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Comment Ah, too late for me... (Score 1) 37

Unless there is a way to convince Google Play to cooperate with GalliumOS, I'm afraid this announcement comes too late for me. I (irrevocably) reformatted the Chromebook a couple weeks ago. Just last night, I chopped the unnecessary shell length off a SDXC card so that it almost disappears into the slot rather than dangling out hazardously because it was much cheaper than buying a JetDrive that is essentially the same thing.

If not having Google Play is the cost of having a full Linux system (and whatever Windows apps I can get working via Wine) though, I'll take that trade. An Acer CB3-111 isn't exactly a fast machine, but it's lightweight, has wonderful battery life, and is absolutely silent (unless I want it to make noise). It also doesn't mind being used as a literal laptop rather than a wiener-roasting device.

Comment Re:Supreme Court has already ruled on this (Score 1) 527

But it is a core belief that a lack of pirates causes global warming. Therefore, being prevented form talking or dressing like a pirate is forcing the believer to promote damage to the environment. Just because it isn't a personal punishment, that doesn't mean it's not a negative consequence of deviating from one's beliefs.

Comment Forward him to a company that can scope the chips. (Score 1) 388

Forward this parent to a company that can do the data recovery, at whatever cost -- whether it's hundreds of thousands, or millions. He'll complain, but then Apple responds "That's what it would cost us to do it, because that's how we would have to do it. Pay us or pay them, we don't work for free."

This would also work strongly toward the legal case here, saying "It's possible, just very expensive, and we have no intention of changing this."

Comment Re:Restaurants (Score 1) 940

I call bullshit. I've been to a fair number of trendy restaurants staffed by barely competent, hip young people who could burn water. In all of those cases, it was the competent, experienced, and utterly under-appreciated Mexican cooking staff that kept the place functional. When places like that go under, it's not the Mexicans that have a hard time finding the next job.

Comment Re: Digital computers are reaching the end (Score 3, Insightful) 124

Oh yes, how dare they focus on things that effect users, like how long the battery in their laptop lasts, or their electric bills. The majority of users aren't seeing issues with CPU speed, so it is becoming less of a focus then other factors. Heaven forbid they focus on the consumer's needs.

If they could keep whipping the "faster, faster, faster" horse, they would. When the primary advantage of a new computer over an old one is that it takes less power and generates less heat, people don't see much pressure to upgrade. The old one still works just fine, even if the cost of operation is higher. This is not to say that pushing "smaller, cooler, quieter" is a bad thing for the world at large. It's obviously good. But it's not as good for Intel as pushing speed at all costs used to be. Therefore the conclusion has to be that they're doing it this way because as successful as the old way was for them, they can't make it work any longer.

Comment Five years ain't what it used to be. (Score 1) 551

The rate of revolutionary change really has slowed in the past decade or so. To me, the oldest laptops worth servicing and putting back into service are Merom-based machines from early-to-mid-2007. With two decent cores, a 4GB DDR2 RAM limit, and SATA (even if SATA I), they are hardly barn-burners (lap burners they are, though), but they still run fast enough, and have Aero-capable integrated graphics Windows 10 accepts without complaint (and displays on par with what's available today). For anything older than that, I generally would advise someone to transfer data and move on if it breaks. Even those older machines are still useful as movie players and such, though. They're just not worth patching up as they fall apart.

Part of this is not just the rate of change in the hardware, it's the type of change. Hardware has trended toward light and cool rather than fast and hot over the last decade, and software has been forced to accommodate the lack of net performance increase. Accordingly, a nine year old laptop may be bulky, hot, and short on battery life, but it still works. It may not be hip and trendy, but it gets the job done, fuck you very much.

Comment Re:Meanwhile... (Score 1) 551

Optical bay adapters are also insanely cheap (under $10) and can double nicely as removable storage. If you find yourself using the optical drive once every few years (if that), it's quite likely you'd be better served by replacing it with something you can actually use daily, and let the optical become the external drive.

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