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Comment Re:Why are larger humans a good thing? (Score 2) 241

Yes, physical size allows for larger cranial volume which is directly linked to intelligence across all primates. Prenatal development to greater physical size allows more neurons to form early - we may see trillions instead of billions of neurons forming eventually. This directly allows for greater intelligence later.

Comment Re:The jobs will be mostly construction jobs. (Score 1) 316

The threat to move after a politician has built their political muscle on the basis of the employment provided. Big firms are powerful, and the US had done everything possible to destroy the unions where were the only force that could have resisted them.

Comment Re:The jobs will be mostly construction jobs. (Score 1) 316

No it's not, because the factory will just blackmail the gov't for larger and larger tax breaks, and move when it doesn't get them. There will be no benefit to the people, as usual, only the 1%.

Exactly - just like the Carrier deal that pushed aside better companies and will increase total unemployment due to unequal treatment, this policy failure just starts the domino effect all over again.

Comment Re:Softbank - Sprint & T-Mobile merger failure (Score 0) 316

I suppose this doesn't have anything to do with current regulators blocking of Spint's merger with T-Mobile. Softbank president Son owns Sprint, so perhaps he's looking for a little favor when Trump assigns new folks over at the FCC.

That is the other political side of this, along with the Saudi money, planning since before Trump was a candidate, and the temporary nature of construction jobs. Unfortunately for Americans that political BS is all it takes to be popular, so they are well and truly fucked.

Comment Re:Congratulations! (Score 1) 316

China is now moving manufacturing jobs to America to exploit the cheap labor force? Congratulations! America's has now secured it's spot as an official third world country, complete with strongman dictator, tribal/racial unrest, poor public education and non-existent public healthcare. I fully expect an outbreak of malaria any day now.

They're in North America so it will be Zika, not malaria.

Comment How big was the bribe this time? (Score 1) 316

70 million? 700 million? How many US firms is this displacing, this time? How many US employees is this indirectly putting out of work? Simple answer: More than the gain, because that is part of the definition of inefficiency and is what happens when political policy drives against real economic development.

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