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Comment Re:Trump never said it, you morons. (Score 1) 197

Only a liar makes up another question to answer.

You say "What kind of question is that?", "Where have you got that from?", "Where do you get your information?".

Making up bollocks means "I don't want to answer that particular question".

Calling out the interviewer says "What shit are you trying to pull here? Give me a real interview."

Watch some of the greats being interviewed, they don't do this modern politics bullshit where you just don't answer. They give straight answers, back them up, and you can only argue that you disagree with their particular (usually well-reasoned) argument.

It's a modern disease to think that speaking absolute unrelated bollocks is showing how clever you are.

And if you don't want to say Yes or No to a question, it indicates that you don't want people to know what you think.

"Have you stopped beating your wife?"
"Well, that's a fucking impossible question to answer and you know it, but I'll answer the question you are trying to misconstrue which is "Do I beat my wife?" and the answer is emphatically no. Now I'm interested in what you think you're trying to pull. Want to ask me a real question that I can express my opinion in next, or should we get a professional interviewer in?"

Comment Re:So much for biodiesel use... (Score 3, Interesting) 141

They pollute more, even as they consume less.

This is not really true. The type of polution from engines is heavily influenced by politics. And politics determined that minimising CO2 was more important than the consequences for NOx. Diesel engines used to run without making ANY NOx. However, because of the political need to reduce CO2, they were modified to minimise CO2 regardless of the consequences for NOx.

Totally separately, if you don't have a particulate filter, the particulates are pretty bad. The type of filter that has been widely used depends on burning off the particulates. It is quite easy to design other kinds, but, AFAIK, this type is mandated by law. And it has major problems.

Petrol (Gasoline) engines are significantly worse with regard to all types of emissions but the clean-up solutions in use work a bit better.

Banning diesels will not turn out well. Banning older diesels instead of fitting them with an effective particulate filter is what has caused the current problems. But there is no way the world's politicians will admit they caused the disaster when they can blame the auto industry. And no way America will admit gasoline is worse than diesel.

Comment Not just a bad idea it's a sinister one (Score 1) 54

It's less funny when you realize that they are developing a car that can project a "makeshift zebra crossing" onto the road directly in front of it. Why exactly would you want to entice pedestrians to walk out into the road directly in front of a car? Hmmm.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 2) 267

In reality, physicists studying CO2 at the end of 19th century understood its solar absorption properties and hypothesized that if CO2 levels increased in the atmosphere, that it could lead to greater heating.


There is absolutely nothing controversial from a scientific perspective about even fractional increases in CO2 in the atmosphere causing increased trapping of energy in the lower atmosphere.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 1) 267

China is incredibly vulnerable to overall sea level rises, considering that large portions of its population live in low-lying areas. I know China is the anti-emission control crowd's favorite bogeyman, but countries like China and India are at great risk in multiple ways if even the more moderate models for the latter half of this century come to fruition.

Comment Re:Not mine. (Score 1) 375

The problem with "visionless leaders" is mainly they are in the pockets of large moneyed interests like corporations, who want to make sure that they receive the vast benefits of automation, but do not see their overall tax liability increased. That's why they love politicians who talk endlessly about corporate tax cuts (heck, I've seen some people argue corporations shouldn't pay tax at all, and now you know why), but at some point, automation is going to mean corporate tax bills are going to go up. At the moment, sending jobs to cheaper jurisdictions has been the solution, but automation is going to put all the Asians and Mexicans out of work too, and probably in the next few decades.

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