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Comment Re:Litebook Comments (Score 1) 157

separate SSH is good, thank you, the price delta is reasonable and affordable.
Additional, larger HD options would be nice. Is it a 9mm or 12mm bay height?
Does it take a bare drive or require an expensive hard to get replacement sled?
A good Linux laptop would allow a quick/easy drive swap to experiment with different distributions without putting a working boot layout at risk to alpha/beta quality releases.
Dis/re-assembly with teeny-tiny screws for swapping drives is such a pain in the petuti.
In such case as screws which mysteriously evaporate when they reach ground level, are half a dozen spare screws of each size for the entire laptop provided or can they be added for a $1 to the initial order?
A spare drive with a bootable TAILS partition would be a double plus.

Comment details and nits (Score 1) 157

the SSD "upgrade" is in place of the HDD. No other HDD options, so you have to buy ANOTHER HDD if you want 1TB or 2TB and install it yourself I assume its a 9mm bay+sled that wont accommodate an older 12mm 2.5 larger capacity drive. Does any body make a 2.5 9mm drive with combined/integrated 16/32/64 GB SSD?.

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