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Comment SubjectsSuck (Score 4, Informative) 204

Arciszewski also says that PHP is actually "the first" programming language to support a "modern" cryptography library in its core, despite Erlang and Go including similar libraries, which he claims are not as powerful and up-to-date as PHP's upcoming Libsodium implementation.

So it's the first to support a modern cryptography library, as long as you define "modern" to mean "the one that we're using."

It's easy to be first to do something if you place enough arbitrary restrictions on what that something is.

Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 3, Informative) 359

But TFS says:

the total distance covered by its 96,000 trucks was reduced by 747,000km

So they're saying that they're reducing distance traveled, which doesn't make any sense from the description. Obviously that's either wrong, or they're leaving something pretty important out that is resulting in less distance traveled.

Comment Re:Being a member of a union (Score 1) 594

Being a member of a union is a right. This right to work crap must be killed, repelled, etc.

Living in a "right to work" state does not prevent you from joining a union. It just prevents people from forcing you to join a union.

If you believe in freedom, you believe in "right to work."

Comment Re: Just to screw with Trump (Score 1) 110

Some they have released (the code was written in Russian, using Russian idioms that non-native speakers are not likely to use)

This is, at best, evidence that Russians were involved in the hacks, not that Russia was behind the hacks.

Given that the current administration is transparently using the situation to undermine the incoming president and deflect attention from the failings in their own party, they have zero credibility until they provide some real evidence.

Comment Re: Just to screw with Trump (Score 1) 110

Oh, wait a second, I see know that you are simply a shmuck that doesn't have any evidence or reason to disbelieve the police, and simply state that something the government said must be false without any evidence, merely because you don't like that it contradicts your own desires.

The government is claiming that Russia was behind the hacks with no evidence themselves, if you haven't noticed.

Comment Re:Lenovo lately (Score 1) 99

With thousands of people reading Slashdot, it is completely unsurprising that someone would remember your name in connection with a comment they read earlier if the topic happened to be one that the person has an interest in. Just because somebody happens to remember a comment that you made before doesn't mean that you're being "stalked." Get over yourself.

Comment Re:Seems fine (Score 1) 332

They can make their own search engine.

What, do you think you own Google?

How about a really damn obvious solution to this problem, if Google wants factual information about the Holocaust to result from that sort of query: They can make a page with that information themselves. Since they know exactly how PageRank works, they should be easily able to legitimately raise the visibility of their site.

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