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Comment Levels of Car Autonomy (Score 5, Informative) 219

Just some basic information about what they mean when they talk about level of vehicular autonomy:

NHTSA defines vehicle automation as having five levels:

No-Automation (Level 0): The driver is in complete and sole control of the primary vehicle controls â" brake, steering, throttle, and motive power â" at all times.

Function-specific Automation (Level 1): Automation at this level involves one or more specific control functions. Examples include electronic stability control or pre-charged brakes, where the vehicle automatically assists with braking to enable the driver to regain control of the vehicle or stop faster than possible by acting alone.

Combined Function Automation (Level 2): This level involves automation of at least two primary control functions designed to work in unison to relieve the driver of control of those functions. An example of combined functions enabling a Level 2 system is adaptive cruise control in combination with lane centering.

Limited Self-Driving Automation (Level 3): Vehicles at this level of automation enable the driver to cede full control of all safety-critical functions under certain traffic or environmental conditions and in those conditions to rely heavily on the vehicle to monitor for changes in those conditions requiring transition back to driver control. The driver is expected to be available for occasional control, but with sufficiently comfortable transition time. The Google car is an example of limited self-driving automation.

Full Self-Driving Automation (Level 4): The vehicle is designed to perform all safety-critical driving functions and monitor roadway conditions for an entire trip. Such a design anticipates that the driver will provide destination or navigation input, but is not expected to be available for control at any time during the trip. This includes both occupied and unoccupied vehicles.

Comment This is just HDCP for Audio (Score 1) 380

This is just an excuse to try to bake DRM into your headphones.. after all, the analog headphone is the only remaining place where you can listen to music without someone's permission. You can plug your headphones into any device that has the jack and listen to music on it. In fact, you can physically borrow someone's digital music player or phone and listen to their libraries - WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. OMG!

This will allow them to digitally tie a pair of headphones to a specific device and only allow the headphones to work with that device. Oh, and if you want to unlock an EQ, you can pay a little extra monthly subscription for that. Or, if you want a higher sample rate, you can pay a little extra for that, too.

This has nothing to do with innovation or user convenience.

Comment Re:"Citation Needed" Vandalism (Score 4, Funny) 153

What you describe is not vandalism at all. It is simply called "attention to detail" and "being thorough."

Any disputable statement of fact should require a legitimate citation. For example, there is a growing body of research that demonstrates that the statement "the sky is blue" is not always true. According to the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual, the sky is sometimes filled with water vapor in a way that makes it appear gray. And, according to the same book, the sky can appear pitch black for several hours a day in some places.

So, the categorical statement that "the sky is blue" is demonstrably false. "The sky is sometimes blue" would be more accurate. "The sky sometimes appears blue to persons with unimpaired perception of colors" would be even more accurate.

Actually, can you link me to the article that says the sky is blue? I think I would like to go correct this misinformation.

Comment Re:Vote for Trump to fix this. (Score 1) 1070

"There is no longer a decent path to paid insurance at a nice company with a nice salary."

Yes, there is.

Step 1) Obtain relevant skills that are in demand
Step 2) Use those skills to produce something of value
Step 3) Convert that something of value into portable wealth
Step 4) Use that portable wealth to obtain other things you need/want
Step 5) When the winds of change blow, raise your sails.

All the while, you must understand that there will never be total justice or fairness in a world that involves human beings. There will always be those who break the rules. You can either learn to manage that risk, or you can fall victim to it. The choice on that, however, is all yours.

If you don't like what your company is doing and have objection to it on moral grounds, you are perfectly free to take your relevant skills elsewhere. If your skills are not relevant elsewhere, that is your problem to solve.

You can choose to be an Owner, or you can choose to be a Victim. It seems you are choosing to be a Victim.

Comment Re:Hypotheticals (Score 0) 360

The "right" temperature is the average temperature over all time. There can be no deviation from the norm. Any deviation from the norm is to be considered a crisis.

This is the hallmark of leftist conformism. Everyone must be the same. Everything must be the same. Everyone must have the same education, same skills, and the same life outcome. Everyone must hold the same beliefs.

To wit, the environment must never change. Peoples' living conditions must never change. Nothing can ever change. Change is bad. Change is crisis. Any change, no matter how minute.

Comment Re:Just as an aside (Score 1) 98

Well, it is supposed to be both. There is both an accountability component and a rehabilitative component. The US simply ignores the latter, because crime is quite profitable for state actors and those with whom they conspire in the private sector. Rehabilitation conflicts with the interest of those who benefit from the flow of money, so naturally they just leave that part out.

It is getting even worse now that the US is moving towards a model of prison-for-profit, policing-for-profit, and other models that make funding dependent upon increasing crime.

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