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Comment Would they sell? (Score 1) 280

Imagine you're an ISP who paid your congressperson to vote for this law. Someone wants to use your freshly-purchased law to embarrass you and your law vendor.

If I were in that position, I would tell Search Internet History, "Sorry, we don't sell that." (At first, and then when I later got caught selling it to others, it'd become a more combative "Sorry, we don't sell that to you.")

Comment PTSD Cure Illegal (Score 5, Interesting) 64

Not to diminish the importance of blocking memory formation (nice research), but most people do not care about those who suffer from PTSD.

We have a known cure for PTSD, combination MDMA psychotherapy, but it's currently illegal in most of the world because both the US FDA and DEA political hacks claim that no medical uses exist for the chemical (despite the DEA Court finding otherwise).

It's a clear case of government vs. science and the loser in the battle is the vulnerable population of patients with PTSD (and the rest of society by extension). Sadly, most of society supports those politicians over both science and the needs of the afflicted.

Comment Re:Several things (Score 1) 199

It can't be dead due to the enormous security risk, because the industry has supposedly accepted proprietary EME "content decryption modules." The one aspect of Flash that really mattered is still with us; it's just theoretically smaller (provided people abstain from installing the ones that will have them join botnets, mine bitcoins, etc).

Comment Re:Dilemma Solution (Score 1) 371

who says that as a business you have some sort of a right not to have competition?

Nobody does, but we haven't even gotten to market yet, we're still discussing the relative costs and benefits of our staffing decisions. As it stands the opportunity cost of choosing to hire humans over purchasing robots seems to be quite high. Maybe you can "compete on the fact that you hire humans", ask the "Buy American" people how that worked for them?

automation is not an immediate thing

Neither is hiring a human, they will have to be trained in whatever innovative process you've dreamed up. Except that every human you hire will have to be trained, while the robot would be trained once and that programming replicated as many times as necessary.

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