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Comment Re:Turning Green is the least of your worries (Score 1) 203

I think this varies by location. In the city in which I reside, it's common to see 1-2 people sneak through every red light. When your light turns green, you can just about guarantee there's one more person entering the intersection against the red. I think it's gotten to the point that it's expected, just don't try going two towns over and pull that shit.

Comment The real Q: Price Drops?? (Score 1) 156

I'm hoping this spurs some price drops on the rest of the 900 series. I've been itching for a good GPU sale. I'm still running an old 465 and it has become the bottleneck on my system. I'll probably settle for a 960 since that would be ~400% improvement on my current card (well, maybe not quite since my current mobo doesn't support 3.0) and wouldn't break the bank, but I'd really like to see the 970 come down a bit more in price. The 970 is probably overkill for what I do since I don't think I'll be moving to 4k any time soon, but I do run dual monitors and often keep a movie playing whilst I'm gaming so the extra RAM would be appreciated. It would be nice to know I have a card that should carry me all the way through my next build. Also, for anyone considering getting into an Oculus Rift, remember that a 970 is the minimum required spec. I really doubt there'll be any drastic price drops any time soon, but a boy can dream.

Comment Fire Foam (Score 1) 446

Suspend an SSD by the cable in a bucket and then spray the whole thing full of quickfoam to make a watertight seal. Then bury the bucket in the backyard with the cable exposed. Cover it with a junction box and get one of those industrial Ethernet USB extenders. Then run a conduit and CAT6 into your house. Surely your house fire won't penetrate even a few feet of dirt. Now I bet you feel silly for asking when the answer was so obvious.

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