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Comment Is Linux now a reasonnable gaming OS ? (Score 5, Interesting) 99

Interestingly, about half of the game in that top 100 list are available for Linux. That is about the same number available for Mac. Obviously they are all available for windows.

I have been casually playing on Debian using steam. And I do find enough game to keep me entertained. I am not sure whether Unity, steam OS, or the need to port games to mobile systems contributed to the increase in gaming support for Linux. But Linux definitely seems to have reasonable gaming options.

Opinions ?

Comment Re:What!? (Score 1) 255

"Apple tried. Google tried. Samsung is about to try. And all of them learn sooner or later that these projects have 5-year ramps and 10 years of support, that the hardware is 10x costlier than they are used to, and that the OEMs and end-customers have zero tolerance for their "move fast, break shit" attitude."

Well, Samsung is a big conglomerate with part of the business is building ships, airplanes, and tanks. So they probably can manage a car :)

Comment Re:Why are hard workers being replaced? (Score 1) 455

I'm not saying people shouldn't have holidays, but how do you run a business or country that closes down for a month?

I don't understand, lots of businesses work like that. In the US, almost no business happen between thanksgiving and new year.
Universities are essentially closed from Dec 20 to Jan 7.
If you are a camping equipment company, I bet your sales department much between September and January.
My parents contract salesman and representative for a gardening furniture/cooking company. Their business is February to July. The rest of the year is just there to prepare the next season.

It actually makes sense to have entire department off (probably besides one guy) for an entire month. You don't have to worry about scheduling time off for the employees to make sure you have 80% capacity at all time. You can tell your business associates "In July, no one is there." And since everyone is gone at the same time, you are pretty sure that the department will run at about 100% the rest of the time.

Now I am not saying it is possible for every single company and every single department. But overall, there are advantages.

Comment Re:Random comments about it. (Score 1) 179

That said ... heh, 20 weeks is a lot, that's like 5 months.

Actually I am not sure I agree with that. It is not just about the kid being taken care of, it is about ensuring that the parents (both of them) will actually bond with the little one. Bonding with the kid happens for both the mother and the father in the first few month after birth. If society want its fathers to be invested in the life of their kid so they don't bail out, it makes sense in investing in that relationship.

Assuming you take two 20 weeks leave (~ 2 kids in average), that's only about 2% of your active time (assuming people work about 40 years). For the company, it is not that expensive, (assuming you don't hire exclusively 20-35 years old): a 2% overhead to ensure your employees would love working for you, that's not bad. And if employees only have a 2% RoI, your business is in trouble.

Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 4, Insightful) 341

I am always wondering when I read slashdot. It seems like every other slashdotter has the single worse cinema experience ever. I go the the movies fairly often (every other week or so), and I have trouble with "uncivil patrons" maybe once a year.
What are we doing differently? I go there usually on friday or saturday either at 10pm or midnight. Usually at my local AMC. I almost never have any problem.
Maybe timing or location makes the difference?

Comment Re:To avoid confusion... (Score 2) 239

I am not sure why they are talking about that. Similar measures happen almost every year in Paris. Pollution goes high and they shut down local traffic for a few days and promote public transportation as an alternative.
It is the first time I see it on Slashdot, but it happens frequently.

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