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Comment Not Javascript (Score 1) 4

There's an Arduino library called Time Lord that will calculate sunrise and sunset times with a given lat/long. It's C++ but it looks like it wouldn't be too hard to convert just that calculation.

Comment Re:Nice troll (Score 1) 28

You've obviously been very lucky if you've never lost data by simply unplugging a USB drive. Anything left in cache that hasn't physically been written out will be lost and, occasionally, the drive will end up corrupted. I've had both of these happen.

Comment Journals (Score 1) 10

(and the final rant: it's getting to the point where about the only time I feel like posting on /. is here, due to the mod-bombing, bullshit, and stupidity on the main pages.)

That's been a pretty common sentiment in the journal circle for years now. I can't remember the last time I went anywhere on /. besides friends' journals.

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 33

The bill has been out of committee for months, but amendment discussion was ongoing (it was only a couple days ago the student loan overhaul was attached to it). If the Democrats had wanted cost control in the bill, they could have put it in the bill and passed it. They didn't.

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 33

You can play "blame the conservatives" all you want, but ZERO Republicans voted for the bill that passed yesterday. So there were clearly enough votes to do whatever the Democrats wanted without any bipartisanship. Why didn't they?

Comment Re:In this case, yes (Score 1) 12

There's no way the bill will be rewritten significantly in conference. The only option are to pass the reconciled version when it comes back, or kill it. Killing it means introducing new legislation which likely won't happen until the next Congress in January. Passing it does no good, because modifying it would still require new legislation that again won't happen until the next Congress.

Comment Re:Captain: (Score 1) 25

That would be a logical explanation except... that's not what I did. /. kept timing out (here, never!) and I had to hit the button a few times before it went through... but apparently it went through more than once.

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