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Comment Re:Autopilot is a glorified cruise control (Score 1) 277

I never heard about people being that stupid when cruise control was introduced into the mainstream.

Remember when the first generation GPS for cars started appearing? They were not as good as the ones you have today but they were pretty good. There was more than one documented case of a driver going off road into a ditch or a lake because the the GPS said "turn here" and the driver did.

Of course today you would realize that the location has lost sync or the data base is wrong even though that happens much less frequently than it used to. It is all about communal expectations.

Comment Has anyone considered freezing it? (Score 1) 258

In California raw milk is legal but hard to find at a retail level. So I purchase it directly from a farm and it is delivered UPS. To mitigate the shipping charges I order a fairly large amount and have them ship it frozen in quart or 2-quart bottles. When I get it all but one goes directly into my freezer where it will keep fine for months. As needed I move bottles from the freezer to the refrigerator where it thaws in about 20 hours. The effect of freezing on the enzymes, nutrients, and bioactive components are minimal.

I will take that any day over this horrific machining process being proposed.

Comment Re:Nutrition (Score 1) 258

Most studies to date have concluded that pasteurization has minimal to negligible effect on the nutritional content of milk.

And "most studies" are complete BS. There are not a few but dozens of enzymes and nutrients that are destroyed by pasteurization. I'm not going to bother to link to articles you can easily google but I will mention one example.

What's the government standard for testing milk for adequate pasteurization? It is the test for the presence of alkaline phosphatase. If it has that in it they will send you back in to boil it some more.

As it turns out alkaline phosphatase is necessary for you to metabolize calcium. If you drink pasteurized milk and don't have a store of it in your system already, you are are getting no benefit from the calcium that is present in the milk. Nobody knows how many people have this deficiency but no wonder there are so many studies questioning the calcium benefits of milk. You have to wonder what their results would be if they used raw milk but I haven't seen any such thing.

There are many other enzymes and nutrients we could discuss but I sense that any such attempt will be futile to those who have been conditioned from birth to accept factory processed milk as the real thing.

Comment The language isn't the problem (Score 1) 331

For me learning the language is only about 15% of the cost. The rest are learning the tool chain, best practices, and above all the usage of the available libraries or class libraries. I'll be nearly any competent C programmer can switch to Java faster than they can make the transition from GtK to Swing.

Comment This really is personal for a lot of you (Score 1) 1010

The idea of Clinton being exonerated really seems to be a personal tragedy to a lot of you. You furiously dig for any scrap or phrase or any citation that will support your cause that SHE could do it but nobody else could because she is the anointed or something. Some of you posting here claim to have a security clearance yourself say that.

I find the last paragraph in fairly insightful:

Indicting Clinton would require the Justice Department to apply a legal standard that would endanger countless officials throughout the government, and that would make it impossible for many government offices to function effectively.

That really sums it up. Yes it isn't right, but people are trying to get their job done and sometimes the security rules just aren't serving the purpose.

You can argue that Hillary "gets away with it and nobody else does" all you want but it is equally valid to say Hillary gets investigated over it when nobody else does. You can say she was "careless" but what she was really careless about was not so much state secrets as giving her relentless opponents an opening to attack.

Comment Obvious solution (Score 1) 228

I don't' know if Model 3 customers will have to pay for charges or not but then again I never bought into this "electricity for free forever" business model to begin with.

But it isn't too hard to predict that eventually you will have a charging station reservation system that can be accessed from within the car. I can already order food that way at many restaurants even with a complicated order -- there is no reason a charging station couldn't deliver the same predictable service. For pay or for free.

If the market gets big enough you will have 3rd parties installing paid-for charging stations and contracting to Tesla, Nissan, Chev, BMW to get listed on their reservation systems.

Comment Re:Yeah Good Luck with that (Score 1) 88

car but they won't buy if the door handles don't work, if the power train needs to be completely replaced and overhauled every 60,000 miles, if the roof doesn't fit, if the emergency brake kicks in every 6 seconds, and if the doors won't close, all of which have been common problems with the Model S and the Model X.

Always amazing how these kinds of problems don't seem to count when they appear on BMWs, Fords, Audis, Toyotas, or anything else, but in the case of Tesla they are always the defining deal breaker. Always presented smugly as above. Yet still Tesla remains supply limited with backorders as far as the eye can see and its customer loyalty and satisfaction remains at phenomenal levels. I guess all those tens of thousands of people who can affording simply love wasting their money.

I have heard of cars with ignition switches that cause freeway fatalities, accelerator pedals that get stuck, tires that blow out unexpectedly, massive recalls all the time on stuff both dangerous or merely annoying. Somehow that never seems to be a problem for the efficacy of the companies that cause them.

I remember two years back about all the "Tesla car fires." The lizard-brain gullible market responded with a huge stock value drop and that's when I bought as much as I could. Never regretted it.

Comment Thinking this through (Score 1) 268

Of course what this means also is that you will have prostitutes working their trade from their cars. No need to pay for a room or take the risk of staying in a known location. The girl or boy would pick up the customer, program for a loop around the city or the park or whatever, and provide service in the custom reclined passenger seat. So how do you think the local mavens of moral rectitude are going to respond to that at the next city council meeting?

Comment Re:Relevant text from Cryptonomicon (Score 1) 67

I was thinking of that exact same passage, having read it for the first time just last week. However in the story, the original Enigma had been captured long before this scene. In Stephenson's story they discover a ship in a U-boat that was accidentally grounded, and in the process also discover the U-boat carrying a large amount of gold. They recover the safe but not the gold.

Comment Re:Love PostgreSQL (Score 1) 104

Would anyone care to post links or data comparing the latest MySQL to this new Postgres? I am just about to deploy a new project and this would be the best time to decide. My app uses JPA to access the data base and I don't do anything exotic. So there shouldn't be any coding difference between the two.

Comment Netbeans for Java, PyCharm for Python (Score 1) 141

Is anyone else here using this combination?

I am a longtime Java programmer that has been using Netbeans since 3.x. Recently I have started doing Python projects and found the Python plug-in support for Netbeans 8.x very rudimentary. So I tried PyCharm and found it does what I want and ended up paying the $99 for the personal-pro edition. There are a number of things I don't like about PyCharm and it has a lot of rough edges for a paid-for product but I haven't found anything better yet.

When Netbeans Python support comes up to speed I am not sure what I will do. I am open to suggestion if anyone has one but I suspect I will end up dropping PyCharm for Netbeans.

Comment Raw Milk? (Score 1) 112

It has been established that children that consume clean raw milk have much lower rates of asthma than the general population. The explanation given is that the active microbes in raw milk help build the body's immune system which has much more to do with gut flora than previously known.

I know this has no scientific experience but I know that since I have been drinking raw milk, starting 10 years ago at age 49, I get sick much less often than I used to.

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