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Comment Re:We need fewer rocket launches, not more (Score 1) 57

You're probably right. I guess I'll just bike the 20 miles to college and back

There's a teacher at my alma mater capable of running twelve miles from home to his office. What's so problematic about biking for twenty miles?

. bike to and from the supermarket 10 miles away and to bike home with a hundred lb of food

No, that would make you fat.

Comment Re:We need fewer rocket launches, not more (Score 1) 57

Once we get *that* controlled we might start thinking about rockets. We *must* do that, eventually. Booster reuse might be a first ste

I'm pretty much willing to bet that the carbon emissions from the rocket manufacturing process dwarf the carbon emissions from the fuel used for launched as well. After all, it seems that CO2 output is well correlated with economic value generated and the rocket costs over two orders of magnitude more than the launch fuel.

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