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Comment Re:Nintendo is done (Score 1) 89

Quite simply, people will realize soon enough that they've been hoodwinked and you can expect their next console not to sell very well if they don't make it absolutely amazing. I don't think that's going to happen, as it's become clear that Nintendo can't make a proper console anymore, something I don't say lightly as it represents the end of an era.

If they don't sell consoles and they're not making games for 3rd party consoles or, at a minimum, licensing IP so others can, how, exactly, do you propose they make money?

Of course, we can argue about this until we're both blue in the face, and we'll both be equally right and wrong based on the information we have available today. Only time will tell how the Nintendo story goes and, as a Nintendo fan, I sincerely hope I am wrong. I know better than to hold my breath for that long, though.

Comment Re:Nintendo is done (Score 1) 89

Well... mostly that was just complaining about system performance

Complaining about system performance? The "upgrade" is less capable than the system it is supposed to replace. That's about as valid a complaint as there can be. That said, I never complained about the performance, I pointed out that, while it would be quite a winner in Nintendo's handheld lineup (e.g. I actually like the hardware), they chose to position it as a replacement for a more capable system. That makes it a loser; it's positioned to be, quite literally, a downgrade.

along with the lack of a second screen

Which, again, would be a non-issue if Nintendo had added the Switch to their handheld lineup, rather than replacing a more capable system. The hardware, for a handheld system, is good; but they're billing it as a console, by which standard it is crap.

Look at it this way: The Geo Metro wasn't a horrible car, for what it was. It was cheap, fuel efficient, and got you from point A to point B. It wasn't built really well and it is obvious that corners were cut, but that was fine because Geo sold it as what it was: cheap transportation. If they had sold it as a sports car, luxury car, or even anything of any quality, it would have been complete crap.

The Switch isn't a horrible system, for what it should have been sold as. It is small, clocked down for power efficiency, and can play games on the go. It isn't built with performance in mind and it is obvious that corners were cut, but that would be fine if Nintendo sold it as what it is; a high-end portable. Instead, they sell is as a full console with portable capabilities and, at that, it is complete crap.

Sorry, it's just a fact that, while it outclasses Nintendo's handhelds, it doesn't come close to the Wii U. I'll repeat myself, once more, so you don't miss it this time: The Switch is a great handheld; it's just a shitty console.

I don't understand why the very same people who, 5 years ago, said the Wii U was underpowered crap are, 5 years later, saying the Switch, which is less powerful than the Wii U, is the freakin' bee's knees. Compared to anything in the DS line, I'd fully agree, the Switch is an awesome bit of gear; but it's not meant to compare with that line, it's meant to compare with the Wii U, and it fails at that.

Comment Re:Lemme guess (Score 1) 102

The clock on the machine displays the correct time. Even if I had my time zone wrong (which I don't; Windows actually defaults to the correct time zone for me, as I share a time zone with MS), it should be using what it believes to be local time (e.g. the time it displays). Thanks for insinuating that I'm a friggin' idiot, while making it obvious that you ain't so bright yourself. :)

Comment Re:What, you want a complex repair? (Score 1) 89

It's one of the leading factors behind my motivation to stop working for someone else and start working for myself. After almost 3 years, the workload has increased to the point where I'm getting ready to build a team; my biggest fear is that I won't be able to find anyone who knows how to use what works.

Comment Re: But Edge is still new compared to the others (Score 1) 144

You could have read the rest of the thread before posting and found an example of exactly what I'm talking about, including a screenshot and a link to where it was reported here in November. That would have been a good alternative to making yourself look like a MS shill by claiming that, since it doesn't happen to you, it must not happen at all.

Comment Re:Nintendo is done (Score 0) 89

They're not billing the Switch as a handheld, they're calling it a full-blown console with a portable mode, which is precisely what it is. Proof? What console did it replace? The DS? No, the Wii U.

To be honest, this is the first console I've seen from them that made me think they should just leave the hardware market altogether. I had hints of that thought with the Wii, but the execution was interesting and novel, so I went with it. I ended up buying a Wii U, as well, and certainly do not regret it. In all likelihood, though, I'll not be getting a Switch

Almost certainly not, as they've just released a system that is actually less capable than the Wii U it is supposed to replace; the Wii U being a relatively short-lived system, seeing a production run of only 5 years, with support ending rather abruptly at the end. The Switch runs an underclocked Tegra X1 CPU, 4 ARM cores running at 1.02Ghz; the Wii U runs on 3 PPC cores clocked at 1.24Ghz. The switch may have 1 more core, but the cores, overall, are slower once you factor in IPC and several other factors; at best, performance may be comparable. It may have a better GPU, but that's arguable; BotW comparisons I've seen have roughly half favored the Wii U and half favored the Switch. Perhaps if they weren't also severely underclocking the GPU, even when docked? Honestly, the Switch seems more like a regression than an upgrade; single display output only, which rules out games like Super Mario Maker and Mario Party 10's Bowser Party Mode. Keep in mind, SMM was one of the top selling Wii U games. Mario Party may not have been a top seller, but Bowser Party Mode was damn cool, and can't really be done without giving the player playing as Bowser their own screen.

In all, the Switch is a downgrade across the board. It's, flat out, a less capable system than the Wii U. I wouldn't think it a loser if it were replacing one of Nintendo's handhelds, or adding to the handheld lineup; it would be quite the winner at that, but that's not what it is. It's a loser at what it's intended to be: an upgrade to the Wii U.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 242

You know, I was actually with you this time, right up until compulsory licensing. That's a gray area, at best. It's certainly something to discuss, but... consider that forcing the sale or licensing of an idea or product is, itself, a fairly strict control.

I'm only up at the moment because I was woken by a client for a server issue (since resolved), so don't take what I'm writing here as my final word on this post; it's just a quick note to let you know: I hear you and I'll write something more thoughtful when I'm not encumbered by a sleep addled brain.

It's rare to see a well-reasoned post like this on Slashdot, anymore; please, keep it up. I learn something every day; it's become increasingly rare for it to happen here, though.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 242

I also reference pre- and post-1450 Venice and pre- and post-500BC Rome. It is also worth pointing out that, if patents were a net negative as you claim, we'd see a decline where patents are introduced; and we do not. I never claimed they were a leading contribution to progress, let alone the leading contribution; those are words you put in my mouth. And here you are, trying to stuff them back in there again.

Sorry, not gonna swallow that pill.

Your argument was that patents were a net negative. I've shown plenty of evidence to disprove that. Pharmaceutical advancements, alone, are a net positive when weighed against all of the negatives; anything beyond that is simply icing on the cake.

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