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Comment Finally a man to hate (Score 0) 684

Having screamed for anti-immigrant violence and sexual assault becoming common place because of Trump, Illiberals could never offer any actual evidence. Maybe, this guy is what they need. Finally...

Meanwhile the number of victims of the "Black Lives Matter" assholes — the very foundation of their movement based on a lieuncounted scores.

Comment Change the laws together with English (Score 1) 684

Only if your definition of race comes from the 19th century, which in itself is a little racist.

If you wish to redefine the meaning of "race" (or "sex" for that matter), you need to change the law that bans discrimination based on it.

Because, unless the law has explicitly changed in between — as in, passed by Legislature and signed by the Executive — what was legal at one point shall remain legal at another.

These days race is a social or cultural construct

Funny, this argument — But I identify as Black! — didn't help certain Ms. Dolezal keep her job at, of all places, NAACP... Evidently, some races — whatever the term means — are more equal than others. Had she been fired for being Black while masquerading as White, she and her team of lawyers would've all been millionaires by now.

Comment Re:CRISPR for the masses (Score 1) 168

Then what is the advantage over living in an artificial environment in space?

Creating such an artificial environment in space "from scratch" may be much harder, than using the readily-made planet. The colonists may need to adapt it, but they may also find it easier to make some adaptations to themselves — meeting the planet half-way, as it were.

If Escimo and Inuit and related peoples adapted to the environment unlivable for their African predecessors naturally — even if they still can not live there naked, we may be able to make similar adaptations faster (in fewer generations) to make Martian environment suck less. But, as often point out, Antarctica ought to be first — much closer and much cosier for humans than Mars.

But, hey, adapting to life in space (low-to-no gravity, low air pressure) may take place in parallel. Stephenson — in SevenEves — explores this subject in some detail.

Comment Re:I blame Trump. (Score 4, Insightful) 684

Well, that's one way of looking at it. Another way is that black people do a lot more murder on a per capita basis. As it turns out, the chances of getting killed by a white guy are less for a black person than the reverse. Which is indicative of the overall murder rate in the black community being several times (something like 5+ times) what it is amongst whites.

Some source data

Anyway paying undue attention to a single person amongst the 6k or so that are going to die this year is politically motivated, as usual.

Comment Re:I blame Trump. (Score 3, Insightful) 684

I agree with you. People say a lot of stupid things when they are drunk. But let's not let any opportunity to blame Trump go to waste, right?

And Leftists wonder why they are getting tuned out.

500 white people are killed by blacks every year and 200 blacks are killed by whites every year. One group is 70% of the country, the other is 13% of the country. I notice the same people whining about this event aren't paying attention to those statistics. A couple people assuredly died in interracial murders since that story broke.

But this one drunken fight in Kansas - we have no idea what was actually said and what provoked this - is somehow more significant.

Comment Re: How is FILMING "speech"? (Score 1) 154

the only reason police stopped the plaintiff was because he was recording video in a public place.

Sure. I accept and wholeheartedly agree, that the guy's recording is legal and should've been unmolested.

I just don't see, how the First Amendment protects him in the slightest. Doing, what is not expressly prohibited by law is legal in a free country — you do not need it to be expressly allowed by an Amendment or anything else.

The only possible charge I could see is disobeying a police order — had they ordered him to stop and he continued, they could've charged him with such disobeying, even if the order itself were later found invalid.

Comment Re:CRISPR for the masses (Score 1) 168

So which organism are you going to lift genes from which is comfortable (i.e. can breed) at Martian temperatures and pressures?

It does not have to be comfortable enough to breed — or even survive — unaided by other technology. But if it can be made more comfortable than an unmodified human — requiring a lesser oxygen tank and/or a lighter suit and/or an easier-to-build shelter — that'd be a win already.

Comment Re:Ukraine to the rescue (Score 1) 157

The An225 is a Soviet era design

Boeing 767 was also created in 1981 — and they still can't make enough of them.

hardly what anyone in 2017 should call"advanced".

It is neither computer nor software. It is a plane. US still flies B-52s (since 1955) and F-15s (since 1976).

and only one was ever built.

Yep — because Socialism of the USSR was not conductive to proper mass production.

The Netherlands, the Congo, the Philippines, the Bahamas etc...

If you want to use the short names of the countries, then it is, respectively: Holland, Congo-Kinshasa (or Congo-Brazzaville — in your ignorance, you aren't even aware there are two), Philippines, Bahamas. "The" may be part of a long name of a country, such as The Kingdom of The Netherlands...

Comment Using an article in front of a country's name (Score 1) 157

The Sudan.

Wrong. The name of the country is Sudan. The Sudan is a name of a geographic region . Face it, your English really sucks and you are most uncultured.

The Netherlands.

Some countries have a long name and a short name. The article is not used in front of the short name. The Kingdom of The Netherlands is the long name, Holland (no "the") is the short name.

Like Germany, Ukraine has no "long name" — since it stopped being merely a region of the delightfully dead USSR and became and independent state, the "the" in front of it is inappropriate although frequently used to insult by the Russian assholes. Which is exactly what you did — and are.

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