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Submission + - Why does openvz require SELINUX to be disabled?

Anomalyst writes: All the howto's document declare that openvz must have SELINUX disabled, but none of them explain why this is the case. The Audit2allow process seems to present a solution and I would feel a lot better if a virtual host tasked with running multiple guests pertaining to core functionality had SELINUX protecting it from rogue applications and users. Has anyone actually got openvz to run with SELINUX running?

Submission + - Raspberry Pi revision 2.0 board announced (

An anonymous reader writes: The Raspberry Pi finally saw a release on February 29 this year and is thought to have sold 200,000 units, with a million expected to ship before the year is over. That’s a lot of tiny PCs, but it’s also been an opportunity for owners to feedback any problems or tweaks they’d like made to the board. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has taken the feedback on board and today announced a revised design is being put into production. The new Raspberry Pi, known as revision 2.0 PCB, is expected to start shipping in the next few weeks.

The revision includes a number of changes, but is essentially the same board. To summarize it includes a new reset circuit, a replacement for the reset fuses allowing for more reliable USB hub power, two GPIO pin changes for JTAG debug support, four redundant GPIO signals have been removed, and a new connector has been added for attaching a range of boards including a clock or audio codec. Two of the more easily noticeable changes include a fix that stops the HDMI connection interfering with certain operations of the Raspberry Pi, and the addition of two 2.5mm mounting holes to allow for easier mounting.


Submission + - NDAA Bill Aims to Suppress Internet Freedom (

redletterdave writes: "The National Defense Authorization Bill 2012, unanimously backed by the Senate and passed in the House of Representatives Thirsday, contains some language that allows the Pentagon to effectively wage a
cyberwar on any domestic enemies of the state. The bill is a serious violation of First Amendment human and civil rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the legislation could potentially hinder the movements of both Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movement, as well as quelch attempts from the whistleblowers
in independent news media from exposing corruption from within the government. To address this threat, the Pentagon released a plan declaring the Internet a "domain of war," claiming how hostile groups "are working to exploit OD unclassified and classified networks, and some foreign intelligence organizations have already acquired the
capacity to disrupt elements of DOD's information infrastructure." In other words, the Pentagon is afraid that with the dissemination of the Internet, the spread of information or ideas "not consistent with U.S. government themes and messages" could be too powerful and dangerous to national security."


Submission + - RIM is rotting from within, say employees (

bdking writes: Research in Motion's problems go far deeper than the incompetence of the BlackBerry maker's co-CEOs, according to employees who paint a picture of an insular culture infused with complacency, smugness and an inability to recognize the strengths of its competitors' products.

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