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Comment Re:Which forum and what were you asking about? (Score 0) 477

Exactly! Decisions form economics are not difficult to understand, but fans ignore what they find distasteful and substitute fantasy instead. This applies to nearly every area of the geek/nerd culture, and is what pollutes communication making them impervious to all real learning. They are fools.

Comment Re:Musk always ignores safety (Score 0, Interesting) 139

SpaceX is based on materials science that doesn't exist and risks payloads as long as they don't have to pay for them, all based on ignoring all contrary evidence. Read to the end of the abstract. Tesla will never be safer than regular cars, and it will never even be as safe as regular cars. It is statistically impossible.

Comment Re:That's great.. (Score 1) 118

Most desertification in northern China occurred due to the cultural revolution and mistakes in land management. That killed the native animals and plants outright. This project will allow descendants from other areas to repopulate and recreate the ecosystem from previous centuries.

Comment Re:Right to free speech (Score 1) 470

I bet you speed read that for confirmation of your bias on reading the headline. Did you notice the man was a local, repeat visitor? An Israeli citizen? That the site also hosts a major mosque? I bet not. Did you notice that the "guard" was a less trained new recruit temporarily posted to the site? I bet not. Retard.

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