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Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 171

China is capable of funding diversivies projects simultaneously, and that fact has no bearing on the legitimacy of pebble-bed designs. Below multiple fission construction projects of diverse types and groundbreaking fusion research.

"Several other advanced-reactor projects are under way in China, including work on a molten-salt reactor fueled by thorium rather than uranium (a collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where the technology originated in the 1960s), a traveling-wave reactor (in collaboration with TerraPower, the startup funded by Bill Gates), and a sodium-cooled fast reactor being built by the Chinese Institute for Atomic Energy" https://www.technologyreview.c...

"It's not the only groundbreaking nuclear project on the go in China - the country recently managed to heat hydrogen gas to 49.999 million degrees Celsius, and sustained a cloud of hydrogen plasma for an impressive 102 seconds, which is a huge step towards making nuclear fusion (the reaction that powers our Sun) viable."

The selection of a French design by a French company is not surprising - France is also a leading pioneer in the nuclear industry, and has 58 commercial nuclear power plants compared to China's 33; note these numbers exclude current construction projects and research reactors.

Comment Re:This explains Climantologists (Score 1) 75

Try this. Climate is a system and both "el" are seasonal patterns. Global warming however is the increasing trend in global average temperature meaning that there is more heat being absorbed and retained in the system. Anthropogenic global warming is the idea that the increasing retention of heat energy is powered by the greenhouse effect from CO2, which is something Svante Arrhenius demonstrated more than 100 years ago but which was ignored. Analysis now confirms that the acceleration in trend was caused by the industrial revolution freeing previous stored carbon from fossil fuels into the atmosphere where it formed CO2 and is driving a runaway greenhouse effect increasing global average temperatures year over year. Climate is dynamical system so results can't be predicted with high certainty but the local effects of increased heat are easy to observe, and will result in desertification of previously arable land.

Comment Re:Reality (Score 1) 124

Just because it doesn't fit your primary school idea of war doesn't mean we must not address the actions of non-state actors threatening as a group the US and all allies, as well as in cases of Boko Haram and ISIS, etc. those targeting western civilization itself.

Comment Re:Reality (Score 1) 124

It would help your point if you knew the country - it's not hard to understand the Philippines and why Duerte gained power. His former province under his governorship became the one of the most attractive sites for new business because of increased security. Certainly there are issues with methods but the Phillipines is sovereign and it doesn't matter what a random person on the internet thinks of it.

Comment Re:World Police? (Score 1) 124

Government backed credit cards are easily identified. The office heads usually get them to simplify purchasing for custom needs on short notice, and some of the direct reports do as well. Seemingly those aren't the only cases. Of course all use is subject to review but the pay and job security is enough that outright theft by fraud isn't much of a problem.

Comment Re:UPS is union so will they let this get far? (Score 2) 43

Safety regulations might though. Having the occasional drone flight is OK in many areas, but routine traffic from delivery will require not just logging flight paths but planning them ahead of time and scheduling traffic. Establishing the infrastructure for that, and for the radar installations required for control and oversight, means this fantasy is just that. It is just the tech-geek version of the idea that dirigibles could replace trains; they can't, and the operational problems exceed imagined gains.

Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 1) 252

How are the standards to be enforced then? Right now dealerships must renew their license on a yearly basis, all at the same time, greatly simplifying oversight. A standard without enforcement is useless. Musk needs to acknowledge the need to sell vehicles through dealerships because that is how real people find cars. If he ever wants to be an actual production model not a media hype story that is, but maybe he only wants the hype not business success after all the tax rebates end. Right now his model is that of the for-profit universities selling sub-par offerings because the US Federal government is funding part of it and has inadequate review.

Comment Re: these new companies trying to get around old l (Score 2) 252

You don't understand what business in society means, it isn't an academic exercise where you can wank off to Ayn Rand. Business routinely involves every single character fault in every actor, conflicting interests where those with most effective advertising "win", etc. and regulation is the only tool to combat it for the public.

Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 1) 252

Manufacturer price isn't cost by a long shot - it is LAC (including average overhead) for the expected lifetime of the product plus a significant bonus for them. Musk's company is sticking it to customers with monopoly distribution and playing the "it's research when we say it is, but also your liability as soon as you complain" angle.

Comment Re: these new companies trying to get around old l (Score 0) 252

There is no "right" to sell anything in any given state in the US. The oft cited constitution only mentions interstate commerce restriction as another post mentions. There are no court rulings establishing duty to provide a marketplace to a private company. And the dealership laws are about regulating the dealerships themselves. It is all record keeping for safety, and ensuring legal title for sales meaning that the car wasn't stolen, etc. Slashdot is really going downhill with clickbait.

Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 1) 252

Ignorant geeks with at best 1-2 "econ" courses under their belt, combined with the common but still rabid libertarian rabble will deny the validity of your comments. However, imagined conspiracy and "upstart" philosophy doesn't change the reality of how things actually work. See here for information. The law is entirely designed to enforce standards. This lawsuit is just Musk pouting that his "upstart" position doesn't already work everywhere, and wanting to sell in MI subjects him to some regulations on the state of vehicles being sold.

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