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Submission + - SPAM: GalliumOS 2.0beta1 (Xenon) ready for prime time

Mal-2 writes: GalliumOS, a lightweight Linux distro tailored specifically for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, has released its first official beta for the 2.0 release (Xenon) based on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial). Packages are hardware-specific, so you need to know which one to download. Download Links: 1 2 3 (I warned them they'd get a /. effect so they prepared for it).

Needless to say, it is not without issues. It's a beta.

Why So Soon after 1.0? It seems like just a few weeks ago that we released GalliumOS 1.0. And it was...! :)

GalliumOS 2.0 is based on upstream Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus), which was released 20160421. Xenial is an LTS (long term support) release, so it will receive security and major bugfix updates for five years from Canonical.

I am not part of the GalliumOS project (aside from providing a fanfare/startup sound they have yet to figure out how to use), but installed the OS on an Acer CB3-111. The effect was to turn an internet appliance into a full-fledged, silent, slim, light, cheap, and admittedly low-storage Linux notebook. I had difficulties with the in-place upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0beta1, but with the help of the dev team on their IRC channel, I was able to resolve them. They are particularly interested in participation from people with unusual ChromeOS hardware such as Pixels and Falcos, and/or with unusual usage patterns that might reveal issues not seen by less demanding users.

Comment Re:So which is it? (Score 1) 653

I'm not sure how population growth through immigration is any different than population growth through reproduction or population growth from a decrease in death rates (which will be a side effect of safer highways). A million people is a million people. Age matters -- adults have jobs to go to, while children and seniors tend to stay closer to home -- but where they originally come from really doesn't.

Comment Re:Up to any ridiculous number (Score 1) 42

OK then my one circumstance is when you attach a tow bar from the hood ornament to another vehicle and leave your car in Neutral to run the air conditioning. Somewhere in the small print it says "additional components may be required" (like an entire second vehicle) and "individual results may vary".

Comment Up to any ridiculous number (Score 1) 42

And I can put this funny looking thing on the hood of your car to reduce drag and provide up to 1377% better fuel economy. Up to includes zero. It even includes negative numbers, so if all my elaborate hood ornament does is obstruct your vision and slow the car down, I still haven't made any fraudulent claims.

Comment Re: Dropbox isn't kill? (Score 1) 119

I don't care. As far as I (and many others) was concerned, adding her to the board was tantamount to saying "we have completely rolled over to the spooks" without actually having to say it and get in legal trouble. I realize they may have had only two choices, to roll over or to shut down like Lavabit. Personally I'd prefer they shut down or move out of the country, and continuing to use them would be saying I'm OK with what they're doing and what is being done to them and us. If that means no more cloud storage in the U.S., so be it.

Comment Dropbox isn't kill? (Score 2) 119

I thought Dropbox had terminally jumped the shark when they put Condi on the Board of Directors. Certainly I left then, and any time I've pointed it out on a project where they have said "let's use Dropbox" they have immediately changed their minds. I had no idea they'd managed to bloat their operations to over a thousand people.

To the any employee of Dropbox: Brace yourself. Winter is coming. It seems long overdue, in fact.

Comment It proves what I've known for years. (Score 3, Informative) 89

This has been known forever, though Apple probably just wanted to make their point although they knew they ultimately could not win.

In a legal battle between a Chinese entity and a foreign entity, Chinese courts always rule on the side of the Chinese entity. Always. Even if they have to come up with the most convoluted legal logic possible to do so. This is one of the warnings we used to give clients when they were considering joint ventures with Chinese companies. "Do you trust them?" (The answer was inevitably "no".) "Can you survive when -- not if -- they screw you over? Because you'll have no recourse when it happens." The only hope of ever seeing legal ramifications is if a company can get another Chinese JV to do the suing.

Comment So? Humans won't be ready. (Score 1) 268

Let's face it, humans pretty much suck at multitasking, especially when one of the activities is difficult -- like watching the road closely, at the level required to drive, but without actually doing the driving. Nobody except the most trained are going to be able to sustain this, even if they want to, and most won't want to in the first place. Any system that allows inattention to road conditions will inevitably lead to inattention to road conditions. The only proper response of a self-driving car to conditions it cannot handle is to pull off the road and give up. It should never, ever try to force control back onto a human driver while in motion, simple as that.

This is the crux of the problem, not the couple going at it like rabbits in the passenger compartment.

Comment Ah, too late for me... (Score 1) 37

Unless there is a way to convince Google Play to cooperate with GalliumOS, I'm afraid this announcement comes too late for me. I (irrevocably) reformatted the Chromebook a couple weeks ago. Just last night, I chopped the unnecessary shell length off a SDXC card so that it almost disappears into the slot rather than dangling out hazardously because it was much cheaper than buying a JetDrive that is essentially the same thing.

If not having Google Play is the cost of having a full Linux system (and whatever Windows apps I can get working via Wine) though, I'll take that trade. An Acer CB3-111 isn't exactly a fast machine, but it's lightweight, has wonderful battery life, and is absolutely silent (unless I want it to make noise). It also doesn't mind being used as a literal laptop rather than a wiener-roasting device.

Comment Re:Supreme Court has already ruled on this (Score 1) 527

But it is a core belief that a lack of pirates causes global warming. Therefore, being prevented form talking or dressing like a pirate is forcing the believer to promote damage to the environment. Just because it isn't a personal punishment, that doesn't mean it's not a negative consequence of deviating from one's beliefs.

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