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Comment Re:Pinterest? (Score 1) 44

I really wish Google would relegate Pintrest results to the bottom of the trash bin, where they belong. Any content that requires jumping through hoops to access shouldn't come up on a general search results page unless you specifically ask for it.

You can use the chrome extension to remove it, but that doesn't help when you're using a different computer than usual.

Comment Re:Centure these anti 2nd ammendment senators (Score 1) 349

FYI last constitutional amendment took 200 years to ratify, so not in our lifetime.

Just because one amendment (the 27th) took that long to ratify doesn't say anything about how long a new amendment would take. The 26th was ratified in 3 months.

Overturning the second amendment won't happen anytime soon, but it's because doing so doesn't have the support of the voting public, not because the process itself has to take a long time.

Comment WTF? (Score 1, Troll) 260

It's no secret that Google's Chrome browser sips a considerable amount of battery. On Monday, Microsoft announced that its Edge browser has succeeded on that front.

What, the front of "sipping" "considerable amounts of battery"? More nonsensical word salad brought to you by the new Slashdot editorial staff, who are apparently even more illiterate than their predecessors.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable. Coming soon to USPS I hope? (Score 2) 183

Seems reasonable? Really? How do poor people get mail, then? In the US, poor people used to have guaranteed mail delivery 6 days a week. Now, if, they can afford to live in the right place, and can afford to get Internet service, and the Internet service happens to work correctly, and they can afford a working computer, THEN they can pay their bills? That doesn't seem reasonable to me at all.

If they are receiving bills that are due without even two days for turnaround time, then that's the unreasonable thing. Fortunately that rarely if ever happens.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 924

But the new defaults really _is_ best practice. Denying that is like denying that ssh is better than telnet.

Asserting that over and over doesn't make it true. Your argument seems to be that "With this change, people can at least ensure that their user run service doesn't DoS the server unintentionally." Which this change doesn't even do.

Comment SubjectsSuck (Score 1) 56

So, can Parsey McParseface make sense of what manishs posts? Because I generally can't. I assume that the example sentence from the summary probably came from the article, but for some reason the "editor" didn't think to read his summary to make sure that it actually made sense out of context.

Comment Re:Well, duh (Score 5, Insightful) 554

If it were anyone but the Left's best hope for the Presidency, she'd be in jail.

The left's best hope? Hillary is probably the only possible candidate who could actually lose to Donald Trump. If the Democrats nominated somebody else (and Republicans actually stick with Trump), the Democrats would be essentially guaranteed with the presidency.

Not saying that Hillary is definitely going to lose, but a Clinton/Trump race is going to be a whole lot closer than it would otherwise be.

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