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Comment Re:Makes my mind go (Score 1) 63

What you describe is not called PTSD, it is Game transfer phenomena (GTP) or Tetris Syndrome. It happens to a lot of people and for many different kinds of games. Hypnagogic imagery such as seeing pixel artifacts, sliding movements, flashing or strobing are quite common. People can even feel sensations like moving, spinning or falling in combination with hallucinations.

Feel free to chalk this up to video games being more like LSD than we are willing to admit. :-)

Comment The reasons it won't die (Score 3) 122

It's not hard to figure out why email isn't dying and won't die:

* It's not tied to a single provider. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iMessage and all the others are.
* It's an open, federated system. Companies in particular can take charge of their own email servers if they wish.
* Installed base.
* It is available on all devices from phones to tablets to PCs without the need to install additional software.

Comment Re:One pro of e-mail (Score 1) 122

There are thousands of email providers (maybe millions?) and they all work together transparently. I can't say the same thing about instant messenger.

SMS is nearly that way, but I have so many troubles when my iPhone friends send me MMS from a different network to my Android phone. But that may have more to do with bad cellphone infrastructure in the US than with a problem with SMS.

Comment Re:I still use it (Score 1) 122

My bank prints and mails checks for me at no extra charge, and I can setup reoccurring payments. Saves me from having to buy stamps and envelopes, or order more checks. At my current rate of check consumption I have enough pads to last me about 300+ years.

Comment I prefer email (Score 2) 122

Despite being a long time user of IRC and instant messaging (through the years:ICQ, AIM, Jabber/XMMP, GTalk, and others), I still prefer email because I can reply at my leisure, access it offline, attach documents, archive it for a long time, and it has been very reliable.

Twitter on the other hand, I have no idea what to do with. I have no problems with other people using it, if that is what they enjoy. I am simply uncertain how to incorporate it into my life, so I have ignored it thus far.

Comment Re:From a QA perspective.... (Score 1) 507

"Hey, it works on my machine" is a valid troubleshooting step. It's good to find out why QA's environment is so fucked up compared to my dev environment. And in some cases it works in the release team's environment and my dev environment but QA is escalating their configuration troubles as show stoppers. I'm happy to help as soon as the finger pointing and assumptions stop.

Comment Re:Jayavel Murugan...Syed Nawaz (Score 1) 242

Man! Growing up in the Mid-west I've been ripped off by white Americans more often than any other race or nationality. It might have to do with all the used car salesmen in Michigan, and shady mechanics that will swap in refurbished parts but charge you for OEM if they think you're not a "car guy".

The lesson is more about you shouldn't trust business people, rather than race XYZ has a culture that doesn't respect the law. What you're actually thinking of is business culture.

Comment Re:Globalization vs "Globalism" (NWO rebranded) (Score 4, Insightful) 242

1. Wikipedia isn't a valid source of anything.

Wikipedia is a good starting place for a summary and references. Those references can be validated.
Note that the poster did not simply quote wikipedia and expect you to accept it as fact. But referenced what amounts to an essay that contains several citations. You can choose to read it or not, and you can dispute those citations if you wish. But trying to have a general ban on the use of wikipedia in any discussion is not reasonable.

Comment Re:Hell, it's about time. (Score 4, Interesting) 242

Trump is Schrodinger's president. He can be both an isolationist hate filled xenophobe and a globalist sellout at the same time, whichever his detractors think is worse in the moment!

Queue the mental gymnastics trying to show the president is a white supremacist yet is selling out his nation.

Think of the sort of person who will work with anyone and do anything to close the deal. But at the same time goes home to a gated community or walled mansion far removed from the plebeians.

Comment Re:Let it begin! (Score 4, Interesting) 242

The fraudulent applications would have been people who were not qualified for the H1B program and effectively took a slot away from a qualified foreign worker. My guess is someone in India willing to fork over money to these guys stole a job from some college grad in India. The college grad might have actually be able to rise up and take jobs away from an American citizen. An incompetent fraud is not likely to hold down a job for long before being replaced. Which do you think is the bigger threat to American workers?

Comment Re:47 minutes? That's pretty short. (Score 1) 251

47 minutes on average. That very likely means some people are commuting 10 minutes, and others are commuting 90 minutes or more. You're one of those outliers that pulls the average up. If there are a lot of you, then the average is pulled up a lot.

I work with people who live 4 hours drive to the office. They try not to commute when possible, other times they end up taking a hotel or sleeping in their car. But it's not necessarily the house prices here that are keeping them so far away from work.

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