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Comment Re:I live in Orlando (Score 1) 455

No, that's not how it works. You interview for jobs requiring virtualization skills, and you tell them you have virtualization experience. You can talk the talk and answer any questions asked of you intelligently. That's all a modern tech interview is about nowdays anyhow: winning the quiz show. Your future employers don't know precisely what you did on the last job and don't really give a fuck anyway. Just so long as you fit their salary requirements and pass their quiz game in the interview.

I eagerly await the responses about that one guy who's new boss knew his old boss. They're the extreme exception, not the rule.

Comment Re:Gee (Score 1) 316

The problem is, you'd have to somehow implement the tax where it becomes effective world-wide all on the same day. Otherwise the first market to pass the tax will see a flight of trading activity to other markets that haven't yet implemented the tax.

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