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Comment Re:I Miss the Open Web (Score 1) 65

Shut the hell up all you people who think Facebook, Twitter, etc. are public utilities!

I do not participate in Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapshit, etc., but I believe they can run their business anyway they want. Oh, I also believe, they can censor or not to their hearts content; or endorse a candidate, or promote positive stories/negative stories on candidates, stories, issues, etc..

You want open-web? Go ahead and use USENET... let the good times roll.

Be smart sheeple.

Comment Apple is still the most innovative... (Score 1) 675

Just look what they've done for graphic artists. This appears to be the next leap for Apple, and it is in keeping with their design and the capabilities their users want!


This is new, innovative, and targets their high-end users perfectly. Way to go Apple!

Comment Limit your presence in the matrix (Score 1) 153

I do not use a smartphone(Moto G4) the way most people do. I do not have a SIM card installed.

I connect my smartphone via WIFI with a prepaid MIFI device (2GB/60 days for $35, $17.50/month, Verizon prepaid plan). Once connected, I use my VPN (works great and fast). I get and place calls, and texting, with Google Hangouts/Google Voice.

I turn off all the tracking I can on my phone, and browser, and do not use social media services. I do not have GPS enabled.

I would not get a text message in this case. It is unlikely that "I" can be traced via any court order or Stingray... being prepaid with cash paid renewal cards and connected via VPN to a city 1000 miles away.

BTW, phone calls work fine with virtually no difference in quality.

Comment Crazy "Curiosity" Landing worked.. Schiaparelli ?? (Score 1) 185

When I saw the video of the "7 minutes of Terror" and the crazy landing system for Curiosity, I thought, "Seriously, all of these mechanisms are required?".

Then I saw the Schiaparelli, landing, and I thought, "can the do this successfully in what appeared to be a more 'straight-forward' approach?"

We now, it appears, know why Curiosity had the landing system designed the way they did. Only thing crazier, would be to put balloons around a lander and let it bounce to a landing. Could you even imaging such a thing?

Comment Maps.me App (free maps) for offline nav; or Google (Score 1) 310

Google maps navigation does a good job in general when I have cell coverage.

For offline maps navigation I use free open source maps.me app with free maps and updates. It does a good job, not great.

I used maps.me to navigate around Mt. Rainier (caching supplies for Wonderland Trail). Most of the areas out there had no cell coverage. Maps.me has a database of places so you can search where you want to go. Definitely with the money (free and no ads).

Comment Started IMAP w/Thunderbird to archive Yahoo mail (Score 1) 205

A few months ago, even before the announcements of the security breaches, I decided enough was enough with Yahoo mail (such as awful advertising like auto play videos and the like).

I have archived off all my emails by setting up Thunderbird with Yahoo IMAP access. Deleted my account last week. Although, I found out that it's not actually deleted. It is simply deactivated. They say that the deletion 'may' occur in three months. The delay, I guess, will give the NSA plenty of time to go through all my emails (a good number of Newegg, Amazon, etc. Newsletters)

Back in 1999 I like Yahoo mail, and years earlier, I liked Yahoo back when they were the "Google" of Internet searching.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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