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Comment Re:but (Score 5, Informative) 96


She (Nahid) wanted to change the property use from a guest house to a bail hostel, the neighbors (Woolleys) opposed it, so the city agreed not to change property usage.
It seems the cameras were a fuck you to the Woolleys.

Two of the audio boxes were situated immediately below the Woolleysâ(TM) front bedroom âwindows and they feared conversations inside their home were also being recorded.

Sheriff Ross said Nahid Akramâ(TM)s husband Sohail, who was manager of the Murrayfield Park Guest House, taunted the Woolleys about his ability to listen to them by âoeputting his hand to his ear to mime listening to their conversationâ,

Comment Re:propaganda headline (Score 1) 243

The bridge has a lowered crash beam that protects it from harm, so the railway company doesn't want to spend the money; something tells me the city also doesn't want to.
Since the city added an LED sign with an automatic red light wait it has cut down on the entertaining videos.

They could always get inventive like Sydney

Comment Re:What about electrical, plumbing etc? (Score 1) 315

In Toronto and Calgary, and I imagine other cities in Canada; you can legally do that work on your own house. You can't do it as a contractor on a house you don't live in.
I worked for a guy that renovated his own house (stripped it down to the walls, left just enough to keep it as a reno instead of a new house) in the evenings and weekends. Other than needing a structural engineer for blueprints, he did it all himself.

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