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Comment Re:And, I might start buying more from them again. (Score 1) 177

Same here. In fact what happened is that if Amazon was going to ding me for shipping, I promptly went off to eBay, located the same item (usually from the same seller!!) offered with free shipping, and after a few iterations stopped bothering with Amazon entirely.

So yeah... stop trying to make your profit on shipping, make the threshold realistic for smaller purchases, and you'll get me back.

Comment Re:Some of the best satire (Score 1) 333

I was not able to find any MSM citations for what you talked about, so I looked at Wikipedia:

During the occupation, the militants illegally dug a new road using a government-owned excavator, expanded a parking lot, dug trenches, destroyed part of a USFWS-owned fence, and removed security cameras.[106][202] Some of the refuge's pipes broke, after which the militants, officials said, defecated "everywhere."[200] Investigators found "significant amounts of human feces" at "two large trenches and an improvised road on or adjacent to grounds containing sensitive artifacts" of the Burns Paiute Tribe.[203] A USFWS spokesperson said that the damage risked "the destruction and desecration of culturally significant Native American sites" and called it "disgusting, ghoulish behavior."[106] The Burns Paiute Tribe condemned the damage;[204] tribal council member Jarvis Kennedy described it as if "someone went to Arlington National Cemetery and went to the bathroom on the graves and rode a bulldozer over them."[205] Two of the militants, Sean Larry Anderson and Jake Edward Ryan, were subsequently indicted for "depredation of government property," an offense that carries a potential ten-year jail sentence.[182][206]

It sounds like you are confusing two separate incidents. They used a bulldozer to expand the parking lot and to dig trenches; and they defecated in a ditch and along a road that goes through the burial site (after the plumbing broke). It does not say that they used the bulldozer to make the road through the site, but that there was a road there.

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