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Journal Bill, Shooter of Bul's Journal: Negitive feedback 3

I've gotten a couple posts questioning the validity of my attempted humor. Some people really don't think I'm that funny. It only takes three different mods to hit +5 funny, and I myself have seen a few other people have posted that aren't that funny. In any case, I am my own worst critic. Several ones I've posted I didn't think deserve any attention at all. So, in the future, I'll try and limit myself even further, to truly post only what is really funny, rather than some things that I think might be funny.

For those who are annoyed with my sense of humor, just be glad I was filtering out a good 80% of what I thought to post. You're seeing what I consider to be the top 20% of my humor. I'll try and tighten that down to at least 10%.

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Negitive feedback

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  • But seriously? Are there secret leaderboards of humour which list the funniest comment authors? It's not even as if funny posts contribute to your karma.

    I guess my biggest beef with this culture of trying too hard to be funny, is that ultimately it's responsible for the endless "first post", "welcome-blank-overlord" and other memes which people, admittedly with less imagination than yourself, but who feel the same clique need to 'be funny', continuously parade.

    Or am I just being a sourpuss?

    • No, you have good points. Its not for the public reaction, or for some secret funny list that doesn't exist. I just enjoy injecting humor into everything. I've always been a _____ for ______'s sake kind of person. Be it art, science, technology or --yes-- humor.

      I think there is a common shared thread with the first post guys, and the memes. And I understand that my actions inspire less talented copycats. So, as I said, I'll try and tone it down, unless its really, really funny to me.
      • Fair enough - I totally dig the X for X's sake argument. For the record, I think this AC [] was just some freak with a few issues of their own.

        But I was thinking - should the kid who gives the 'wrong' answer in class stop sticking up their hand, or stop going to class? No - it's more of an emergent process which regulates itself over time, through feedback (requiring both negative and positive).

        Also, if it were possible to categorise homour it would be reasonable to assume that it follows an uneven distribut

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