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Comment Re:Coding != Computer Science (Score 1) 348

Indeed, if we could just get kids at the high school level to understand the mechanics of coding, and some very basic rules of writing decent code, that is plenty sufficient for those who want to pursue CS to have a foundation. Overall I think a reasonable expectation would be for HS kids to learn mechanically how code works, such as how to use functions, pointers, objects, structures, and so on, to organize data. I don't think it's necessarily a requirement that HS kids be architecture experts, algorithm experts or to know the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow, African OR European.

It does no good to be an algorithm wonk if you don't know how to implement them in code. However, it does a lot of good to know how to write code that does stuff even if you aren't the best at optimizing your algorithms, when you are beginning to pursue an education in CS.

Comment Re:Millennials don't care about security (Score 1) 153

You guys make me feel like I am not alone. I have three "millennial" generation children who did NOT get coddled for the first 18 (or 21) years of their lives and I still can't get rid of one of them. Two of them turned out okay but one of them bought into the whole package of unreasonable expectations, entitlement, and absence of accountability.. which I might add if you purchase all three you get a free box of Bernie Sanders bumper stickers, which that kid wallpapered his room with right before we kicked him out of the house.

My youngest just turned 22 and has still not figured out his "life calling," as he puts it. Mom and I just had to cut him off of the free meals because he would come over almost every day unannounced for both lunch AND dinner, so now he's only allowed over for dinner once per week (and don't get me started on the shitstorm he tried giving me for that, or what it took for him to just get out of the house and into his own apartment).

Some day maybe I'll figure out how someone who is 22 years old finds it acceptable that "making a living" is living in a run down apartment with two roommates and working a part time job at a coffee shop (not even Starbucks, because they're a big, evil corporation, man!). The kid has no ambition, no savings, and no plan, despite being encouraged his entire life.

My other kids are a Veterinarian and a Lawyer... not sure what happened to this one.

Comment Re:ATMs running Windows. (Score 1) 121

"And if you sit there and say Linux is not exploitable, then your a fucking moron."

Did I say that in my post? Did I say in my post I wanted them running Linux? Did I say anything about another operating system? Did I say or even imply that there was an unhackable operating system in existence?

Please do enlighten me about what mental gymnastics you had to go through to arrive at your conclusions about my post.

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