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Comment Re:Wow, and I thought the existing Sednoids were n (Score 1) 23

This lends credence to the notion that you're going to get shared debris between different stars, rogue planets that don't orbit stars, etc.

But how many? I don't think the process of exchange can be fast - if those bodies had galactic escape velocity, after all, they wouldn't stay here for long. So they must be comparatively slow. But the distances are still large (tens of thousands of AUs) and the volume in which they could be present is really big. Would a frequent exchange mean that most of this mass (or mess?) is actually in the interstellar space? And not in some neat belts close around stars?

Comment Re:Offshore wind is very uncompetitive (Score 1) 222

I suggest you recheck your numbers based on updated estimates. They've dropped it to 14 cents per kWh for offshore. EIA's estimates for fast-changing technologies are notoriously bad anyway. I'm also puzzled where they actually got their estimates from when the first US offshore farm is still being built. Half a data point is not a large sample.

Comment Re:free choice (Score 1) 274

Is it still the case that people in China who want to get into college have to go to work in factories in dismal conditions to "prove" themselves that they are "college-worthy"? I think I've read something about it, and similar things were common in the former Eastern Bloc, too. (The difference is that unlike the Eastern Bloc, totalitarian China is still here.)

Comment Facebook censorship good! (Score -1, Troll) 103

See little prols, embrace your master Facebook and lick Zuck's hipster sneakers.

We only censor the "bad" and "dangerous" stuff from the "alt-right" Trumpiness that God-Emperor Clinton has declared to be racist!

After all, freedom means being able to listen to the carefully constructed narrative that we have decided to feed you, and since we have unilaterally declared Trump to be racist for threatening our H1B pool, it's OK to censor him!

We never EVER censored a legitimate left-winger social justice warrior who believes in diversity just like us!! That's why that interview with the Green Party's Jill Stein that mysteriously disappeared from Facebook after receiving over 100k hits was NOT censored! Instead, we have determined that it never existed in the first place and you are all ordered to bow and pray towards Hillary 5 times today because it's the only way to purge yourself of your white privilege.

Comment INSAT-3DR (Score 2) 49

According to a report, the scramjet will bring down the launch cost of weather satellite INSAT-3DR which is a weather forecast system designed for enhanced meteorological observations and disaster warning. The satellite scheduled to be launched in August earlier, but it has been postponed to September.

No fucking way. INSAT-3DR will be launched on a GSLV Mk II vehicle which doesn't have any scramjets. Even more obvious should be the fact that a successful engine test now can't possibly bring down launch costs a few months later. That timeline is like an order of magnitude more optimistic than what commonly happens in aerospace.

Comment Re:welcome to the 1950's (Score 1) 49

Presumably ballistic trajectories are slower for <1000 km firings and hypersonic weapons could be more suitable for fast attacks in the 300-500 km range or something like that (think anti-ship missiles like BrahMos-II). They might also be detected by their targets later compared to a ballistic weapon high above the horizon.

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