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Comment Re:So WinRT ARM devices aren't useless now? (Score 2) 86

My exploit from last year (CVE-2015-2552) already allowed trivially jailbreaking Surface RT tablets to run unsigned Windows programs.

This new exploit, however, adds the ability to run unsigned (technically, self-signed) .efi files, before Windows boots. In order to run an alternative operating system, you need to be able to run .efi files, because it is not possible to chainload from an EFI OS.

So yes, theoretically, you could make an Android distro for Surface RT now.

Comment Public-key cryptography is the death of freedom (Score 1) 55

Public-key cryptography is the source of locked-down computers. It's clear that the entire industry is headed toward locking down computers to run only software signed by the conglomerates. Just look at the major operating systems other than non-proprietary Linux. Linux itself is going to face hard times as the hardware that can run it dwindles to the point that only small devices can use it, or devices made (and locked down) by a large corporation.

I truly hope that either quantum computers come along to ruin public-key cryptography or the hidden-subgroup problem has a polynomial-time solution.

Comment Not just now, but Apollo too (Score 2) 113

I'm not sure what the utility of sending a human into space is at the present time. Unless there's an obvious use case, it *seems* like the extra effort of sending a human isn't worth the risk, except as a political statement.

It wasn't worth the risk in 1969, either, but it sure was a political statement back then.

Comment No, it uses standard Windows kernel (Score 3, Interesting) 72

That's not true. WinPhone uses an ARM port of the same NT kernel used on desktops. It's essentially the same kernel as used on the Windows RT tablets, which had a desktop.

I know this because I managed to load an unsigned kernel driver using my CVE-2015-2552 exploit long before this release.

Comment Re:End the drug war (Score 2) 245

You have to be hit with the asshole stick to not serve. The jury is the very last line of defense from bad law, bad cops, bad lawyers, and bad judges.

People who think rationally, and who have a healthy distrust of the system, get kicked off the jury during voir dire. I would know =/

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