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Submission + - The Misleading World Of Atari 2600 Box Art (

Buffalo55 writes: Box art has come a long way since the 1970s and 80s, back when artists had to dream up elaborate sketches and paintings to up sell games devoid of detail. At least today, the artwork on the shelf resembles characters and situations from the game it represents. You know, as opposed to everything on the Atari 2600. God forbid someone turns the case around and sees what the game actually looks like.

On that note, we took some of Game Room’s most popular offerings and compared them to their classic box art. We’re sure you’ll agree that the con was on.


Massive Solar Updraft Towers Planned For Arizona 572

MikeChino writes "Australia-based EnviroMission Ltd recently announced plans to build two solar updraft towers that span hundreds of acres in La Paz County, Arizona. Solar updraft technology sounds promising enough: generate hot air with a giant greenhouse, channel the air into a chimney-like device, and let the warm wind turn a wind turbine to produce energy. The scale of the devices would be staggering — each plant would consist of a 2,400 foot chimney over a greenhouse measuring four square miles. The Southern California Public Power Authority has approved EnviroMission as a provider, although there’s still plenty of work to be done before the $750 million, 200 megawatt project can begin."

Submission + - Why are webmasters stupid about foreign addresses?

EWAdams writes: I don't know how many websites I've tried to register on that assume that I live in America. They demand that I pick a state from one of the 50 listed, and provide no alternative if I live elsewhere. They demand that I enter a ZIP code in exactly five digits, no letters allowed. (Canada and the UK use letters in their postal codes. Ireland does not use postal codes at all — the entire population of Ireland is less than that of New York city, so why bother?)

They demand that I enter a phone number in the form XXX-XXX-XXXX and no other. Sometimes they do this even when they provide a field to indicate that the country I live in is not the USA. The international standard format for a phone number is +[country code]-[city code]-[local number]. There are no guarantees about how long any of those will be in any given country.

What's this about? Are webmasters just routinely narrow-minded, blinkered, pig-ignorant morons, or is there some vast American conspiracy to pretend that it's the American Web rather than the World Wide Web? I'm not just talking about mom-and-pop operations here; some of the worst offenders are multinationals! I'm usually forced to resort to the telephone to straighten it out — a waste of their time, my time, and my money. What can be done about it? How does one get the message through to the idiot who programmed, and maintains, the site?

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