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Comment Re:good (Score 1) 27

Let's Encrypt is literally terrible!

1) short cert life times so you can't use pinning to know if maybe something has changed
2) not even domain validated, if you control the web server you can get cert. Generally that means you could alter content anyway but frankly DV certs were not a good idea.
3) give a false impression of authentication, where there really is none, see #2. Sure you can look for EV or whatever in your URL bar, but automated process and such don't really have a concept of class where certs are concerned. Your software updater will see a Let's Encrypt cert as authentic.
4) They don't even make the most minimal effort to try and filter phishing domains like

There are literally no valid reasons for any site to use Let's Encrypt certs. They provide no guarantee of authenticity beyond what a self signed cert does; which is just as effective for using to setup TLS sockets. What they do is brake older automated trust logic and give other users who don't really understand the whole CA trust chain concept a very false sense of security. Seriously Let's Encrypt sucks!


Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 248

. I am sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but you can't wish away reality by calling people names.

You mean like calling people "chicken little" because they disagree with you?

Real observations don't care for politics.

No, they don't, but do you even know what a "real observation" is? Because all I've seen from you is personal attacks and (ironically) references to the entertainment industry. The amount of hypocrisy you are capable of displaying is truly amazing.

Comment Re: People really need to educate themselves... (Score 1) 244

I cook all the time. Here are some off the top of my head.

I don't eat breakfast, just black coffee. If I do on weekends, it's some form of eggs/bacon/sausage.

Lunch - mixed greens salad, (arugula, kale, romaine, chard, etc), homemade dressing (5 parts olive oil, 1 part balsamic, or 6 parts olive oil, 1 part lemon juice), parmesan cheese... some turkey/ham/salami slices, cheese. 2 hard boiled eggs. (put them in water, bring to a boil, boil for 4 min, put on lid and take off heat, let sit for 10 min). Maybe some large curd cottage cheese sometimes. Dill pickles.

Had one of my favorites last night for dinner
Cook up some italian sausage. When it's done, remove the sausage and any excess grease, add some mushrooms and olive oil on med-high heat, when they are about half-cooked, throw in some garlic. After it is good and warmed up, pour in some half-n-half (or heavy cream)... let that bubble and cook, then add in a handful of raw spinach leaves and toss them a little until they start to wilt. Add in parmesan cheese to thicken some. Add the sausage back in and mix it up. Spoon onto plate. I like to serve it with some tomatoes, and zucchini (cut in half lenthwise, pour olive oil over them, salt, pepper, and parmesan and cook @ 425 until just past firm). Glass of red wine.

Other mains... omelettes/frittata/quiche (no crust) for dinner is always a fave. Seasoned and grilled chicken wings. Chicken thighs (crock pot) with green salsa, cheese, sour cream, lime, cilantro, avacodo, tomato served in a bowl. Burgers, sausage, fish, mealoaf (I use parmesan instead of breadcrumbs). Meatballs and homemade tomato sauce over zucchini sliced ribbon thin and dropped in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Tuna (can use regular mayo, or they have avocado mayo) served in romaine lettuce leaves. We order pizza - and just eat the toppings. If you go out, some places will serve burgers/sandwiches in lettuce wraps.

Sides: Kale (sauteed in olive oil and garlic, pour in chicken broth, lid, and let cook on med-low for about 15 minutes, salt/pepper), mashed sweet potatoes (not often) in butter and cream. zucchini, salad greens, carrots, peas and green beans on occasion, cauliflower, broccoli. Whatever veggies you like really, as long as they aren't really starchy.

Comment Re:People really need to educate themselves... (Score 1) 244

Nope, doesn't have diabetes, he quit drinking 15 years ago, and isn't overweight.

The biggest hurdle is the mental one, where they feel they are being deprived of something. (They ARE - bad stuff) And there really is a physical addiction too. I know people who are trying too, and they are "cutting back". I found that I had to attack it 100% for the first month, and after that it was very easy.

Comment DLC is the key (Score 1) 116

Sorry, this is such a shitty concept it must die. Games in 80s, 90s and early 00s were released as complete final products and rarely if ever received any patches or DLCs. Now with the advent of a high speed Internet connection, even operating systems are offered as beta products (I'm looking at Windows 10). This is all done to save money on QA/QC and to increase the profits of game publishers (not, not developers) - the companies which basically do nothing, except clever often misleading marketing.

DLC is the name of the game.
My sons are pre-teen, and they play various free games. They are amazed that they are free, cause they are sooo cool. (they suck) They see these youtubers (my least favorite word) prattling on about these games, and sit and watch them play them, and talk incessantly while doing so. But those games become popular, and if you get people hooked on it, you can sell them things. Upgrades/costumes/other levels, etc. It doesn't work on my kids, because I don't let it.
This isn't a new concept, it's the razor/razor blade thing. But if they can get a subscription, then I am 100% sure there will be product tie-ins, commercials, and more things they can buy. It's like a pre-teen casino.

Not picking on pre-teens, but I think the rest of us can see right through it. I asked my son the other day if he plays any of the new versions of Minecraft, and he said "No, all the new versions are weird and aren't fun since Microsoft bought them. I just play the older versions." I honestly don't think MS can do what Netflix did, and that's have a vision. They built their userbase and then came out guns blazing by daring to create original programming. I think it was the smartest thing they could do, and they didn't do it half-assed. MS will approach this game thing with kid-gloves and it will fail. By the time they have anything worth showing, the market will have moved on.

Comment People really need to educate themselves... (Score 2) 244

THIS is why science is important. The whole "eat less" or "eat less fat" or "exercise more" or "" needs to stop. There is actual science behind our bodies and how they work, but so many people are just looking for the quick answer. Empty your cup, forget what you know, and look at what the science tells you. That include doctors as well, they need to get back to science and rely less on what they were taught in medical school 50 years ago.

My father just had two stents put into one artery - it was 99 percent blocked and 50 percent blocked in another area. He is in his 70s, and has always been in pretty good health. I asked him to find out what his cholesterol levels were from the tests, and they were exactly what I expected - they were great. Just as they had been his whole life.

For four years now I have been following a paleo/primal diet. I have never felt better! I lost some weight and haven't even had to think about it since. That wasn't my goal, as I was about 173 at the time, I am right at 160 now, and have dipped to 155. I have learned so much about cholesterol, fat, and diet even though I thought I knew a lot before. I've read books by Mark Sisson, Gary Taubes, and some others, as well as articles/talks by Dr. Peter Attia. Attia had some really in-depth blog posts on cholesterol that were very enlightening, and his vimeo video on the limits of scientific evidence is really great. The other thing to be aware of around artery "hardening" is with oxidation. It's not really cholesterol clogging your arteries, it's is more like your arterial walls thickening, oxidizing and lesioning, and your body repairing them. So not clogging, more like spackling. :)

My diet has essentially been no calorie restrictions at all, but no grains (included corn) or grain based products (including oils, and beer), extremely low sugar, low carb, no legumes or legume products (soybean/peanuts), and high saturated fat. The only thing in my bloodwork that didn't improve drastically was my cholesterol. It is still high. However, what I've learned is that isn't a bad thing! My father has always had low cholesterol, and my mother's is high. After his near miss this year, my mother got a battery of tests too - she has no significant blockages, with her cholesterol nearing and sometimes over 300! They've tried to put her on meds, but they make her ill.

A couple of years ago I tracked what I ate for a week. Daily I was 2258 calories, 54 grams carbs (18 were sugars), and 186 grams of fat.
I have wanted to write down all of my experiences with this over the last few years. I know that this is all heresay and circumstantial, but to ME it's relevant and real. Here are some of the benefits I had:
- no nagging joint pain (less inflammation)
- skin was better (same)
- no bloating or tired feeling after eating - EVER
- no craving for sweets or that "blood sugar" high
- my teeth are better - I still brush and floss, but my semi-annual cleaning takes about 10 minutes.
- better lung capacity
    -- there is a story here that I still find hard to believe. At the time I started this, we had a swimming pool (I lived in AZ). Every year when I first got in the pool in the spring, I would attempt to swim down and back under water. I could usually do it, but sometimes not. I started this diet in November, and when it got to May/June it was time to go swimming again. I went down, and back... and wasn't even wanting for air, so I went DOWN again. So 50% better than I had ever done before. And when I came up, I wasn't gasping either. I was baffled, and still am quite frankly. I think it has to do with less inflammation, and that my body overall is just more efficient because it's fighting less and less against what grains/carbs do you our bodies.

It's really about health. I had to break my body's physical addiction to the blood sugar roller coaster. Once that was done (about 3 weeks) it's effortless, and I am healthier for it. I am in my upper 40s, and have a 32" waist. I didn't consider myself unhealthy before, but I can feel a difference and it's all better.

Comment Re:So what's the issue? (Score 2) 197

Because validation rules like this are actually pretty important when it comes to detecting and preventing fraud. The failure here was not that the software could not deal with here being more than 110.

That is sufficiently an edge case that as frequently as it comes up a call form a bank manager to HQ where they can say something like well enter the date a 1/1/1900 than and we will have an engineer update the record to the correct value ASAP should work.

Comment Re:We scientists must improve our reliability. (Score 2) 244

Science as a whole has a serious boy-who-cried-wolf problem. As scientists we need to be far more careful about the claims we're making, so that people continue to take us seriously.

You are partly right, but science is all about making /testable/ claims. Scientists absolutely need to advance their hypothesis backed up by the research and allow others to find counter or confirming evidence.

What needs to stop happening is people trying to make public policy based on less proven theory. Climate science is a good example its been used as a basis for policies since the 1970's and its predictions and impacts have changed a lot since that time, it was and is an immature field. As is a lot of this psychology that has us putting in special bathrooms in schools etc. We need to step back and let scientists do the work before we start legislating based on it.

Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 248

Do you have anything new to bring to the debate or will you finally concede your defeat through continued attempts on my character / behaviour?

What debate? You conceded your position when you failed to reply to my original statement that your evidence wasn't useful to your argument. Maybe you can't see that because you hold other people to a different standard than you hold yourself? Everything since has been an attempt to educate you on how not to be an ass in public. Let's give it a few months and see if you've learned anything...

Comment Re:ATT is NOT a charity (Score 1) 164

I am going to get hard flamed for this, but I would still make the argument that the vast vast majority of people have no need or even practical use for more than the 50Mbps symmetric speeds VDSL can "practically" deliver.

I telecommute, I would LOVE something better than LTE, because the caps are an issue, the speed around 6Mbps really isn't the problem. That said if I had the choice between VDSL and gigabit fiber at a price difference of $30 a month, I would not pay fiber.

We don't need fiber the premises most places, even decent copper based broad band to our less densely populated regions would be a huge win for a lot of people. Hell real unlimited data plans would be a huge win.

Verizon's plan is a f'ing joke. The throttle 'mobile host spots down to 600Kbps" after 10 gigs, they have the never to classify the fixed LTE solution they sell, which bolts to the side of your home or business as a mobile hotspot! Now if they would at least treat it as well as a handset and give you 22 gigs it would be an entertain-able choice. As it is me and the neighbors remain stuck on un-advertised but capped large plans.

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