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Comment Re: Good since he supports systemd... (Score 1) 90

Which shitty distro are you using? On RHEL, systemd sends messages to syslog by default. You have to go out of your way to stop it fro doing so. There are plenty of issues with systemd, but the troubles most of the rants criticising systemd are either imaginary issues or problems with shitty distros with stupid defaults. This makes it easy for them to say, "Haha none of these idiots have even used system," because you're busy drowning out the people trying to get real issues with systemd addressed (like lack of any kind of privilege separation, and parsing unsanitised local socked input in pid 0 running as root, and not working properly if you need to run services as directory users, and a whole bunch of other shit).

Comment Re:What happens? (Score 2) 202

Dream on. People will just keep staring at the idiot box, and possibly complain a little louder on Twitbook. The fact is, people really will lap up whatever's thrown at them, and watch the ads too, even if they're just watching so they know when to unmute the sound. People want to consume, and they don't want to put any effort into thinking about it.

Comment Re:The Bible? (Score 2) 102

Well Genesis 1 gives basic recommendations of "work your arse off and take a break when it's done" (six days of creation work followed by the day of rest), and also, "first get the basics right, then build on it" (starting with light, culminating in humans). That doesn't seem like bad advice to me.

Comment Re: 1200 baud? Get off my lawn (Score 1) 245

It's interesting that Bell 202 is a pure one-way standard. Outside North America we got CCIT V.23 which was 1200 Baud in one direction and 75 Baud in the other direction, so you usually had to decide in advance which direction you wanted to be fast, depending on which way you were copying files. Generally it would default to fast download (and slow upload) from the point of view of the party initiating the call.

Comment Re:Not too surprising (Score 1) 110

If it isn't driven by a turbine, it isn't a turbofan. Words have meanings, yo. The "turbo-" prefix means "turbine-driven" as in turbojet (turbine-driven jet), turbofan (turbine-driven fan), turboshaft (gas turbine driving shaft output rather than generating trust like in a helicopter or ship), turboprop (turbine-driven propellor), turbogenerator (turbine-driven generator, like in a coal or nuclear powerplant), turbocharger (supercharger driven by a turbine in the exhaust), and so on. "Turbo-" has a specific meaning, it doesn't just mean "fast", "powerful" or "awesome". I hate this degeneration of the language.

Comment Re:The Ocean is a Rough Environment (Score 1) 55

Aso, you get all the disadvantages of a boat and a plane at the same time. It has to be light enough to fly, strong enough to withstand a decent swell, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, aerodynamic, hydrodynamic⦠Flying boats were initially popular due to lack of suitable airstrips for larger aircraft. Now that we have airports everywhere, there's no case for it.

Comment Re:About time... HFS+ is crap (Score 1) 191

Seriously don't use FreeNAS. It's crap, doesn't give you enough control over how stuff is configured, and has weird issues that vanilla FreeBSD with ZFS doesn't have. Use vanilla FreeBSD if you don't need directory service integration. If you need directory service integration, use CentOS 7 and ZFS on Linux.

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