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Comment Ireland should pay, not Apple (Score 1) 564

If the EC thinks Apple waddled through the labyrinth of loopholes, in order to minimize their tax bill, but did nothing illegal, sorry, but send the bill to Ireland.

If apple bribed officials, or cheated, of course they should pay. That does not look like the case however.

I am definitely not an Apple fan-boy, but if a company successfully navigated the laws, legitimately, then I see no reason to hand them a bill for more money.

Comment The end begins.... (Score 1) 367

Self-driving vehicles is the wooden peg removed from the Jenga economy.

First tier jobs lost (not in order) ...
car for hire drivers
bus drivers
RR engineer (train driver)
Truck drivers
Delivery drivers

2nd tier jobs lost
nail and hair salons
coffee shops

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Comment I don't floss, and NO problems (Score 1) 257

My wife flosses every day, and she has expensive periodontal issues.

I never floss, and I have no issues. I use, properly, a sonic care toothbrush two to three times a day. I use Listerine after brushing, and a fluoride rinse after that. I go to the dentist every 5 years or so. I have no cavities and no gum issues,

In 2006, I went to the dentist to fix a broken tooth (mtn climbing injury .. ouch!) I had a cleaning, and the dental tech said, "I can see that you floss everyday. I can tell" -- I said, lying, "you are right."

I decided to experiment on myself, and continue my own dental maintenance with good brushing with a sonic toothbrush, plenty of fluoride, and Listerine. Last year I went to the dentist, after a 5-year period, and again, no issues.

Comment US styled Democracy is a failed experiment (Score 1) 993

I want to see a education weighted Democracy. One where everybody gets a vote, but the more educated you are, the more votes you get.

For example, Susan is a woman with a Masters Degree in engineering, she reads and studies the issues, and believes education is the only path to making an informed decision to cast a vote.

Trevor, does not read beyond bumper stickers, and gets the little information he absorbs from Fox News and talking heads like Limbaugh. He doesn't believe in science, and hates people who are not like himself.

Is it fair that Susan's vote is weighted the same as ignorant Trevor?

I have felt for decades now that my vote doesn't count. I am informed. I believe in science, and the rational analysis of issues. Democracy does not give me more power than somebody who votes for either a candidate who wants to blame minorities for many of our problems; or voting for a person just because that person has a vagina. Either reasons are poor reasons for voting.

It's not fair that my informed vote can be negated by an uneducated idiot.

If you do not believe in evolution, global warming, or that no person should be discriminated base on gender, skin color, or sexual orientation, your vote should not be equal to one who does.

Comment You are what you eat (Score -1) 321

My old (65+) aunts and uncles... various cancers and organ issues... they eat junk food, drink sodas all day, and pitzzas. God, do they enjoy their pizzas and ... ugh... gross ... deep fried burritos (Chimichanga I think they're called).

The march towards Paleo, Mediterranean, Cave-man, whatever diets has been occurring more and more. What I call "evolution diet". For 200,000 years humans ate mostly root veggies, occasional meat, eggs, bugs, and green leafy stuff. Although humans are quite adaptable, I believe our bodies process the stuff they've become accustomed to over those 200,000 years. That makes up the bulk of my diet (except for slugs and bugs). I believe the rate of health problems stems from more people eating more "naturally", as well as far less sugar.

I'm so happy that I moved away from my relatives and have been eating self-prepared natural food (nope, I don't care if my spinach is organic or not.. but I eat a pound of spinach a week).. No, I'm not a food snob. A dozen or so times a year, I'll eat a pizza or have a Coke... whatever, but it is really an exception, and if it is at the end of a 15 - 20 mile trail run.

My aunt with her kidney problems was told by her doctor to change her eating habits or she'd eventually need a kidney transplant. For about a week she changed her diet. Then it was, "c'mon, you can cheat every now and then"... two months later it was pretty much back to her poor prepared food diet and deep fried burritos. Six months later has the kidney transplant... she still eats crap and weighs over 300 pounds.

Comment Re:I don't. C for life. (Score 2) 331

Assembly isn't needed unless you do firmware type programming, real-time applications, system programming, or other such things. Even there the knowledge of assembly language is needed in places where optimization is required. A profiler can assist you there. C language and knowing certain directives like "volatile", and compiling some source with optimization turned off, can be quite helpful with firmware efforts.

In all my 20+ years of low-level, hardware and device programming, most of my work, rather, the vast majority of my work, was C. Maybe, a small 1 or 2 percent was assembly. BUT that one or two percent NEEDED to be assembly.

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