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Comment Re:It's not the hardware or the OS that's the issu (Score 1) 251

And the funny thing is, two years after its release, the BlackBerry Passport is still the smartest, best engineered handheld computing device on the market, bar none. Even so-called techies on Slashdot don't know jack if it's not advertised on teevee.

Even still, nobody wants it.

Stick a fork in Blackberry; they're done!

Comment Re:He is lucky he did not get shot on the spot (Score 1) 235

Police should shoot to kill once it becomes clear they are dealing with a violent shithead who is intent on harming them. If someone is willing to violently attack police officers, imagine what they will do to regular civilians. Violent savages don't belong in free society.

Save the taxpayers the cost of a trial and subsequent incarceration. Also, save future victims from being harmed by the shithead who would otherwise be early-released from prison by some liberal parole board.

Comment Re:Good solution (Score 2) 983

You completely lack critical thinking skills. This guy had killed numerous cops already, and was threatening to kill more. Negotiators had been communicating with him for hours, so its not like police didn't have some idea what he was thinking. People like this typically don't plan on surviving the encounter, so why should he have been allowed to take out a few more cops rather than simply being blown up? This was by far the safest way to end things, for everyone who mattered.

Comment Re:It's because people no longer follow Caveat Emp (Score 3, Funny) 80

Wait a minute, so you're telling me that some dodgy, illegal (in the United States anyway) gambling website hosted by a couple of YouTube clowns might not be legitimate? And that I shouldn't just send them my money, in hopes of winning big?

Wow, I learn something new every day!

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