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Desktops (Apple)

It Looks Like Apple is Killing the Physical Esc and Power Keys On New MacBook Pro 362

Curious minds on the internet have uncovered an image file on their Mac, which was added by Apple in the latest macOS update. The image reveals a new laptop that fully fits the description of rumored MacBook Pro, which Apple is expected to launch on October 27. The laptop in the picture has what seems like a "contextual" OLED display (some are calling it Magic Toolbar display) on the top. What's interesting from that picture is that there's no physical Escape key or Power key to be found anywhere.

Editor's note: We usually tend to avoid covering leaks and rumors, but several readers pitched the story to us, and media outlets are also covering it now, which adds some credibility to the matter.

Comment Re:Wrong Answer for Long Distance Shipping (Score 1) 218

But it won't reduce the overall traffic levels, lower the pollution from so many trucks

Actually that's precisely what they're ultimately going for. Scania's first test of a semi-autonomous platooning system where the front truck is driven and the rest follow by computer showed a 12% reduction in fuel and emissions. The Volvo team measured a 10% reduction in the trailing truck and a 4% reduction in the leading.

Comment A good deal? Did they steal Apple's RDF? (Score 1) 71

Users in its home country who opt for the upgrade program will only need to pay half the price of a Galaxy S7 in order to exchange to an S8 or Note 8 next year -- so they're being offered next year's flagship Samsung phablet at around half price

Is this in addition to a refund, or instead?

Comment Re:Why do they keep the name "Note"? (Score 2) 71

The name "Note" is strongly linked to the burning batteries, even more than "Samsung".

7 generations of a device which ties directly to the device's primary function of being a "Notepad" Honestly I see 2 types of people when I go about my day to day lives: a) People who realise a device and a brand name are two different things and will buy a device regardless of what sticker is on it, and b) people who will laugh and mock but also have incredibly short attention spans.

In the technology world a brand name isn't really as toxic as you think, especially when it represents a single outlier device. People who won't buy something called Note because of fire risks also won't buy Samsung because of fire risks.

Comment Re:No you don't (Score 1) 203

GPS navigators

Windows actually. My last Tomtom crashed spectacularly to a CE desktop. Admittedly that was a while ago.


Mostly just a bit of custom code, unless you count that one camera Samsung made that runs Android, but then you should also count that camera with a Gigapixel sensor that runs full blow Windows 7 on it.

routers, set top boxes

Yep and yep.


Errr nope.

wrist watches

Errr what?

Look there's a lot of things in Linux, but don't pretend it's on every device in the house. There's an awful lot of custom code out there and for many of the above if they are running on Linux it's typically the type of device you end up throwing away because it's slow and clunky to use (though no where near as slow as it would be running on Windows, and no prizes for guessing why I don't use that old Tomtom anymore)

Comment Re:Inability to distinguish an X from a model X (Score 2) 19

They are [in] charge, though.

The square old daddies are so afraid of being seen as out of touch that they just let the millenitards run around doing whatever they want, which is why you get #DEDEDE text on a #F0F0F0 background[1] and icons that all look the same.

[1] Of course the contrast is high enough, they don't have any letters in common!

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