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Comment Re:Income Equalization is removing the offshore va (Score 2) 246

I feel like lots of people here are seeing only one face of the H1B program. I got hired as an H1B and I am permanent resident now. Though I entered the US on a J1 program. When I entered the US, I did not even want to stay, then life being life, I decided too. I work for a university and there are not many qualified applicants.
It is very unlikely that you would someone that is skilled and permanent resident or us citizen for a professor position. They pretty much just do not exists. There are some, but not many and definitely way less than opened position.

I can understand that there may be issues in the H1B program. But there are legitimate use of it as well.

Comment Re:God damnit (Score 1) 52

Artificial Intelligence is a field of study, just like Algebra.

The way ACM defines it [1], AI includes computer vision, NLP, planning, and knowledge representation and reasoning. All these tasks are today based on computational statistic/machine learning. You can also look at the last AAAI conference [2].

The way it is defined, your GPS is an AI system.


Comment Re:God damnit (Score 1) 52

That funny because I am so sick of people complaining of the allegedly incorrect use of the word Artificial Intelligence.

It is the correct academic term for the computing field that include data mining, machine learning, operation research, and statistics. Now, maybe Artificial Intelligence does not mean what you wish it meant. But academics are fairly clear on what it means...

Comment Re:and yet already bested by FLIF (Score 1) 105

Someone was mentionning BPG as well.

Besting for compression is usually a very relative term as there is a tradeoff between quality, file size, compression time and decompression time.

Now I haven't done any particular research on compression but all the things I read about FLIF and BPG only talked about filesize and quality. This is only part of the equation. Is there more result on this issue ?

Comment Re:Unforseen? (Score 4, Insightful) 108

Ok, I'll bite.

What about indicating in a super market what are the objects that you want and which are the ones that you don't. That information could come from a master list of what you want to cook this week and what is currently on sales.

This similarly applies to clothing stores: your niece would love that dress and her birthday is in two weeks.

Or in book stores, you could pick up the book and have typical reviews show up around it.

In games, the alien demo from MS hololens was awesome. A colleague of mine has one of the dev kits, and the game was fun and exciting. If it is cheap, I'd buy one.

Once again for board games, like warhammer 40k, you could use VR to make the actual rules of the game using a computer and keep track of the status of a unit, show movement, ...

There is potential in virtual art. I think there was a book of gibson (doctorow?) that integrated the concepts. Though it is somewhat similar to pokemon go.

You could do interesting things in recalling tracking from the past. Maybe you have a room with cameras that constructed a 3d model of the room over time, and you could roll back what happened in the room while being in the room. Gives you a different perspective on event. Could be useful for law enforcement for instance.

I see lots of potential applications of VR. now, holding the phone in front of you has definite drawbacks, but a hololens like device could apply to many things.

Comment Re:CS Reseach (Score 2) 73

Please do not judge CS researcher by a single paper. BTW, this paper was not even the best paper at IEEE SP. (complete list with best papers at [1].)

From a quick read of the lava paper. It seems that the novelty aspect of LAVA is that the software can inject bugs automatically in complex codebase. So you no longer have a grad student writing obviously faulty code on a toy program or inserting a few bugs manually to test one or two software. LAVA allows you to insert a myriad of bug in a myriad of software to test border condition more accurately.

Clearly it is not the best idea of the decade, but it is a nice little tool/result.


Comment Re:Not twice as safe I feel (Score 4, Informative) 379

well, comparing to the worldwide rate of accident might not be reasonable. Some countries have a very high rate of accident and fatalities. One should compare to the accident rate in the same locations.

According to wikipedia [1], fatalities in driven accident in the us is about 15 per billion mile. Which also about 1 per 65 million miles.


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