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Comment Re:Not ready? No, and never will be. (Score 2, Funny) 391

Even as a 13-year-old I was highly skeptical of those stories, not because of the technology or the distances or any of the practical difficulties, but because I knew that politics would never function to the point where a decision could have been reached, let alone acted upon.

That's not skepticism, that's cynicism. And if you thought that way when you were 13, you must have had a horrible childhood.

Comment Re:But how to do that? (Score 2, Funny) 360

By that logic, this regulation of mp3 player volume level shouldn't exist either because the owners of the players should be responsible for their own actions and turn down the volume. I'm not saying I support that decision, I'm just saying it is a good point that if you're going to regulate headphone volume level, then you might as well also regulate volume level of bands.

Submission + - Why is China blocking p0rn sites?

An anonymous reader writes: Seriously guys, WHY? Why one of the most corrupted states in the world should be concerned about "decency"? I just don't buy it! To me it seems just another useless (cruel? :D) way to oppress people. I can't find another good reason for them being so bigot.

Comment Re:Fastest way to burn calories is to gain musclem (Score 3, Funny) 425

The article also stated that Liam had to have a lot of protien, which makes sense if you are building excess muscle mass. Unfortunately your dream of converting Big Macs to bulging biceps is only 1/2 complete unless you can get extra beef rather than special sauce as part of your calorie intake. Empty calories alone probably aren't going to work.

Now then, your Whopper with a Protein Shake rather than that chocolate shake may do the trick.
Beefcake. BeefCake! BEEEEEEF CAKE!


Submission + - Hackers target Facebook Account Recovery (

An anonymous reader writes: From SecurityHacks.NET: Who needs phishing, key loggers or exploits when you can simply fill a form and gain access to almost any Facebook account? It seems that some hackers found an easy way to compromise Facebook accounts simply by filling out the ‘My Account has been Hacked’ form available on the Facebook web site.

Submission + - Tiger Woods Gives Science Education a Boost

theodp writes: After a copy of Get a Grip on Physics appeared in police photos of Tiger Wood's golf club/hydrant-damaged SUV, the book's Amazon sales rank jumped from 396,224 to 2,268. 'I'm delighted,' said author John Gribbin upon hearing that Tiger was in possession of his layman's guide to physics. 'I write books about science for people who aren't scientists so he's exactly my target audience.'

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