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Comment Re:Would a bear detect the uncanny valley? (Score 1) 152

My buddy has a French Bulldog, loves people but a real bitch to other dogs.
Any central barking sound from the TV she'd run up to it and start barking like mad, if the sound came from a side, she'd run to the window on that side and do the same.
If it went on for more then a few seconds, she heads to the dog entrance and runs around the yard for a while (with a few barks).
Some of the time she'd set off their other dogs and they'd all run around outside. This is on an acreage outside the city, so maybe it's just doggy cabin fever.

Comment Re:Fuck Mozilla (Score 1) 471

Palemoon v26 came out a while ago, browsing the changelog I see stuff like

Added a control preference for onunload= events as dom.disable_beforeunload. This allows you to completely disable events fired when leaving a page.

Yes, they add useful features, rather then taking away used features

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