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Comment Re: Well it's easy to show superhuman AI is a myth (Score 1) 144

Exactly. It's something that works at the level of a human subconscious: the leftover bits of evolved junk in our minds from before we developed sentience. The sorts of things that let us shout at the sky before a thunderstorm and then assume that we've made Thor angry, not the sorts of things that allow us to build a modern technical society.

Comment Re: But how will I trick investors!?! (Score 1) 144

Except that the claims of strong AI 'real soon now' have been coming since the '60s. Current AI research is producing things that are good at the sorts of things that an animal's autonomic system does. AI research 40 years ago was doing the same thing, only (much) slower. The difference between that and a sentient system is a qualitative difference, whereas the improvements that you list are all quantitative.

Neural networks are good at generating correlations, but that's about all that they're good for. A large part of learning to think as a human child is learning to emulate a model of computation that's better suited to sentient awareness on a complex neural network. Most animals have neural networks in their heads that are far more complex than anything that we can build now, yet I'm not seeing mice replacing humans in most jobs.

Comment Re:It gets better. Those Turks are actually Russia (Score 1) 83

The only thing I can come with Turkey blocking Wikipedia is millions of students crying out in agony at the thought of having to go to the library instead of just using Wikipedia to do their homework, the horror. Russia being behind Turkey blocking Wikipedia, why does Russia all of a sudden hate Turkish school children?

US corruption, that's down to the highest bidder at any particular time, your choice of corporations or countries, beware the once bought they definitely do not stay bought unless extremely incriminating evidence of deviant acts is maintained and ready to be released. This is why the US fails so often nowadays corruption pulling in so many different directions, with one groups corruption often bringing down another groups corruption, not so much on purpose but to redirect financing to their corruption, just stupid chaos.

Comment Re:So do tell (Score 1) 120

The run old systems mainly because the tech companies are not tied into the corruption of the war industrial complex as strongly as the arms and munitions manufacturers, those companies who through major corruptive efforts can force through unnecessary purchases. Basically M$ can not force through upgrades as routine but that was before Windows 10, now it seems M$ lobbyists have broken through and will be able to force routine across the board upgrades. Good, bad, indifferent, secure, insecure, buggy, unreliable, all of it matters not one iota, lots of profit and the right political connections and billions upon billions will be handed over. The F35 Flying Pig is proof of that, it is all about the benjamins when it comes to US Defence spending.

Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 1) 98

Why does Apple outsell M$ surface because people who can afford fashionable mobile devices, do not like their privacy being invaded. So only out of touch gullible types buy M$ surface. In that hip fashionable crowd having surface is seen as downgraded, undesirable, uncool because that is the way Windows and M$ is perceived and no amount of marketing will ever change that. Nobody wants to be seen with a privacy invasive perve, they are always shunned by everyone.

Comment Well it's easy to show superhuman AI is a myth. (Score 2) 144

Because intelligence as a single-dimensioned parameter is a myth.

We already of have software with super-human information processing capabilities; and we're constantly adding more kinds of software that outperforms humans in specific tasks. Ultimately we'll have AIs that are as versatile has humans too. But "just as versatile" doesn't mean "good at the same things".

So it's probably true that software is getting smarter at exponential rates (and humans aren't getting smarter as far as I can see), but only in certain ways.

Comment Re: Bullshit. (Score 2) 119

"Using a chat program to hide " doesn't even make logical sense.

It does if the chat program using public key encryption between the users. In that case even the mediating servers don't have access to message contents.

The scheme is flawless -- but then it almost always is unless it's devised by a total ignoramus. What they get you on is implementation.

Comment Re:Sure, they did. (Score 1) 48

Of course I believe them because I can see exactly what they are doing. They will pay private corporations for that data, giving those private corporations and incentive to collect all digital data and store all digital communications because low and behold they can sell it to the government, whilst the government claims it is not doing it, nuh uh. The arse holes are just making it legal for private corporations to do it, lead by M$ and Windows anal probe 10 and now the ISPs (Invasive Sellers of Privacy) and Google and all of the rest. Fucking arse holes in a corrupted government and in control of extremely corrupt corporations, what a fucking mess the millennials will be stuck with. Strict privacy laws, data audits and severe custodial sentences for those who break privacy laws upon a mass scale. This shit has to stop. Don't support the corporate political party, don't be surprised when you become unemployable, not just private but also government, when you can get credit, when you can not take public transport and when you entire family is similarly targeted.

Comment Re: Trains (Score 1) 155

Thinking just of transport of people, is thinking of the provision of services into metropolitan and suburban areas upon a too shallow basis. It needs a much broader approach ie one ring to bind them all (heh heh, actually a tunnel). So rather than a tunnel just providing human transport and tunnel that transports everything. So a tunnel for all services, fresh water in, sewerage out, storm water collection for reuse, supplemental energy in (with a growing amount locally generated), communications in and out, and of course the primitive equivalent of turbolifts. All in the one tunnel, water services at the bottom, communications and power at the side and transport with it's power supply middle to top.

How far the entries and exits being a big thing. Obviously individual could pay for an underground access point to their home, so a car comes to their door, whether they retain a standby one (fancy internal fit out) or just use at call ones (easy clean fit out). Need to go somewhere, either call one to your access point or access one at a public access point, program in the destination and away you go, no parking, no driving, no hassles, all a controlled safe space.

Just doing human transport would be too expensive but doing all services transport spreads that cost over a whole range of services, making them all cheaper, whilst providing out of the way human transport. Jams are less likely as load can be distributed and over and under as well as additional side by side corridors can be used for major trunk routes. Provisioning and maintenance of those other services becomes much easier, nice big roomy tunnel and service personal simply catch a ride to the required service point. Public roads, the remnants of above ground transport for service vehicles and emergency services as well as regional private transport and of course people walking and pedalling. Straight up the way of doing modern cities and of course refurbishing old ones to make them far more liveable and safe. Smart public transport and services provision, never underestimate Elon.

Comment Re:Yeah, sure (Score 1) 89

That reminds me of the old joke about the US spending millions developing a pen that could be used in space, whilst Russia just used an pencil. Sure you can use a hex editor and CP/M or you can just do what Russia does, use typewriters and a filing cabinets.

The new smart method though is simply to not exchange plots and schemes, simply work with sufficiently intelligent who can formulate their own plans based upon the completely legal open exchange of thoughts and ideas. If it seems to be working in some areas, copy it to other areas.

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