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Submission + - The iPhone As Camera... Where To Now? (

BWJones writes: "Many non-photographers and even photographers, particularly the working professional photographers are accustomed to looking down their nose at cell phones as cameras, but if you look at the market, all of the innovation in photography has been happening with smart phones in the last couple of years. Sure, camera sensors have gotten better and less noisy, but convergent technologies are primarily happening in the smart phone market, not the camera market. On top of that, statistics show that the most common cameras are now cell phone cameras, the iPhone in particular. Flickr reports that as of this posting, the Apple iPhone 4s is the most popular camera in the Flickr Community. If you add in the iPhone 4 and then the large upswing in the newly available iPhone 5 and the now waning iPhone 3GS, you have in the iPhone platform a huge lead in the number of cameras people are using to post to Flickr."

Submission + - Retina Display Revisited For The iPad (

BWJones writes: "Many things have been written already about the new Retina Display in the iPad and it is indeed truly amazing. My friend Duncan has posted about how amazing photographs are on the iPad as have a number of others. Its hard to express how beautiful images are on the new iPad without actually looking at one as the display you will be reading this on is the limiting factor. That said, I was interested in “how beautiful it was”."

Submission + - Apple's Retina Display, hype or reality?

BWJones writes: By now it seems that most people on the planet have heard of Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4 which was released today. One of the many compelling features of the new phone is the Retina Display. When Steve Jobs first invoked this term at the WWDC, my eyebrows were raised. Being a retinal scientist, I was immediately skeptical of just what he meant by “retinal display”.

Submission + - "Cat Scanning" death (

BWJones writes: "An article in the New England Journal of Medicine that describes a cat in Providence, Rhode Island that appears to be able to detect when a patient in a nursing home is about to die. BBC link here. CBS link here. The cat following cues or small molecular signals goes into the room of a dying patient, curls up next to them and begins to purr in the hours before the patient dies. Cats may be better detectors of metabolomic status than we give them credit for."
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Submission + - A pie-cosahedron!

BWJones writes: Cool,

Via Slashfood

We have at the Instructables a step by step guide for the creation of a pecan "pie-cosahedron" that makes a 20 sides pecan pie in the form of the oh so loved 20 sided dice from Dungeons and Dragons fame. I suppose that pecan pie would be the ideal substrate for such a pie as other compositions would not retain enough structural rigidity to maintain the form. Unless of course your cheesecakes were *really* dry.....

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