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Comment Re:John Deere has too many non farmers (Score 1) 491

Thank you for your extensive research. Now, eat a dick, you insufferable prick, because what you are talking about is the DMCA written by Republicans and Democrats, signed by a Democrat. Now, provide the name of the bill in which this was somehow changed-- because I can't find it anywhere. It seems like the DMCA is the problem.

Comment Re:then go somewhere else (Score 0) 432

I'm not aware of people saying "gee, I really don't want that nine-to-five job, I want to be an uberer/fiverr/lyfter". They* are taking those jobs because they don't have anywhere else to go

Yeah, like he said. It's supplemental income. That doesn't mean they only work it because they have no job. You know that there are more than 40 hours in a week, right? Sometimes people are willing to forgo partying or gaming for a few hours each week in order to make some more cash.

Comment Oh, fuck you. (Score 2) 432

"Self-reliance" does not mean working yourself to death for peanuts. Oh, are we going to have the government step in, because you're too stupid to keep a reasonable work/life balance and negotiate fair compensation? Ultimately, you're going to want to progress from the tier of self-employment to owning your own business, because in the long term owning your own job means having no paid vacation or sick days. But self-employment is often the next step on getting out of the employment scam. You know the one: the claim that if you can just get a college degree, you'll get a safe, secure job and work until your comfortable retirement. Millennials, if anyone, should know this is hasn't been true for their entire lifetime. And government isn't going to get one for you, either.

Comment Re: Misleading (Mod OP UP views not subscriptions) (Score 1) 140

Okay, so...the first thing is far the best bang for the buck you'll get is a SiliconDust Homerun HD Prime. Get a CableCard from your provider, and give it a coax line, an Ethernet cable, and some power.
Now, any computer on your network is a DVR. Still running Windows 7? Windows Media Center is amazing. MythTV is excellent, and Plex just released a DVR module.

These (and a few more) can run on whatever computer is convenient, but the bigger question is playback - if your DVR computer isn't hooked up to your TV, you're looking at a client/server model. MythTV does this pretty well, and WMC is also capable of it.
Be aware that if you have HBO (or your cable company is terrible enough to introduce the copy protect flags), most OSS applications won't be able to record the stream.

It'll probably take a Saturday afternoon to iron everything out, but it's *so* worth it.

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