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Comment Re:Population control (Score 1) 320

*sigh* If only that were true. No. The reason birth rates slow down in "advanced" societies is because of cultural programming.

The females are driven to only accept males that fit within certain cultural standards. This is less than 10% of all men.

The males are put in an economic hardship in relation to females. Men have to pay for women to exist if they ever get married or have children. Men also have the higher burden of child support. For example, I have to pay twice the amount of child support that my ex-wife does; despite the fact that the children live with me.

In short, the reason why there are fewer births in more advanced nations is because women can't find a partner and men can't afford it. Cultural programming.

Comment Re:But what is a lie? (Score 1) 161

When I tell stories I want to be detailed; but I have learned that people don't want the full story and prefer summaries. Summaries so short that I more or less have to reinvent the scenario in order to get my point or question out and paid attention to.

Heh. I have never heard anyone communicate this problem before but I run across it all the time too. Fascinating. :)

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 492

If you don't think that this is real, then sit down for a couple of hours this evening and watch two hours of children's TV. Count the number of male vs female lead roles. Count the number of times anyone builds anything and whether it's done by a male or female character.

How cute. You are able to see all of the injustices against females but are conveniently blind to the same injustices against males in the exact same fucking programs. Ah well, I guess there has to be some narrative and the poor picked on women is the narrative you choose.

Ever pay attention to the relationship between the father and the mother? The mother is invariably beautiful while the father is invariably a slightly dorky and weak male who can't solve problems like "mom" can.

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 492

Turns out she apparently used to be decent at maths but dropped it after being told repeatedly in school words t othe effects of "maths isn't for girls".

This is so weird. I am 49 years old and I have never seen a female discouraged from math at school or otherwise. Supposedly, the 70s, when I was going to elementary school, it was the height of females being discouraged from doing non-female things.

It is odd how during that time frame, the female teachers were busy helping the female students while essentially ignoring the male students and giving absolutely no encouragement at all to me or my fellow male students. There were 5 people in my classes from kindergarten to 4th grade who excelled. 4 were females and then there was me. The girls all got constant loving attention while, despite my scores always being higher, was ignored.

It was time for college in the mid 80s. They were grants and loans available for women and minorities, but for me, there was shit available. Needless to say, since I could not even afford the paperwork fees, much less college itself, I did not go to college.

Regardless, computers and communications between computers was/is a passion for me. I am now a highly paid Senior Security Engineer. No college, brief military service, and lots of suffering, but I am where many people would like to be.

Fuck women. They can all burn in mother fucking hell. Those fucking bitches get EVERYTHING in life handed to them on a fucking silver platter and it STILL is not enough. 50 fucking years of society sucking the dicks of girls and we STILL get this shit. Fuck off.

Women are useless, stupid pieces of shit. If you are female and can prove yourself otherwise, fine. I will respect you. All of this social justice shit has backfired though. I hate all women by default. You all fucking suck. Prove you are worthy. I for one am discriminating against your fat lazy asses. Every single time I see someone like "virtue signal" I throw up.

Maths isn't for girls? The fucking WORLD isn't for girls. They are clearly too fucking weak and stupid to stand up for themselves so evolution says they must be eliminated. Oh wait...

Comment Re:"Growing Demand"? (Score 1) 492

Encouraging more domestic IT/programming workers to enter the field will only exasperate that, regardless of their plumbing.

Now that this has scrolled off, the word you are looking for is exacerbate. http://www.merriam-webster.com...

        transitive verb

        : to make more violent, bitter, or severe transitive verb

        : to make more violent, bitter, or severe e.g. the new law only exacerbates the problem.

Just trying to be helpful.

Comment Crazy "Curiosity" Landing worked.. Schiaparelli ?? (Score 1) 184

When I saw the video of the "7 minutes of Terror" and the crazy landing system for Curiosity, I thought, "Seriously, all of these mechanisms are required?".

Then I saw the Schiaparelli, landing, and I thought, "can the do this successfully in what appeared to be a more 'straight-forward' approach?"

We now, it appears, know why Curiosity had the landing system designed the way they did. Only thing crazier, would be to put balloons around a lander and let it bounce to a landing. Could you even imaging such a thing?

Comment Maps.me App (free maps) for offline nav; or Google (Score 1) 310

Google maps navigation does a good job in general when I have cell coverage.

For offline maps navigation I use free open source maps.me app with free maps and updates. It does a good job, not great.

I used maps.me to navigate around Mt. Rainier (caching supplies for Wonderland Trail). Most of the areas out there had no cell coverage. Maps.me has a database of places so you can search where you want to go. Definitely with the money (free and no ads).

Comment Started IMAP w/Thunderbird to archive Yahoo mail (Score 1) 205

A few months ago, even before the announcements of the security breaches, I decided enough was enough with Yahoo mail (such as awful advertising like auto play videos and the like).

I have archived off all my emails by setting up Thunderbird with Yahoo IMAP access. Deleted my account last week. Although, I found out that it's not actually deleted. It is simply deactivated. They say that the deletion 'may' occur in three months. The delay, I guess, will give the NSA plenty of time to go through all my emails (a good number of Newegg, Amazon, etc. Newsletters)

Back in 1999 I like Yahoo mail, and years earlier, I liked Yahoo back when they were the "Google" of Internet searching.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Comment Re:WikiLeaks is pretty good at trolling. (Score 1) 181

Did they ever release the Bank of America stuff?

Release stuff that upsets the American government?


Release stuff that upsets a bank?


The claim that he was going to release documents concerning a huge scandal at BofA and then having nothing makes me realize WikiLeaks is just a sideshow. I no longer care about what they promise to deliver. They suck. Julian Assange sucks

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