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Comment Re: Ignores the issue (Score 1) 85

Why would the Clinton campaign risk doing anything now, when they're already cruising towards a landslide victory? Trump did a fantastic job of disqualifying himself at the debates; now all they have to do is run out he clock. To try some "October surprise" at this point would gain them very little, but if it went wrong somehow it could hurt them greatly.

Comment Re:But it was Ok to ban most of California voters? (Score 1) 511

Eich publicly supported Proposition 8, and donated a large sum of money

It was not deliberately public — only inasmuch, as largish donations must be registered (in violation of the First Amendment, which is usually understood to protect anonymous speech).

all to deny certain people the right

Whatever. My point was, 52% of California voters voted for the same thing. Which means, the entire State should've been boycotted until it purged those thought-criminals somehow.

He was a bad cultural fit for Mozilla.

He was a perfectly fine "cultural fit" for Mozilla for many years before that, and would've remained just fine after that — just as Mr. Thiel remains fine for Facebook.

But the boycott threatened to dent Firefox' market share and that is why they panicked. The fears were completely unjustified, of course, as Chick-Fill-A has shown, SJWs lack the stamina for any sort of long-lasting damage.

Comment This is dumb (Score 3, Insightful) 167

The rights holders are the problem and will never allow this.

The fragmentation of media into smaller entities is a good thing and while the complexity goes up, the result is a buffet of entertainment for any mildly skilled geek due to the broken technologies that resulted from this lack of coordination. Apple can talk and talk about fixing the brokenness but nothing is going to happen. Mainly because no one can figure out how to make money off of it except Apple.

Comment Under what circumstances would a user notice? (Score 2) 153

Are there situations where a user would notice a slower flash write speed on their cell phone?

The only time I can think of where a phone would need to write massive amounts to flash is during an OS upgrade (which is hopefully a rare thing) -- even during an app install, the user is likely to be bounded by their network's download speed, not by the speed of writing to flash. Similarly, while recording live video, the phone only needs to write at the bandwidth of the video stream, no faster.

Is there some use case I'm missing?

Comment But it was Ok to ban most of California voters? (Score 3, Insightful) 511

"We can't create a culture that says it cares about diversity and then excludes almost half the country because they back a political candidate,"

When Brendan Eich was ousted from Mozilla, it was for his private backing of California Proposition 8, which won the backing of over 52% of California voters. By the hateful logic of Mr. Eich's detractors, the entire State of California should've been boycotted by the freedom-loving web-sites until the State purged their thought-criminals.

Where Mr. Zuckerberg stood on that boycott is unclear, but the words he is preaching now, should've been uttered then.

Submission + - Soros-linked corporation supplies voting machines to 16 States (dailycaller.com)

mi writes: Remember, how suspicious (and wrong!) it was for Diebold, whose management openly supported Bush, to be supplying voting machines? We even discussed it here over the years...

Well, a Soros-linked company from the UK is supplying 16 States with voting hardware this year. Will there be a comparable amount of suspicion?

Comment Re:Proof positive (Score 1) 242

The USG has a "directive" to go to SI on a voluntary basis that dates from the Ford Administration (!) There is an accompanying Executive Order (12770) that was issued by GHW Bush in 1991, that similarly doesn't mandate a change.

The bottom line is that it would take a literal act of God to make the US switch in any meaningful way. Every time progress is made, it gets walked back over time because the US is still on imperial units for all intents and purposes. People like it this way - everyone knows what a liter is due to international drink packaging, but kilograms and centimeters are not well understood by the common people.

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