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Comment Re:Where's the civil and or criminal cases? (Score 1) 348

A "confirmation" from an internal corporate investigation is worth about as much as my toilet.

On the other hand, for a company/organisation to come out in public with a statement like this is very risky indeed, unless they are able to back it up with substantial evidence. All Mr Appelbaum has to do is take them to court for X million of the currency of his choice; I'm sure there are plenty of no win, no fee lawyers who would take it on, if it had any prospect of succeeding at all. Perhaps he will do so, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.

Comment Re:Shit post. (Score 1) 115

LIDAR is fine in the snow/rain, it is all about having the right set of wavelengths...

A cheap unit isn't going to have that flexible of a sensor, but the good ones will.

Consider that a proper LIDAR can pickup speed bumps and potholes from 10,000 feet in the air, or buried IEDs from closer in... but they cost several hundred thousand dollars...

From 200 feet away rain and snow aren't going to cause them any issues.

But you are not going to put a $250,000 LIDAR unit on a $100,000 Tesla, now are you? :)

The $500 units they put on are cheap imitations of the real deal...

Comment Re:Shit post. (Score 1) 115

It has 'frontal collision avoidance' and 'speed limit reader' built in. It does that with a bit of lidar and a bit of camera work. Actually pretty cool CS wise.

First, you don't really have LIDAR in your car, not really.

The car companies aren't putting in the good stuff just yet, when they are able to at a reasonable price, this will all change...

It is worth noting that a real LIDAR unit costs more than a Tesla does...

Comment More crap to turn off (Score 4, Funny) 92

Word rarely does what I want it to do so I've turned off most of the "help". Once we're forced to upgrade to this crap this will be more cruft to disable.

I can't wait to hear from our users when they whine about not being able to get their work done because Word is trying to be "helpful".

Word for Office 365: Revenge of Clippy

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 246

As far as plastic bags go, it wasn't "some". It was "most" - maybe "all". I really really REALLY wanted to dispose of plastic bags properly, but had no way that I could figure out to do so

You can't just throw them in the trash and let the garbagemen take them away??

What's wrong with that...?

Those evil "garbagemen" take those bags and tie them around the throats of poor, innocent dolphins, you insensitive clod!


Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 945

Richard Armitage was not the source of the leak, Dick Cheney was. We know this because Libby's own notes stated he, Libby, learned Plame was an undercover CIA agent from Dick Cheney.

The reason Libby was convicted was because he lied under oath, not because he was the one who outed Plame.

Further, no one, despite what Bush said, was ever held accountable for outing an undercover CIA agent. None.

How many other agents had their covers blown because of their association with Plame? How many may have died because of Cheney's political vindictiveness? Talk about a breach of national security.

Comment James, shut up (Score 1) 314

"You're still watching [movies] on a small platform, and it's not that social experience,"

1) I have a 70" 4k TV at home. I sit about 8' from the screen. Proportionally, at your typical theater distance of 36' feet, that's a what, 27' wide screen? Small Platform? WTF?
Further, while a nice theater might have a very good sound system, I do too, with ample subwoofer and 7.1 THX select sound - my sound is just fine.
Further, I have FAR more comfortable seating, I can lay down if I want to, and I never stick to the floor nor have to share a goddamned armrest with anyone. I have to take a crap? Pause - I missed nothing.
So no, technically, I don't believe any theater can improve my 'home theater' technically.

2) I watch movies to ... watch the movie. I DON'T WANT A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE. Stop talking. Put down your phone. No, I'm not explaining that to you. Watch the bloody movie.
(Although, honestly, I'd probably have enjoyed Ferngully2000 - I mean Avatar - much, much more if someone had talked through the whole fucking thing.)
Nobody walks in front of me, spills their food on me, or complains that my 6'4" frame blocks their view.

No, I don't go to theaters any more.

Comment Re:If you can't attack the message... (Score 1) 683

I very much like the new theme of Red Scare 2016(tm) that HRC has chosen as the 'deflection of choice' for this issue.

It's just such a nice, old-fashioned way to approach criticism. It used to be the GOP screamed "you're a communist!!!" at anyone they didn't like. Refreshing to see that the DNC has found their ability to repurpose this 'classic' to the 21st century.

Comment Well... (Score 4, Insightful) 945

If the US government fails to care about blatant disregard of law because...it's a Clinton and she's a Democrat...then perhaps it's legitimate to appeal to other state-level actors to help throw aside the veil of secrecy?

At what point are the people of the US entitled to recognize that their government directly serves the interests of a small coterie of oligarchs, and try to work around it?

Again, let's recall:
"I don't have a private email server"
"It was only private and family correspondence"
"Well nothing secret went on that server"
"Nothing I knew was secret was on that server"
"Nothing ACTUALLY MARKED SECRET was on that server"
and then, after at least a week of denials, a carefully vetted pile of emails was 'given' to the FBI/DOJ and there were STILL secret things found in the correspondence.

And yet, the response from half the electorate and most of the major news organizations is "What me worry?" and "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy*"
*now including Red Scare 2016(tm)

Comment Olympic Mountains banned by IOC (Score 1) 237

In other news the IOC has demanded the name of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State be changed, as well as the name of the capital, Olympia.

A few years back the Olympic ISP located in Silverdale, within sight of the Olympic Mountains, was forced to change its name by the IOC.

Comment Re:Does this surprise anyone? (Score 1, Informative) 945

University thing? You mean Trump University where he defrauded people to the tune of tens of millions of dollars? The University where employees were told to extract as much money as possible from people via high pressure sales tactics?

That's the University you're talking about, correct? The one run by the shyster.

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