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Comment Re:how does this compare to D? (Score 1) 195

Didn't C++ gratuitously invent new syntax, too? Regardless, syntax is not all there is to a language. There even used to be a very snarky empiric observation/law regarding the relative frequency of topics in programming language discussions, with less meaningful things like syntax being discussed more frequently, although I don't recall the exact formulation of the observation.

Comment Re:how does this compare to D? (Score 1) 195

I don't know Nim at all, but there doesn't seem to be any sense in demanding that a new language resemble C++ as much as possible, consider how broken the whole C++ thing is (poor language interoperability unless everything is handled by the C++ compiler itself at compile time or unless half of C++ specification is re-implemented from scratch, baroque language semantics, the header+source model completely opposed to the principle of separate compilation, etc. etc.)

Comment Re:Strong typing - again (Score 1) 195

The chief counterexample to the statement "Python is strongly typed" is that almost anything can be used in a boolean context.

Is it? I guess that's just a matter of interpretation, but to me, all it means is that Python has its own specific definition of truth and falsity. Many languages seem to have that.

Comment Re:Whitespace takes the most space (Score 1) 195

And yet, there's Turing's proof. Why the discrepancy? Well, simple: a Turing machine has an infinite tape, and can therefore produce not a finite, but an infinite number of states. Any computer we have in the real world does not have infinite memory, and is therefore not a Turing machine.

A slight correction, perhaps: for practical purposes, and for algorithms that use memory bounded linearly in time, it's effectively infinite because we can just keep manufacturing it.

Comment Re:He's off his rocker (Score 1) 195

Hillary was way more of a war monger

...than who? The actual warmongers of this world? Despite all the involvement of the US in global politics, there's never been a short supply of regional crazies. The idea that Hillary is/was a warmonger is an idea from the bottom of your liquor bottle. The same goes for Trump, actually.

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