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Comment Re:An easier plan (Score 1) 555

No, but we should have access to past data -- it was once common for the archives of the presidential offices to be opened to the public a decade or two after the end of a particular administration (W. ended that tradition). The only two items on your list that should have a longer period are the launch codes (which are not changed so frequently) and the personal information of soldiers (which should remain private for the sake of the soldiers and their families). The rest should be made public knowledge in a timely fashion -- military equipment is constantly upgraded, troop movements are no longer sensitive after the end of the war, and guard schedules should be changed frequently. Why should this information remain secret forever?

Comment Re:Should there be ANY government secrets? (Score 1) 555

Nice exercise in absurdism. Taking the case of "nuclear launch codes" and stretching it to "a shit-ton of classified documents" is exactly the kind of thing that causes problems. No-one is talking about handing out employee ID codes, or disclosing how government buildings are laid out. We are talking about things like secret prisons, military pollution (such as my own groundwater being contaminated by the Ai Force dumping degreaser on the ground at a local airfield for 30 years), testing of chemical/biological warfare agents on US military personnel (and CIVILIANS we now find out, with a french town receiving LSD spiked bread some decades ago).

What is at stake here is secret governmental policies intruding upon the freedoms of citizens.

In fact, come to think of it, yes, ALL of that data that you are talking about should be revealed. This includes passwords and nuclear launch codes. They can easily change the codes and passwords (and security patrol schedules) prior to their release. If that is the cost of making sure that innocent people aren't being raped and tortured by our government in some third world hell-hole, then that is a small price to pay.

Comment Re:Three-strikes (Score 1) 307

My company in England has just received information from HM Revenue & Customs (our central tax collection agency) about how to file the various information that we are legally required to submit. In several cases, we are now legally required to submit that information on-line via HMRC's web site. Lack of Internet access would make it impossible to run a business legally with the law as it now stands in the UK.

I'm pretty sure that preventing someone from making a living is going to violate the fundamental right to work enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the associated European Court were created on the basis of that declaration, but don't explicitly recognise the right to work, so I don't know exactly what the legal situation would be there.

Comment Re:Ill placed worries (Score 5, Insightful) 425


The extra 2 years doesn't help anything.

HELL, an extra 6 years doesn't help anything quite often.

The people with talent are having their time wasted due to boredom and those without talent
are also having their talent wasted due to boredom. Artificially extending childhood just
feeds on itself.

Off to college at 16 is not entirely unprecedented.

The cultural failings that cause 16 year old to be children aren't fixed by subjecting them to 2 more years of high school.

Comment Re:Why go to community college? (Score 1) 425

A community college is a strange beast... kind of like vaudeville, its either people moving up and out, or down and out... If you look at is as "college minor leagues" then maybe there is a good point to be made. They will be presented with college-level (or near college-level, depending on your aspirations) classes but still live at home. One of the most valuable aspects in any career is experience, and if you can get more experience than sitting on your butt in high school for two years, that's two years you could be apprenticing or taking core classes that will allow to jump head first into the next step of your studies.

I can see this having a positive effect, as there may just be those "driven underachievers" who would put in the effort just get out of HS early and on with the next thing in their life (hopefully skilled trades). It certainly beats letting kids just drop out.

Comment Re:They need to fix the site first. (Score 2, Interesting) 329

What use would HTML5 have if Google insists on streaming crystal-clear high-definition unskippable ads to me in a few seconds, but streams the video to me bit-by-bit to the point where it takes five minutes to watch a one minute HD video.

Boy, I couldn't agree more with that!

I recently switched the "Try HTML5" thing on, and I've got to say, they need to assemble and download those clips a helluva lot faster. They've made the site nearly un-fun.

To the point that I'm about ready to "un-volunteer" to be an HTML5 Guinea Pig...

Comment Yay /b/!!! (Score 2, Insightful) 166

First off, yay to the /b/tards - I had been watching this a few days before it started and am proud of them. Second, this is from a long time ago and a view I whole-heartedly agree with. Written by the Staff, The definition of obscenity, according to the Supreme Court and known informally as the Miller test, is: * must appeal to the prurient interest of the average person * must describe sexual conduct in a way that is "patently offensive" to community standards, and * when taken as a whole, it "must lack serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value" Certain people (including parents and schoolteachers) have complained to us and stated that should not be "allowed" on the net, since children can view images on our site. One US schoolteacher wrote us a very angry email that complained some of her students had bookmarked images on this site, that our site shouldn't be on the net, and other claptrap. This is our respone. The net is not a babysitter! Children should not be roaming the Internet unsupervised any more than they should be roaming the streets of New York City unsupervised. We cannot dumb the Internet down to the level of playground. Rotten dot com serves as a beacon to demonstrate that censorship of the Internet is impractical, unethical, and wrong. To censor this site, it is necessary to censor medical texts, history texts, evidence rooms, courtrooms, art museums, libraries and other sources of information vital to functioning of free society. Nearly all of the images we have online are not even prurient, and would thus not fall under any definition of obscenity. Any images which we have of a sexual nature are in a context which render them far from obscene, in any United States jurisdiction. Some of the images may be offensive, but that has never been a crime. Life is sometimes offensive. You have to expect that. The images we find most obscene are those from book burnings. Please remember that no child has access to the Internet without the active consent of an adult. And absolutely no child should be left on the Internet alone. Supervision of children remains the responsibility of parents and teachers, as it always has and always will. The rotten staff, April 1997

Comment Re:Interesting..... (Score 0) 289

Besides the fact there are a lot of people that aren't convicted criminals that can't find work that don't resort to crime, but this guy had a job and chose to abuse that trust. If you get convicted of stealing cash from the register what company in their right mind will hire you and why should they? Not only have you removed any doubts about honesty your recored shows that you ARE less than honest. Like I said there are plenty of people out there looking for work. It's supply and demand, and when you control a commodity, in this case jobs, people that want the commodity are at your mercy. This guy had a chance to have a honest job and he threw it away. Why give him second and third chances when so many others are looking for the first chance.

And lets be fair just because your a convicted felon doesn't mean you can't get work, it just means your going to have to do more, probably manual, labor for less. That's life.

Comment Re:FireGPG (Score 1) 439

FireGPG and others make encrypting webmail easy,

Not easy enough that I can count on it being universally available to the readers of my emails. If you only send emails to people you've met before, and have arranged certain software configurations with-- well, bully for you. But for the rest of it, it's still impractical.

Comment Re:Kill the Pork (Score 1) 340

Deficit spending has been shown to help keep an economy above water long enough for it to come out on its own. It is only when deficit spending continues after the economic crisis, without any hint of paying it back, that it becomes a problem.

The reason lenders are so uncertain about the future is because of the predatory lending practices that helped get us into this mess. The kinds of predatory lending practices that came about because of deregulation. The lenders were bitten because they played with a cobra, and now they are afraid to even handle a worm. This hasn't stopped their executives from giving themselves huge bonuses, of course. Gotta keep the economy moving, you know, and what better way than to buy a new yacht or three.

I agree that pork is bad(unless it actually came from a pig, and then it is delicious), but you are connecting some things with it that are separate issues.

Comment Re:The next line states... (Score 1) 360

When the summary says:

People who spend a lot of time surfing the internet are more likely to show signs of depression

it suggests causation

Only if you think correlation suggests causation.

They took a group of people who spend a lot of time surfing the internet. They took a control group who didn’t. The group who spent a lot of time surfing the internet was also more likely to show signs of depression. They showed correlation. You are the one who assumed it was a causative relationship.

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