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Comment Re: Hopefully It's The UI Design and Privacy Teams (Score 1) 104

I've routinely pulled the power cord out of a local server just to demonstrate to a coworker that it's more robust than Windows. I had to because they refused to turn the power off. They were too afraid. Properly set up, you will NOT get an unbootable machine. And it only takes seconds to check and restore a journaling file system and be up and running again.

Those who claim Windows is better really need to, as you say, stop with the meth.

Comment Re:Hopefully It's The UI Design and Privacy Teams (Score 1) 104

Exactly, we should only use flat files for configuration, and the /etc directory is not a single point of failure because reasons, and the file system is not a single point of failure because reasons.

And the cpu is not a single point of failure because reasons ...

You can always boot linux or bsd off another media and fix the problem - usually quite quickly, with nothing more than vim. Or in the case where the complete file system, or even the hard drive itself, are toast, just reinstall. Or even just use the computer for the next year or two without a hard drive - KNOPPIX is great for not needing a hard drive. A reinstall of windows is a real PITA in comparison.

Windows is a single point of failure. Product activation failed because you changed some hardware that died? Sux 2 B U. Can't activate the OS because it's no longer supported? Either find a crack or again, Sux 2 B U. Doesn't matter that you have a fully paid up license, and that in the case of XP, Microsoft promised to release the activation keys once they stopped supporting it. They lied.

Comment Re: The death spiral is continuing. (Score 1) 104

In a thirty years, there will probably be Windows installs of companies that were never able to move off and are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to keep some critical application running in exactly the same way it ran in 2025

Most of those companies will have died long before then.

Comment Re:Windows 10 downgrade (Score 1) 104

Nah - every time they boot employees the stock goes up - it's been that way in corporate America for a couple of decades now. Maybe they should bring back Balmer so they can fire him again and send it TO TEH MOONZ!"

After all, employees are now seen as a cost center, not an asset. "You will continue to be beaten until morale improves" was supposed to be satire.

Comment Re:Does not matter. (Score 1) 104

Since the advent and maturation of the virtual machine, the base OS ju7st has not mattered. You can change OS as easily as drinking a coke - unless you are using the MS hypervisor Hyper V. What will keep MS in the running is Adobe products. There are no near Linux/OSX/Chrome equivalents. Eventually Adobe will port to Linux; but the market is not there yet.

As far as MS cutting employees, one question that intrudes on my mind is how many of those soon to be dismissed employees are H-1B's. I put my money on none/zero/zilch. This becomes important because every year MS is screaming for more H-1B's; yet in this round of cut employees there are up to 700 qualified employees.

What? Where are you?

The lovely and always happy-to-phone-home 'Creative Suite' runs just as poorly on OS X as it does on Windows.

Further, you might be surprised about all of the high end creative software that runs on Linux. Interestingly, that stuff is so high end that if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.

Comment Re:I activated my own phone on Ting (Score 1) 63

Ting is great....if you don't actually use your phone much or use the smart part of your smart phone. If you actually use your phone and need data? Their service adds up pretty damned quickly.

The last month I was on Ting it ended up costing me nearly $60 for minutes and data and I really don't use my phone that often, all it took was a sick relative and being stuck in the hospital waiting to find out what was going on to blow through the cash on their service. I want to be able to use my phone without having to worry about some unexpected event raising my costs so I ended up going to Cricket, its $70 for 2 phones with unlimited talk and text and 2.5Gb of data which I've found is plenty for watching YouTube when I'm stuck waiting somewhere.

Comment Re:Microsoft's effective negative advertising (Score 3, Insightful) 104

"Almost every person who has used Win 10 for any length of time is now aware of what they consider extreme abuse."....FTFY.

I thought I got a lot of work wiping Win 8 for 7 but damned people HATE Windows 10 and for good reason, all it takes is MSFT forcing a shit driver that locks the PC into endless rebooot or having it just decide to install updates and shut down in the middle of them actually doing something for people to say "fuck this POS!" and demand any other Windows than 10. I've even had people bring by brand new in box Win 10 lappys just to have me wipe the thing before its ever even turned on, its gotten THAT bad a rep.

If they thought they had a shitload still running XP at its EOL I have a feeling when Win 7 hits EOL the numbers running 7/8/8.1 will still be crazy high.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 3, Funny) 64

I'm truly impressed by how far some Americans are willing to go to escape a Trump presidency. ;)

Unfortunately, they will emerge from their Hawaiian Dome to find that US President Mark Zuckerberg has purchased all the land surrounding the dome, and turned it into a sort of Dr. Moreau island, where they will need to play through a "The Most Dangerous Game" / "Escape from New Your" scenario.

Under Zuckerberg, American folks will be looking back to the Trump Presidency as, "The good old days" . . .

US President Zuckerberg? Remember in 12 years that you heard it first, here on scenic Slashdot, "Nudes for Nerds" . . .

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 198

Indeed but we are talking about a few orders of magnitude in fuel difference so long as you are prepared to wait a long time for the asteroid to get to where you want it.
Of course it makes a LOT more sense to start with a small one that is closer or on it's way past in the first place, but we are talking seriously way out SF stuff here if we are talking about needing planetoids worth of minerals. By the time we need that much stuff we'll probably be ready to set up processing onsite in the asteroid belt instead of moving something so huge.

neither is converting the raw ore into final products

On Earth our biggest problem is the ores are normally metal oxides that need to be reduced, and that typically requires both a lot of heat and a serious reducing agent. Some of these asteroids have stuff in a metallic state instead of oxidised so there is a lot less to do. You've heard of "sky-iron" swords and daggers? It's not just myth, Tutenkamen had one, a nickel rich iron dagger forged directly from a chunk of meterorite (just heated to red hot and hammered into shape) - I think it's in the British Museum.

Comment Re:How do I block this? (Score 3, Informative) 148

That is my only question. How do I block this? I see a dire need for a subscription service that stays on top of blocking all the shit that MS seems to think that they can infest our computers with.

Settings > System > Notifications and Actions > "Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows" to Off

You can send me $5/month to my Paypal account linked to my Slashdot Email if it makes the experience more fulfilling for you.

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