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Comment 3+ miles for me! (Score 4, Insightful) 156

If you divide the distance walked by the number of days since I started playing... which includes many days where I didn't play, and some where I played 8 hours.
Lost 15 lb and slimmed down considerably!
Also met two really cute geek girls who were happy to let me play with their, ahem, pokemon! ;)
Grab them by the pokemon I say! :D

Comment Re:OMG (Score 1) 167

There is a limit to how much plants and algae can survive with existing nutrients, plus we've been killing them. Not to mention some stuff falls to the ground or the ocean bottom, never to return its oxygen again. Not everything rots.I imagine complex life having arisen and expanded even before we were around might have had something to do with it as well. Lots of animals eat plants.

Comment I hate coding (Score 1) 192

And that is precisely why I am good at it. I would never write long-winded BS that was mostly copy-pasted, loaded with huge if-else chains that can't be unit tested.
At my current job I delete more code than I produce. I refactor the BS written by junior coders in the past ten years and it is not uncommon to replace 100 lines of code with 2 or 3. Deleting BS code is so satisfying 3
"Work smarter, not harder!"

Comment Soylent Green (Score 1) 414

If the rich don't suddenly turn half the world into an authoritarian regime, start killing the poor and feeding them to each other, civil unrest may lead to war and massively thin the population. Or what have you. The UN predicts the world population will peak at 9 billion and then go down on its own...

Comment Re:You will own nothing (Score -1) 63

None of my old CDs work anymore. You thought you owned yours forever? You must be young.
Nothing is permanent. Everybody dies. Everything will rot away. In order to preserve anything, you must continuously renew and repair it. This incurs an ongoing cost. You can pay for it yourself with your own time and money, or have someone take care of that for you. Like a landlord, or Apple.

Comment Only took 70 years (Score 2) 112

It has been 70 years already since the first nuclear bombs were used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is only to be expected that scientific and technological progress democratizes these things. My phone has more computing power than every single 1945 computer in the world put together.
Millions of people know fairly advanced physics and electronics.

Comment What diseases do these germs cause? (Score 1) 434

Has anyone actually been sick lately? The most sick I've ever been was catching the odd cold in the winter but these days I take the flu shot, so, not even that.
Most bacteria and viruses are harmless, they're everywhere, you inhale and ingest them routinely.
That's why you have a strong acid in your stomach and antibacterial mucus lining your respiratory tract?
Gotta love that immune system! :)

Comment No, they have second marriages instead (Score 4, Interesting) 282

They have kids with the high testosterone alpha males, and then some of them go on to do menial work, turn out to be aggressive, or they simply grow tired of each other after some years. But their first choice is usually some animalistic notion of "good genes".
And then later when they're older and wiser they marry the type of beta male they had friendzoned before, because they're more peaceful, less risk-taking and often smarter and more successul.
Read: Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors, by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan.

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