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Comment Re:Be careful how hard you squeeze (Score 2) 187

So much crying and so little understanding of systems theory.

Sure, americans want more money than chinese children. However, what does it cost to support all the unemployed people and to fight the higher crime and other problems that come with unemployment?

Also, money goes in circles. The american worker paid well will spend a large part of his salary on some other american business (say, the fast food store near work, the gas station on his way to work, etc.) while the chinese child spends his money somewhere in China.

Ford was the first to understand that paying his workers well would actually give him an advantage - if they can afford to buy one of his cars, they will. The same is true of this. Maybe the price of iPhones will rise - or maybe more people will buy them and the price stay the same. Or something inbetween.

It's too easy to just cry that prices will rise. In fact, that's usually a strawman.

Comment Re:*** INFINITE FACEPALM *** (Score 0) 81

The only way they could have designed this to be more of a meme is if they made it an 'Internet of Things' device, and made it 'wirelessly charging'.

Wireless charging actually would have improved the design considerably. Use a coil of wire wrapped around the center shaft and jacket the whole thing in epoxy, then build a vertical tube that inductively charges all the smart umbrellas that people put into it (and tolerates dumb umbrellas).

Comment Re:Positive for the ISPs (Score 2) 151

I'd rather have the last mile be a public utility, giving me a wider choice of providers. If the providers don't have to run wire to every customer's house, merely to a routing node, many more will be able to enter the market.

Our current specimens of oligopolies here suck rotting bundles of moldy maggot-filled pig feces on a good day.

Comment Fog (Score 0) 151

Like everything else, Trump has been all over the map on related issues. He's hinted about dealing with problems caused by oligopolies keeping out competition, but also talks a lot of about deregulation in general.

Most Federal regulations were put in place because somebody was abusing the system, not out of the sheer euphoria of socialism. The trick is to get rid of or scale back a given regulation without re-inviting the abuse that triggered it.

Comment Why not eliminate the Sherman Antitrust Act, too? (Score 5, Insightful) 151

By that same standard, the Sherman Antitrust Act, which was designed to prevent precisely the same sorts of abuse that Net Neutrality laws prevent, is also an impediment to innovation and doing interesting things, if by interesting things, you mean using bundling to drive your competition out of the market and creating an oligopoly of content providers owned by the same folks who own the pipes (i.e. the exact opposite of what the Internet was intended to be).

Comment Re:I beg to differ (Score 1) 155

And statistics begs to point out that one special-snowflake outlier doesn't make the conclusion worthless.

It's not one outlier. They're analyzing the data wrong.

In my personal experience, I ran out of new movies to watch on Netflix after a few months, and began binge watching TV shows because there weren't enough movies on my list to be worth the hassle. I have watched approximately zero movies in the last year. This experience is echoed by everyone I've talked to.

So when they say that users watch about 1/3rd movies regardless of the depth of their catalog, what they really mean is that even though new users run out of movies to watch earlier, there are more new users coming in. As long as that is true, and as long as the old users don't cancel because they've run out of things to watch, they're good.

The bigger problem is that Netflix keeps dropping TV shows while I and members of my family are still watching them. I find it quite alarming how quickly I'm running out of things to watch, because the depth of their catalog (even in TV) is getting so shallow so quickly. At the current rate of decline, I'd give Netflix six months at most before I drop my subscription entirely and switch to one of the other providers temporarily until I run out of stuff to watch there. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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