lies they've spewed. It's quite funny to watch them first deny the facts, then attempt to deflect, then finally come full circle and deny their own words. What's especially funny is they're so simple minded it's very easy to get them to admit they're Russian trolls. Since they're all using the same script handed to them from their handlers, they use the same words and phrases in every post so their comments stick out like a sore thumb.

Comment It's simpler than that (Score 1) 294

"The group "seems to have been in existence for just a few months"

You mean, roughly coinciding with HRC's failure to mobilize her base, and dawning recognition that she wasn't simply going to ascend the throne as planned?

Rather than invent a giant Russian hacking cabal, it's simpler to recognize:
- fake bullshittery news has been with us on the internet since...the internet. Election seasons in particular have always been rife with "did you hear" watercooler talk.
- its far easier to blame "them" on the internet than to accept that "Liberalism Ascendant" wasn't perhaps as inevitable as some thought, and a really shitty candidate CAN still lose an "in-the-bag" election
- not every story that HRC (note that all the 'false news' stories are one-sided; apparently nobody spread false tales about Trump? Really?) claims was fake was, ipso facto, fake. We seem to have quickly and conveniently moved on, for example, from what was obviously some serious seizure issues that have been hand-waved away as "fake news"

Comment Somebody mod this story down (Score 5, Informative) 294

This story presents facts about Russia's troll factory in St. Petersburg, just as I have done in numerous previous postings and got hammered by the Russian trolls. Go ahead, check my most recent postings to see how the trolls mindlessly mod me down for reporting facts about this troll factory, about the continuing shipments of cargo 200 from Ukraine (i.e. dead Russian soldiers), the terrorists in Ukraine who openly admit Russian soldiers are fighting there and supplying them with arms and munitions, or the Russian soldiers who state they have been sent to Ukraine and have fought there, and finally, the law which Putin signed which bars Russian mothers from talking about their sons who have died while fighting in Ukraine or even talking with other mothers about these deaths. Or course the graves of these dead Russian soldiers say otherwise, as do reports from eyewitnesses and families.

This story need to be modded down in like fashion. Wouldn't want the Russian trolls to have to see the facts of their dear leader's propaganda industry.

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