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Comment Re:How important is this person to you? (Score 1) 255

But you should be aware that Windows 7's Task Scheduler comes by default (at least mine did) with a background defragmentation task set to run once a week, and only while the computer is idle. That should probably be enough for most users. One should be aware of this if one desires to use another defragmentation utility, because having two defragmenters fight about where a file should go (either actively fight, or just a file is moved between two locations every time the other is run) is not good.

Comment Re:Use the Coax as a wirepull for the cat5 (Score 1) 608

I'm no expert, but isn't cat5 4x twisted pair? So eight conductors, not four? Glancing at a cable I have handy, it appears to have eight contacts. I assume this means a differencing technique at the receiving end? Or is there actually a common?

Only two pairs are used in standard duplex Ethernet. The other four conductors are occasionally used for Power over Ethernet. See the pinout.

Comment Re:Generator (Score 1) 260

Match that generator with double conversion (online) UPSs and your set --- We have online UPSs with about 1 - 2 minutes of uptime and a gas generator and it works great ... But I will say that if you have a generator I recommend online UPSs especially if you have your AC units also on that same generator... We found that we get some dirty power on generator, especially when the AC compressors cycle, online UPSs keep all of that away from our servers.

Comment Re:I'm with stupid (Score 1) 197

Yeah that's how it is. And yes, you can actually get toucher sentences if you appeal.

However, I was mostly replying to the parents saying about "you can always appeal, so first ruling doesn't matter". For example in civil cases, you cannot if you never answered for the initial court (it will be ruled as one-sided win for the suer). Another case where your appeal is likely refused is if it is quite stupid and a minor case. For example getting a speeding ticket from police, and trying to appeal it even when theres good proof you did actually speed (people do this time to time just for funs)

However on cases like these and when it's about a little bit more than useless things like that, it works pretty much how you described.

Comment Re:I can't say I understand distributism... (Score 1) 8

Distributism has been called a third way, in between capitalism and socialism; GK Chesterton put it best when he said "Capitalism suffers from too few capitalists, not too many".

The division of labor comes into play when you can trade your skills for other items you need in barter and friendship, or at worst, by using a local currency you obtained by owning your own means of production, while maintaining your ownership of basic production of food and shelter.

Once you exceed the bounds of *direct* barter and friendship, you run the risk of having imperfect information (of people lying to you in capitalism, or of people stealing from you in socialism).

Subsidiarity and Solidarity should be the goal, not mere profit.

"To me, the best economic system is essentially to take Adam Smith and mix in Pope Leo's adminitions (in so many words) to not screw each other. Is that consistent with distributism? And if not, why not?"

Add in 7 more papal documents by later popes about not screwing each other, and yes, that's completely consistent with distributism.

The only thing I'd add, comes *directly* from current economic situations in the global marketplace and in the United States- Big is Bad. Too big to fail is too big to succeed. As a rule, money is power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely; ANYBODY, even the most pious saint, will be corrupted by a love of money. And the more money you pile up under a single individual or corporation, the more power that individual or corporation has, the more corrupt that individual or corporation will become.

Far better to be a farmer, than to gain the whole world through your skills and lose your soul.

Comment Re:Communications perk? (Score 1) 365

The speed of light "hinders" you in two ways.

1. You need a "receiver" to teleport to. You have to get the receiver in place by classical means.

2. To stimulate the channel, you have to hit it with a laser beam which still has to travel through classical space between the beam emitter and the teleportation transmitter.

There will always be a non-zero "delay" in the creation-transmission-absorption of information between two points separated by the smallest value. Hence, no violation nor causality paradox. The process is just extremely efficient.

Comment Powerlines? (Score 1) 365

Energy teleportation could mean no more need for any kind of fuel.
Heck... even if the send/receive station is to huge to be portable it would still eliminate any other form of powerplant.

Just chuck some solar sails on huge platforms up into space and point them towards the sun.
For the extra credit, get them there by pumping energy collected on Earth into their receiving station and use ion engines to set them up at the most desired position.
Then, do what they do on Star Trek all the time - reverse the polarity.
Pump the energy they collect back to Earth using the very same station that got them there.

Comment File system (Score 1, Insightful) 194

There was a paper some years ago about building the file system in such a manner that smaller files were placed on an SSD ( 1 MB) and large files were placed on a harddisk. At that time, SSDs were a lot smaller than today though.

Generally, it can make sense to discriminate your files because they don't all have the same space and access characteristics. Maybe 100 files is taking up 90% of the space compared to the other 9900 files. Maybe it's similar for the access pattern.

Still, for the idea to fly, you need to a robust algorithm and it needs to be clever about the strengths of the hardware. For instance, SSDs aren't so hot at random writes, sadly. Less than 0.1 msec write time would be neat for an ACID database.

Comment Re:I can't wait... (Score 1) 471

...until the criminals get hold of this. And they will. It would be too useful not to.

I wonder if it works on helicopters also?

Since a lot of police helicopters are (Vietnam era) Army surplus, there isn't much in the way of electronics to kill. You'd undoubtedly be able to knock out their fancy doo-dads, but the actual helo itself is mostly mechanical and hydralic systems.

Comment Re:Milk? (Score 1) 254

Yes, one is a scientist and the other is a cardiologist. And they may well be right. (In fact, it's probably more likely that they're right than that they're wrong.) But that doesn't mean that there's any motivation to believe their blogs. If their information is worth anything, they're either getting it from (or much less likely, publishing it in) actual research journals, which is what you ought to reference. (Or, at the least, reference people who refer to the research itself.)

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