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Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 199

Yeah all sorts of crap appears over time under C:/windows, and in the %appdata% directories. *.log files etc., even if you never install anything.
Trouble is its often not obvious what you can and can't safely delete.
The problem wouldn't even exist if the Windows programmers didn't continue their hacky culture of just dumping their dogfood all over the system directories, or at least not assume that storage space is infinite and that log files, temp files etc never need to be deleted and cleaning them up is someone else's problem.
The disk cleanup utility does help but it doesn't get it all by far.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 3, Insightful) 199

> I have not noticed any differences. You will need to provide proof/examples.

As much as it pains me to say it, Linux has nowhere near the support of Windows and to claim otheriwise is just ridiculous.
Other than Civ6 can you name me any other big game at all from 2016 that is also out on Linux?
No mans Sky? Fallout4? World of Tanks? Elite dangerous? Overwatch? The Witcher 3? Dark Souls 3? Battlefield 1? Xcom2? Tomb Raider? Forza3? literally anything for my HTC Vive?

Comment Re:This won't be successful. (Score 1) 84

>> Have you ever been to a real race?

Yes. I've attended many pro races. I've also driven in more than a few club events over the last 30+ years usually saloon cars/GT racing.

What is this thing on Slashdot where people automatically reply with an level of arrogance/rudeness that indicates the OP must necessarily be fucking clueless?

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 199

>> And what's the crap with having to re-install one per year?

This!!! I totally have this problem too. Also whats with windows just growing on its own? I have a 256 GB windows partition, every year or so Windows alone grows from maybe 30 GB to consuming a whopping 170GB, consuming about 2/3rds of my whole partition.

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