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Submission + - flux: australias new political party - permissionless innovation (bitcoin.com)

Anomalyst writes: The Flux website (https://voteflux.org/) presents an interesting way to organise voting called: "get-swap-vote".
From the site "The current system is entirely inadequate, and they want to disrupt the status quo. “We do not believe the current system of governance is adequate for today’s world, and we are determined to do something about it,” If onlyU.S. polotics could present something similar.

Submission + - 4 star veterans charaties to consider

Anomalyst writes: If you are considering a charitable donation on this Veterans Day, please be cautious and do your research:
Here is the list below for easy forwarding:

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

Hope For The Warriors®

Homes for Our Troops

Hire Heroes USA

Fisher House Foundation

AMVETS National Service Foundation

New England Center for Homeless Veterans

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Operation Support Our Troops — America

Operation Homefront

Submission + - Why does openvz require SELINUX to be disabled?

Anomalyst writes: All the howto's document declare that openvz must have SELINUX disabled, but none of them explain why this is the case. The Audit2allow process seems to present a solution and I would feel a lot better if a virtual host tasked with running multiple guests pertaining to core functionality had SELINUX protecting it from rogue applications and users. Has anyone actually got openvz to run with SELINUX running?

Submission + - Stereoscopic (3D) gaming recommendations

Anomalyst writes: What PC games would make the best use of astereoscopic SLI multi-card rig?
What model graphics card would would best make those games "pop"?
What stereoscopic display/glasses combination have you been happy with?

Submission + - Community Support for Firefighters (jerrypournelle.com)

Anomalyst writes: Scroll down the page to the FEMA post. A tale of volunteers and their selfless contributions to support firefighters battling the Tricounty fire in Montgomery, Grimes, and Waller County, Labor Day week, 2011 and FEMA's failure to react constructively to the communities efforts.

Submission + - Enterprise adoption iPAD vs Android (good.com)

Anomalyst writes: 95 percent of all activated tablets are iPads, followed by 3.1 percent for Android.
Pehaps this is because Google Android's lack of support for NTLM authentication (needed for mission-critical resources like Sharepoint sites and ISA proxy) has been missing in action for more than a year, despite plaintive pleadings from enterprise users google has been unacceptably unresponsive with status and rated the issue as "medium" priority. Latest posts report the issue being resolved by using firefox on ARM7 or better processors or Android v3.1 on ASUS eee tablets as documented in these postings http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=4962


Submission + - Googlle NTLM support missing for months (google.com)

Anomalyst writes: "It appears that Google Android suport for NTLM authentication (needed for Sharepoint sites and ISA proxy) has been missing in action for more than a year, despite plaintive pleadings from users google was unresponsive with status and rated the issue as "medium" priority. Latest posts report the issue being resolved by using firefox on ARM7 or better processors or Android v3.1 on ASUS eee tablets."

Submission + - Anti-Cancer Agent Stops Metastasis In Its Tracks (medicalnewstoday.com)

Anomalyst writes: Mice were implanted with cancer. The control group died as it metastasized The experimental group was treated with macroketone and survived a normal lifespan. While the cancer was not cured, metastasis was significantly (over 80%) inhibited. Even after metastasis had begun and additional cancers developed, macroketone inhibited subsequent metastasis. Original is in NATURE behind a paywall

Submission + - Unreported: American Valor (jerrypournelle.com)

Anomalyst writes: Scroll up on the site to Mondays last submission. There does not seem to be an attribution, unfortunate as the recognition is well deserved. It poignantly recounts the story of a recent recipient of the Navy Cross and asks the question "Why wasn't this be reported on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC? Instead we got 24-7 coverage of Tiger Woods infidelity consequences."
I am not a big fan of TWAT (The War Against Terror) as implemented by our fearless leaders, while the concept seems in line with American military philosophy to take on the bad guys, the implementation seems to be severely lacking. This man did his duty in an exemplary fashion, regardless of his opinion of the reason he was in his situation. As a former (enlisted) marine, this is an officer I would proudly salute..

Submission + - prostitution slavery in the U.S. (texasmonthly.com)

Anomalyst writes: An in depth article on prostitution slavery in the U.S. We all the smile when reading the /. meme about starting our own business with blackjack and hookers ... forget the blackjack. Enslavement of women into prostitution isn't something that happens "over there", its here on American soil and in such numbers that the police can barely scratch the surface. Even if a woman is lucky enough to engineer an escape, she is an illegal immigrant and there does not seem to be much victims assistance for the unpapered foreigner. A more compassionate solution should be made available.

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