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Comment You are not mean to be a programmer .... (Score 1) 339

... if you can't learn COBOL in a week. It's all about syntax, and it's really not that difficult.

I've jumped from language to language my entire career, the first one was only the most difficult because I had to learn constructs like 'if .. then .. else' and looping and such. And recursion, which old COBOL didn't support anyway.

If someone can't translate their current skills into COBOL, they have no business being in computers at all. Languages change all the time, and if you can't learn a new one quickly, you have no future in the business at all. Hell, I once modified a program written in a language I had never seen before and had no manuals for.

A developer's goal should be to become proficient in many language, and at least knowledgeable in many more. Just last month, I had to read COBOL code in order to write a Java program because the files were created by a COBOL program and I had to know figure out to process EBCDIC files with COMP data into a class and what each field was for. No one on the team had a clue ... it took me about 2 hours.

But I'm old and have skills because I've never said that I don't know how or can't do something. Instead of whining like a little baby when given a small challenge.

Comment Pay as you play... (Score 1) 249

So .. this group of companies want to use other company's infrastructure in order to make money. And want to do so without having to pay for that ability.

Sucks to be you .... that's not how free enterprise works.

If you want to use someone's labor, be it Facebook or AT&T, there is always a price to pay whether it's up front in expenses or ads for 'free' service'. You pay your provider only to get you to the rest of the network, you don't pay for the 'rest of the network'. But your provider pays for that ability, and some of that gets pushed down to you.

If you want to use the 'best of the network', I don't have any issues with those providers charging something for that privilege. Either through fees on your end for improved throughput or fees to my provider for the same thing.

And if you didn't plan for that in your business plan or can't adapt, it's your own fucking fault.

Businesses are hit with all types of changes in expenses throughout their lifecycle. Adapt or die.

Comment Well ... there's your problem! (Score 1) 629

In 2014 Python and Java were the two most commonly-taught languages at America's top universities, according to an analysis published by the Communications of the ACM.

My first language was BASIC, because I learned it myself for an extra credit math problem using these things called 'computer manuals' every computer room had in the 70s. My second language was FORTRAN, because I learned it myself after I discovered that going to college was a complete waste of money when I could teach myself FORTRAN in a week for the cost of a book instead of paying someone else to do it.

37 years later, I'm still learning languages by myself from books and now the Internet because going to college to learn programming is a complete waste of money and time for smart people.

Mediocre people need it because they have to have that little piece of paper that says they know how to pass tests in order to get a job. And people that have been there lie about it to justify their waste of time and money.

Comment Re:Not really a Good Result (Score 1) 178

Clearly, you should publish a paper proving that this theory neatly wraps up all of the unexplained observations that motivate dark matter theories and gain yourself a prestigious tenured post at a top academic institution.

I have been working on writing a paper discussing this topic for more than a year now. Is it wrong to discuss ideas before publishing?

Why would I want a prestigious tenured post at a top academic institution? I do not require money or fame; furthermore, I already have a nice, well paying job.

Thank you for attacking me Sean (Shawn?). Your denigration is very useful and open minded.

Comment Re:Not really a Good Result (Score 0) 178

Lack of new physics means that we have no explanations for the myriad of things which need new fundamental physics to explain sch as what is Dark Matter? and why is the Higgs boson so much lighter than the scale of quantum gravity?

Gravity is merely a byproduct of the properties of spacetime.

The 'time' aspect of spacetime flows faster the further you get from the mass that created the spacetime. This 'time' differential is what causes the effect known as gravity.

Dark matter does not exist. Galactic rotation curves are the way they are because there is less mass near the edge of the galaxy, which means time is flowing faster near the galactic rim. Hence, the illusion that the stars on the rim of the galaxy are moving objectively faster than they should.

Comment Re:The cost of drugs for rare diseases? (Score 1) 311

But, when we as citizens don't insist our politicians address campaign finance reform, policies favoring corporations will continue to guarantee price gouging will continue. Campaign finance reform should be made the top issue... Every. Single. Election.

It is sweet that you think it is apathy from the public that is inhibiting campaign finance reform. It must be cozy inside that little world of yours. Come out and take a long look at the guns, blood, and enslavement that actually inhibits such changes. Enjoy. :)

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