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Comment Re:This is awesome (Score 2) 103

>> On of my main pet peeves with current VR is that I can't see why you'd need to render at full resolution outside of the eye's focus area,

I really can't imagine that you can reduce the quality of any part of the image enough to make a performance difference without at least subconciously noticing on some level though. That said, nVidia and other companies are already working on rendering only where you're looking, determined by active eye tracking sensors.

It seems to me that the real visual quality problem in VR is not actually caused by a limit by GPU power, but that nearly all VR games released so far are by developers that are small entrepreneurial groups rather than large software houses, and don't have teams of artists etc., so are using very simple graphics assets just because they are much quicker/easier/cheaper to produce.

Go look at The Lab to see whats actually possible for high detail and smoothness using current GPU technology, I realy dont think that GPU power is currently the real limiting factor here.

Comment Re:This is insane behavior. (Score 1) 130

Every indication points to the entertainment market being completely over-saturated. What makes Apple think they can do better than the existing studios?

They don't have to be "better". Apple hardware tends to be one-at-a-time kit - there aren't *that* many people who will own and use multiple laptops or smartphones at the same time. However, it's entirely practical (and common) for a Netflix subscriber to also purchase a season of a TV series from the iTunes Store. Apple focusing a bit more on services allows them to widen their potential customer base by creating a product whose competitors can all coexist, which isn't nearly as easy for laptops and smartphones. Therefore, they don't need to out-Netflix Netflix, they just have to have a TV show that a million people are willing to spend $20/season on, irrespective if those people are also Netflix subscribers.

Comment Re:As it should be... (Score 1) 389

Well, if you'll note the information given IN THE SUMMARY, it does hold in a federal investigation. The reason is because someone could be looking for "legit" porn and stumble across the kiddie porn. I'd say the fact this image was in his trash is pretty strong evidence for that.

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