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Journal Com2Kid's Journal: Paypal delays + cool tech toys 3

Paypal just took over a week to send a payment.

Mailing a check takes less time.


Isn't Paypal supposed to be almost instant? Is that not the very PURPOSE of Paypal?

Oh, in other news, I saw the most awesome digital camera on eBay (Not what I used Paypal for though :( ).

3 megapixel (plastic lens, probably resolves to 1.2 if your lucky :) ), MP3 player, e-book reader, voice recorder, and digital camcorder.

512k of memory built in. :-p fits 2GB SD cards, hmm, for all that stuff, should have dual SD card slots, heh.

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Paypal delays + cool tech toys

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  • Most paypal payments are instant payments.

    If you have both a chequing account and a credit card linked to your paypal account the default is to make a instant payment from your chequing account. In reality, it takes a few days for the money to reach PayPal from your chequing account but in accepting the default options, you agreed to guarantee the payment with your credit card, so if drawing the payment from your chequing account fails, they'll take it from your credit card. That way they can pass the payme
    • by turg ( 19864 ) *
      I forgot the fourth type of payment: You can also make instant payments by paying from the balance available in your paypal account. This balance could be there as a result of payments you received from others or because you transfered money to your paypal account from your chequing account.

      If there is a balance available in your paypal account, you have no other option but to use that to fund your payment. If the balance in your paypal account is not enough to fund the payment, it will be used to fund part
  • I've sent and received many paypal payments.... all of them virtually instantaneous. I'm not sure what the article author is referring to.

    The only thing I've noticed that you have to wait a week for is to withdraw funds from your paypal account into your bank account.

    But even that's still faster than the time it would take for a cheque to arrive in the mail and then wait for it to clear on top of that.

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