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Comment Re:I'm Confused (Score 2) 99

Why in the hell would anyone trust certificates signed by a Chinese CA to begin with?

Maybe ask the question differently: Why would you trust any company? In the end it comes down to the chain of trust, for which due diligence is part of, along with the fact no flags have been raised at any point. The flag here is that there is behaviour to create doubt, but why should it just be 'because it is Chinese'?

Comment Re:see if your karma changed (Score 1) 4

My karma is still at excellent, where it has been for quite some time. Even when people used to mod-bomb me (I have old JEs on that, which I'm not going to bother to dig out links for right now) my karma hardly ever moved - and never below whatever the next value down below excellent is.
User Journal

Journal Journal: What the? Where am I? 4

I don't know if someone accidentally nuked the mod-ban list or what, but I checked the front page today and I see I have moderator points.

A whole five of them, but moderator points no less.

Comment Re:Bigger problem (Score 0) 109

You can't have a country whose economic foundation was slavery not have a cultural problem.

You might want to review history. At the time the US was founded, slavery was legal and practised in nearly every other country in the world. (And historically, slavery was almost never about race per se, just different social/cultural/economic groups. Islamic holders of Christian slaves, for example.)

That doesn't make it right, but it does mean you're full of shit. (Or perhaps you have a point: the west African nations whose economic foundation was selling those slaves also have cultural problems. Or perhaps the cultural problems came first.)

But slavery was everywhere, since the dawn of agriculture (those fields aren't going to work themselves). It was the Industrial Revolution which made it economically unviable -- which is why it died out in the northern, industrial states sooner than in the southern largely agricultural ones, and in Europe before it did in the New World.

Comment Possible (Score 3, Interesting) 183

First, I'm sure there's lots of Open Source being used in Google's implementation - just not where we can see.

There is a speech recognizer from CMU that might be a good starting point. I haven't heard about plain-language software, though. There is additional rocket science to be done. Not insurmountable given things we've already done.

Training with millions of people? Actually, that's the part that community development is good at.

Comment Re:Van Allen radiation belts (Score 1) 141

Of course it depends where you are on the ground. I used to work in a data center in Colorado Springs, at about 6000 feet altitude. We saw quite a few correctable memory errors in the logs (and a few random crashes).

Might have been cosmic rays, might have been radiation from the mountain of granite (Pikes Peak) we were in the shadow of.

Either way, if the errors occurred several times in the same DIMM, it was probably bad memory and we replaced it. The odds of cosmic rays hitting the same DIMM every few days or so are pretty remote.

Comment Re: It's OK to Not Tolerate Inteolerance (Score 1) 634

If you surveyed how many citizens would support law against hate speech, it would probably be a significant number. And prospective citizens as well. So I don't think the problem with your proposal has anything to do with people in favor of shari'a law. It would not work with plain Judeo-Christian European European-descended folks.

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