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Comment Re: Sweet (Score 1) 329

So, you bought a phone that lacked a feature you required (a larger screen) and had a feature you didn't understand (a curved screen) and that's the phone's fault? Why didn't you just get the Note 6? It would've been cheaper, to boot!

Mind you, I shared some of your frustration with the curved screen at first, but I realized it would be an issue and I'd have to adjust my grip when I bought it. I made that adjustment and it hasn't been an issue in months; having the phone laying flat on my side table and still being able to see the time and any notification icons, while throwing only a minimal amount of light in my direction, is a nice feature.

I won't buy a phone solely for that feature and I doubt I'll miss it when it's gone, but it's not the living Hell you make it out to be, either.

Comment Re:Thinner (Score 1) 329

I've never checked out their cases, will do for my next lhone. My problem with cases it that they tend to add to the width of tbe phone, which makes it difficult to find dash mounts that will fit the larger phones I am drawn to; I haven't been driving as much since my back injury, though, so that's less of a concern now.

Comment Re:Bluetooth Headphones (Score 1) 329

It's not just old car stereos; a friend of mine drives a 2015 Hyundai something or other that has a USB port for iPod and an AUX jack for everything else; also, despite having Bluetooth in my car, the AUX port sees a lot of use, typically if I want to plug in my iPod or let a passenger be in charge of the music without making having to go through the Bluetooth sync process for a device which will, in all likelihood, never be connected to the car again.

Comment Re:Thinner (Score 1) 329

I never use cases and I've never cracked a phone screen. Of course, I also don't make a habit of dropping or throwing my phones (all of them have been dropped and some have even been thrown, mind you) and I tend not to put them in my back pocket and sit on them like an idiot, so... that might have something to do with it.

Comment Re:Thinner (Score 1) 329

Look at dbrand skins; I've used one on my last 3 phones (including my current S7 Edge), my iPad Pro, and even one of my XBOX One controllers, they're good stuff. The leather texture and metallic skins seem to give the best grip and they seem durable enough; thus far, they've seemed to be a good way to protect my devices without adding bulk or weight.

Would they hold up against repeated dropping? Probably not. But, then, I've never lost a phone to that in 2 decades; and I've thrown one phone through drywall and another through a closed car window (I used to have a bit of a temper -- that's calmed down a lot in the past decade).

Comment Re: Sweet (Score 1) 329

Yup, as much as I love my S7 Edge (enough that I already wasn't looking at the S8, anyway, mind you), I doubt my next phone will be an S9, S10, or S-whatever they're up to when my S7 no longer serves my needs. I'll probably pick up a Pixel 2 (or, likely by then, Pixel 4).

Sad, because the S7 Edge is poised, hardware failure notwithstanding, be my longest-owned phone by the time I'm done with it. With 2 decades of cellphone ownership under my belt, that's quite a feat.

Comment Re:These wackos are cows with guns (Score 1) 772

While CZ is a Czech company, manufacturing pistols in the Czech Republic and rifles in Turkey, CZ-USA is an American company and does have a design and warehouse facility in Kansas City, Missouri. Most guns distributed from that facility are made in the Czech Republic or Turkey, regardless of where they were designed, but CZ-USA does also have a custom shop in Warsaw, Missouri, where some of the American designs (including the Safari Classics and 550 Tactical lines of rifles) are built. They also own Dan Wesson Firearms, based out of Norwich, New York; they do all their manufacturing in-house, as well.

Comment Re:Another day another android vulnerability (Score 2) 30

You do realize that AirDroid it an app, right? As in, not part of Android, but something a third party wrote that some people install, not something that comes bundled as part of the OS. To clarify, it's not Android. Care to try that again?

Comment Re: I never got the hang of this "app" stuff. (Score 1) 30

Why, yes, every time you have food delivered to your mother's basement, you are also a surveillance victim. Oh, and if you think Mom isn't rummaging through your shit while you sleep, you're fooling yourself. She knows all about your hentai collections, it disgusts her, and she hasn't decided whether or not she should bring it up.

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