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Comment Re:It's fine, Linus said so (Score 0) 59

Does the Git usage of SHA-1 *really* cause silent problems? I'm not sure how Git works internally but I was under the impression that it hashes whole objects, like individual source files at least. I imagine you'd have to come up not just with an edit that generates a collision for a file, but with an edit that generates a collision for a file *and all its possible further edits*, otherwise something visibly breaks. The latter sounds much more problematic.

Comment Re:It's the suburbs... (Score 1) 105

The suburbs I grew up in didn't have Netflix...but then I grew up before the internet. Our nearest fast food place was a couple miles away, and we had a baseball field at the end of our street where my friends and I used to play ball. We spent more of our waking hours outside than in. I'd typically put 1000 miles on my bicycle during the summer.

So, while you may blame the 'burbs, I'd argue that it's a generational issue.

Comment Re:It is a dog's life. (Score 2) 105

While dog (Kaygogi) is eaten, it's rather uncommon. I lived there for six years, and only came across it once when my landlord invited me to their elderly grandmother's birthday.

I haven't read the article, but my knee-jerk reaction to the headline is disbelief. Korea is highly polluted, with a very large smoking population, and tuberculosis was much more common there than in the US. Many homes are heated using "Ondal", a form of charcoal, smoking out into the open air. Of the roughly 50 countries I've been to, Korea had the worst drivers...Wikipedia shows 18.2 fatalities/billion km...the U.S. has 7.3 in comparison. The country also has a habit of hiding issues...they refused to admit there were any cases of AIDS for quite a while.

Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 303

Why a trip from the lunar surface to LEO? I was referring purely to fuel production on the Moon. Obviously for usage scenarios, you have to do extra calculations, but since no particular one was mentioned, I didn't take that into consideration. In the specific usage scenario for fueling a trip to Mars - assuming you actually meant "Moon as a stepping stone" (otherwise the rest of your text doesn't seem to make sense) -, the logistics for that was studied recently at MIT, with promising results.

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