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Comment LCD grating (Score 1) 50

managed to find the answer my self.

apparently, some display have an *LCD* stereo grating barrier.
i.e. the barrier it self is a second black-and-white transparent LCD stacked above the main colour screen.
thus the barrier can be turned on or off

some autostereo displays even feature alternatives grating. by switching fast enough between odd and even columns, grating can change whitch eye sees which half of the display.
thus these fast-switching display can increase their visible resolution by horizontal interlacing.

Comment software controlled ? (Score 1) 50

You could always turn the 3D slider all the way down to "off" which puts the display into 2D mode.

yup, this part i understand : slider controls how much horizontal separation between the pictures generated and sent to each eye.

In fact, it turns off the lenticular grating too so it's not just faking 2D using a 3D screen.

huh? how come? you mean the separation into left and right side is software activated ? that you can actually shut it down and gain twice the horizontal resolution?
how does this software controlled grating/lenticular work?
i'm genuinely interested.

Comment Re:Abolish NASA, and deregulate aerospace. (Score 1) 152

not quite the average toddler's level of understanding.

Project much?

Spoken like one with no clue at all of NASA's decades of hostility to private enterprise in space. Google for "OTRAG" for one example of a potential competitor that they pulled out all the stops to kill off.


Comment Steered beam: yes. (Score 1) 134

EVEN with beam steering, where the whole half-watt of power from the router is aimed directly at your phone,

There's a frenquency range above the 400 THz mark, that can be efficiently steered, and could be collected on the back of your phone :
it's called SUN LIGHT (Yeah I know we /.ers are not very familiar with this strange energy beem, being basement dwellers ourselves).

I think that's what the above poster jokingly referred to when saying to go to higher freqency.

(And for the record, a solar cell the size of a modern huge smartphone could probably collect ~2-3W of power.
There are actual power banks produced with 12x12cm sollar cells that selfcharge them in the 3~5W range when exposed to the sun)

Comment Joke : Woooosh (Score 1) 134

These "lots" of energy you are talking about are not nearly enough for a modern smartphone.
Even if you would make use of the electromagnetic radiation coming from a nuclear fusion reactor, and position your phone optimally, a harvesting panel the size of a smartphone would barely be able to gain 1W.

I think you missed the joke because when around a couples of hundreds THz, said nuclear fusion reactor emitting the electromagnetic radiation is called the sun.

So we're more speaking about 3W range. (3.5W for 12x12cm)

Still not enough to fully power a modern smartphone monster with both CPU and GPU on full gear.
But solar charging is actually really a thing.

Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 1) 231

The site was destroyed in some construction project. Before 1995.

There will be no new samples from this site ever. The site does not exist any more. That is why the field is called "salvage" archaeology. Whatever you get (including records) is all there will ever be.

Well, maybe. The freeway berm hadn't been completely uncovered before the main part of the freeway needed to go in.

More to the point: Have you ever been to San Diego? We have huge canyons, valleys, and hills all over the place even just within the official city (proper) limits. I guarantee with more ground penetrating radar or other scanning techniques there are other samples waiting to be found.

Comment Re:Yes, but... (Score 4, Insightful) 216

This is exactly right. Unfortunately so many people think that constructing a building is a good analogy for "constructing" software, and think the same methods and ability to schedule in detail apply. It's the worst analogy. A better one is, making a schedule for the invention of a flying car. You know exactly what you want it to do, but you don't know how you'll make it happen yet, and you certainly don't know the exact date when you'll have it all figured out.

Comment This is new?? (Score 1) 194

I don't have a CS degree, and few than 50% of people my age (mid 40s) in the industry do (in the UK). Few of the most technically impressive senior people I've met had CS degrees, and only about half of them had technical degrees.

When I hire developers, I don't require ANY degree, much less a CS degree. What I require is the ability to write software.

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