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Comment Re: Tile interface (Score 1) 154

Do you speak from experience? I have tiles of all sizes on my display and have had no trouble at all with accuracy. The larger sizes are for live tiles, which I find rather handy. The whole Windows Phone UI has a consistency and fluidity that you don't find on Android, while the WP hardware is way cheaper than the equivalent iPhone (and you don't have to use the execrable iTunes, thank God). Pretty much all the apps I want are available and work well, though I admit I'm not much of an app junky.

Comment Re:Microsoft abuse example: Bad & good version (Score 1) 189

We've used WMC for nearly a decade in our house and it's been excellent: rock solid and dead simple. I have, from time to time, tried out alternatives and it's only now that I'd be prepared to say I've found a plausible replacement: Plex + Kodi + PVR software -- and even that is a country mile away from the out-of-the-box simplicity and elegance of WMC.

Comment Hostility to debate (Score 4, Informative) 179

My politics, such as they are, are slightly to the other side of the line than most of the people in my Facebook contacts. A good number of those contacts are prone to posting what seem to me to be quite biased, divisive articles essentially preaching the moral superiority of the choir to the choir. My preferred style of engagement is to ask questions rather than assert "truths" and I try to steer clear of speculation on motive, appeals to authority, and all those rhetorical cop-outs. When I try to engage people on this stuff, the result is often quite hostile and sometimes personal. This makes me suspect that many people posting these things aren't really looking for debate, they're just looking for approval from their group. It would save me a lot of grief if Facebook provided a flag so people could indicate what kind of responses they're looking for when they post these things.

Having said all that, I find pretty much the same thing here on Slashdot and on most on-line fora. I just don't get the impression that many people see debate as a constructive way of testing one's beliefs and ideas.

Comment Re:It produces performance like C++ (Score 4, Insightful) 217

"After all, the chief advantages of C# isn't really C#, but the .NET libraries."

You can't be serious! C is *substantially* lower-level than C#; you should only use C as a portable assembly language. I've spent decades writing assembly, C, and higher level languages and I'd pick C# over C in an eyeblink for anything that doesn't require access to the bare metal (well, personally I'd pick a functional language, but these days I work in industry...)

Comment Re: Impossible! (Score 1) 182

Climate models are currently, at best, when treated as an ensemble (if you buy that as legitimate), skirting along the p 0.05 level of significance in the validation period.

Pointing this out is considered trolling -- it probably offends some religious sensibilities.

Tightening the threshold as the article suggests would mean the model results are not "significant" (i.e., not reasonably distinguishable from natural variation -- note that I am not a "denier" and that I do accept that CO2 is a greenhouse gas etc. etc.; I am however hugely skeptical of most climate and environmental science that I have investigated).

Comment Re:the difference (Score 2, Insightful) 473

Let me precis this argument:

(1) The moderation scheme here essentially filters out postings that disagree with the "group-think."

(2) Commenters here are "unusually intelligent" and they define the group-think.

(3) Therefore if you disagree with the group-think, you are probably not "unusually intelligent" (and hence your opinion is probably not worthy of consideration; you belong with the trolls and drunkards).

The problem is step (2), which is a lot of self-serving bollocks. I think the suggestion that Slashdot moderation fosters group-think is on the money.

Comment Re: Wrong objective. (Score 4, Insightful) 115

I have to disagree. Before I go to a heap of effort reproducing your experiment, I want to check that the analysis you ran was the one you described in your paper. After I've convinced myself that you haven't made a mistake here, I may then go and try your experiment on new data, hopefully thereby confirming or invalidating your claims. Indeed, by giving me access to your code you can't then claim that I have misunderstood you if I do obtain an invalidating result.

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