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Comment anyone got an Athlon II X4, please test it! (Score -1, Offtopic) 188

testing for singlethreaded performance.....

if you have an Athlon II X4 of any speed, please run:

cpumark99 on it (if you can find it), and you might get the fastest score in safe mode...

the java benchmark from NIST on it

and if you can get calc.exe from windows XP, time a factorial of 100,000!

(the factorial function in the new calculator that comes with win7 chokes on big factorials, and all the scores i've accumulated are using calc.exe from xp)

Comment Re:Start with a non-language... (Score 1) 9

personally, i'd recommend against Visual Basic as a language to learn the fundamentals of programming. it seems more about building windows than programming. one of my CS college classes used it, and IMHO i learned nothing to add to what i learned from taking Basic or Pascal years before in highschool, and i was way more high in highschool....

Comment Re:Monopoly or not. (Score 1) 439

Because the user licence that comes with OS X prevents you from doing that.

Technically Apple could come after you for your 1 hackintosh box that you have for personal use but it choses not to (at least so far, but signs so far seem to suggest that they really don't care about homebrew).

What they *do* care *very much* about is people selling them on as ready made PCs with OS X installed, and you're right, there is no technical difference between the guy who does it to one machine for himself and the guy who does it to a hundred machines and sells them to his friends, but it's entirely up to Apple who it goes after for licence violations. It's not like a trademark issue where you must defend any breach or you risk losing the mark - they will probably have an economic vs brand protection chart where "personal use" becomes "hackintosh vendor" and you become a target.

Make no mistake though, you are always a target if you make a hackintosh - they just leave you alone because you're no threat to their business model. The NFL won't care if you tape the game, but it will care if you then sell that tape on ebay.

Ok, ok, bad analogy, the NFL will care very deeply if you tape the game and will froth and foam and rage about home taping taking the food out of the starving mouths of NFL players' children, but you see my point.

Comment Re:Not ready? No, and never will be. (Score 2, Funny) 391

Even as a 13-year-old I was highly skeptical of those stories, not because of the technology or the distances or any of the practical difficulties, but because I knew that politics would never function to the point where a decision could have been reached, let alone acted upon.

That's not skepticism, that's cynicism. And if you thought that way when you were 13, you must have had a horrible childhood.

Comment Re:Redneck crap (Score 3, Insightful) 215

What kind of self-respecting geek shops at "Sear's" (sic)?

Um, Craftsman tools? The only remaining semi-affordable Made in the USA (with the extra precision and reliability over bargain-basement imports, including a lifetime warranty) that that implies?

I get most of my tools at Harbor Freight, but if I want something I know will last (e.g. a socket wrench, because it's pretty lame when you break your only socket wrench while your car's engine is not fully assembled) I go with Craftsman.

Comment Re:Digital medical records (Score 4, Insightful) 553

I used to think this until I realized that I was paying Blizzard for the simulated experience of waiting for public transportation.
I could get a more immersive experience by putting on a troll mask and riding the subway. There are even some dialects of Chinese that sound a little like murloc. On the other hand I'd love for my IRL military training to count in call of duty.

Comment Re:never a good plan (Score 1) 806

If they didn’t know the girl very well and didn’t get the movie reference, it’s quite easy to understand why someone would take it literally.

You have to be especially careful when you’re kidding in print. It still has to be obvious that you’re joking even without the tone of your voice to tip people off.

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