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Comment Re:uranium runs out (Score 0) 315

Ignore the idiots here, your position is the only legitimate one MDSolar. Meta-moderation will punish those abusing their allotment to bully you. In specific applications certain technologies like radioactive decay in space probes are more effective as they move away from the sun, but for Earth which simply rotates in a consistent manner the technology should be the focus of energy development for everything from Industry to daily use. Porsche has show it is possible to run a manufacturing facility from a large PV pylon, but for cost efficiency I believe the more traditional solar array and sterling engine approach is very promising. And of course, engineered algae production of biofuel on the biotechnology side, for those applications where liquid fuels can't be substituted by stored solutions - battery, or kinetic, etc.

Comment Re: Basement View (Score 2) 120

One is cumulative, the other is simply for a period. Next time try not picking for-profit firms with vested interests, and don't copy pasting shit you don't really understand you fucking idiot. Also your numbers are wrong - Bush Jr. left 11.6 Billion Debt, Obama has added 6.5 Billion in what is now an equal amount of time. The CBO is leaning increasingly conservative but those are the official figures from them, check the link.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2, Insightful) 159

That assumes operation in industrial nations, which is not where any military deploys on a regular basis. For the same reasons significant research has been done in remote power generation including using radioactive decay for nuclear power without building a reactor. Environments differ, and your knowledge of your mother's basement has little application to a battlefield in Afghanistan or anywhere else with rugged and inhospitable terrain.

Comment Re:How the hell are gun emojis tied to violence? (Score 1) 331

Usage of the emoji can and will increase incidence of threats as children lack the maturity to understand the implications of their communications. Providing a ready-made gun emoji readily accessible and distributed without notice to minors puts Apple in a bad position when those same minors are investigated and their parents seek repayment for court costs or damages from Apple.

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