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Comment Re:Not all wrecks can be avoided (Score 1) 50

On the other hand, self driving cars don't get mad at other drivers making a mistake and try to get back at them, causing all kinds of dangerous situations.

Oh, yeah? Says who . . . ? An autonomous vehicle might be programmed to drive "aggressively" to get through traffic jams faster. They'll give the feature some innocuous title like, "affirmative driving".

What you'll end up with is autonomous vehicles playing "chicken" with each other. An autonomous vehicle will not win any races by driving cautiously.

Anyway, the point is moot, because Über is not at fault in the same way that Über is not a taxi company. Über is a newfangled economy company, using a smartphone app and the Internet, so outdated terms like "fault" do not apply to it.

Comment Re:Uh what? (Score 1) 19

You are correct; it's worded terribly.

The paper ( ) specifically mentions that their method allows for GPGPU processing due to parallel block evaluation instead of 'sliding window' evaluation of the image:
"Unlike the sliding-window method, which scans an image in a sequential manner, parallel window-searching divides the input image into several blocks and simultaneously performs classification on one block using each GPU core."

This is a step forward in commodification of self-driving car technology.

Comment Re:the defunding of state schools has lead to the (Score 1) 632

One proposal was a "job mortgage." Industry would guarantee a job if someone took the training, so you could take that job offer and get a loan against it for your education, and the bank would know you had a job after graduation so the loan would be secure.

There are all sorts of problems with this, but at least having businesses with skin in the game would add some realism to the current education scam - I mean scheme.

Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 1) 187

Except a huge chunk of consumers simply throw the printer in the garbage and buy a new one creating a truly INSANE amount of e-waste, which is why this business model needs to be destroyed.

I used to live in a large apartment complex and every month when the time for putting out electronics came around? There would be a fricking mountain of cheap printers piled up every single month. The reason why is obvious, the printer costs $30 new and the ink costs $50 so why buy new ink carts when you can just get another printer? If your city has an ewaste center you should go there and see the gigantic mounds of printers, just mountains of practically new printers everywhere.

If you care about the environment? Its not solder you need to be bitching to your legislators about, its business models that encourage massive amounts of waste like this fucked up shit.

Comment Re: FRost (Score 1) 632

So your advice to a 22 year old fresh STEM grad in Canada is to be Germany?

No, the advice to anyone going into STEM is to move to Germany, where tuition, even for foreigners, is free because they hope enough people will come for the education but stay for the lifestyle and contribute back. You can even take most, if not all, courses in English. And if you're from certain parts of Canada and already know both English and French, having German under your belt is going to be a big plus.

Comment Re: FRost (Score 1) 632

The goal posts have most certainly been moved. Mechanical engineers aren't going to have projects outside of class to point to - no "Here, I built this bridge in my spare time" stuff. No "I stress-tested a jet engine to destruction." The barrier to outside projects is a lot higher in mechanical engineering than it is in coding.

Comment Re:Goal post has not been moved (Score 1) 632

Again, that's not a severance package.

If they call it a severance package it is a severance package.

Abraham Lincoln once said, if we call a tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have? When the listener responded "Five", he said "No, four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg."

Same as Trump saying he had a "wonderful plan" to defeat ISIS in 30 days didn't mean he actually had a plan to defeat ISIS at all, never mind in 30 days. Or saying that Obama was wiretapping him made it true. Or that his health care plan that he said would cover more people for less actually existed. It never did, which is why the abortion of a plan that was finally presented was such a disaster to his own party that they had to sabotage the vote.

A new contract is NOT a severance package.

Comment Re:Everyone is underpaid. (Score 1) 93

I don't think HR even knows what stackoverflow (and certainly not what a stack overflow) is. But seriously, have you really said that you were "going to post on stackoverflow and level up my career" to anyone? It sounds so much like what kids who want to break into coding by being game testers would say.

Comment Re:Using Javascript (Score 1) 93

Let me turn that around for you - if it's so important, why did MS wait until c# 4.0? Hint - it's not.

Also, maybe we need a bit more rigour, because too much crap that's released is still obviously in the proptotyping stage. "We'll fix it after release" is bs. Used to be that the cost of distributing bug fixes was entirely on the vendor (duplication and mailing of media) so there was a lot more incentive to get it right the first time.

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