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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 109

Technology is extremely brittle.

And yet it has never gone backwards.

If the power grid were down for two weeks, society would devolve into barbarian survival fighting.

In some of the cities, perhaps. People will riot over anything. But there are a lot of "preppers" out there who would take 2 weeks just to stop patting themselves on the back. Power would be restored and the military would restore order.

large a population wanting too much energy, generating too much pollution for the balloon to keep inflating forever

Pollution in the US has fallen dramatically in my lifetime. The same will eventually happen in China and India as they become fully industrialized; heck, there's already some movement in China.

. It is now beyond obvious that individual greed will prevent humans from doing anything about this because it is not profitable to a few individuals

Human nature hasn't changed ever, but here we are, with centuries of amazing scientific and technological advancement.

Submission + - New Nokia 3310 Arrives Alongside Three Android Smartphones

Mickeycaskill writes: Nokia has officially brought back the iconic 3310 handset via HMD Global, only it’s with a modern twist on a retro handset.

Rather than simply re-release the old 3310 in order to tap into a vein of tech nostalgia, the 3310 has a few twists, notably 2.4inch QVGA display, a 2MP rear camera and Nokia’s Series 30+ software, as well as a microSD slot and micro USB port for charging the mobile.

Support for 2G connectivity is present but no Wi-Fi or GPS, so one could call it a semi-smartphone. However it does promise 22 hours of talk-time battery life and a lengthy month work of power when on standby.

Available in matt grey and blue, and glossy red and yellow colours, the 3310 will sell for €49 (around £40) and will go on sale in the second quarter of 2017.

Comment Re:Too good to be true. (Score 3, Informative) 134

Outer space is at ~3K/-270C: having that as your cold sink *day and night* is really quite significant.

Radiative cooling doesn't work that way: all that matters is your temperature. You don't radiate more into a cold area than a hot (a hot area sends more thermal radiation to warm you up, but that's orthogonal). It would be different if the atmosphere reflected IR, but that's not the case.

Comment Re:That's a new war (Score 1) 64

You don't even have to make it public, you can make it privately owned by the person or people at the end of that mile. A few places have followed this kind of model and had the connection to the nearest back-haul link owned as part of the title on the individual houses and that include a share in the ownership of the company that owns the exchange and contracts maintenance and service provision to other ISPs. It puts the individual homeowners in a much stronger bargaining position because now an ISP that offers competitive rates and service gets a few hundred customers and loses them all at once if they provide bad service.

Comment Re: definitions? (Score 1) 202

You're thinking direct computer hardware. Nebraska is thinking tractors and farm equipment. Locking farmers into long term hugely expensive repair contracts on absolutely critical pieces of equipment has become the norm for many "tractor" companies. When one piece of equipment costs millions and you need to spend thousands or more to recalibrate after some common mishap or loose your harvest then it's not so trivial.

This. Why do you think it's starting in Nebraska?

There are quite a few electronic objects out there that having nothing to do with Microsoft or Sony. There is a huge outcry amongst farmers and small industries with the trend towards essentially leasing complex expensive equipment even if you buy it. Farmers have been sued for the temerity of trying to fix their own gear. For John Deere stuff, you could not even buy parts that just plug into the system - they had to be 'installed' by the dealer. When they could get around to it.

IIRC, Deere got some really bad press about that a awhile back and at least lets you plug things back in (that you buy at the Deer store). It is a much larger problem than a dead X-box.

There are more things, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Comment Re:Using SHA-1 in this day and age is just lazy (Score 1) 178

It's arguably a major Bug in Git if the Git software keeps track of an object Solely by Hash, and lazily assumes that the Hash uniquely identifies a specific version of the file,

A hash of 128 bits or more is a more reliable unique ID than anything custom you could code up. Safe vs malicious attackers is different, and as others have pointed out, sign your commits. But as just a way to get a reliably unique ID for a document (or set thereof)? It's a very solid approach.

Submission + - New auto-destruct system to increase launch rate (spaceflightnow.com)

schwit1 writes: A new auto-destruct system operating by computer, using GPS, and installed on each rocket should allow the launch rate in Florida to ramp up significantly.

Up until now it took several days to reconfigure the ground-based radar facilities. This system, first used on the most recent Falcon 9 launch, does not require this. It also involves fewer people to operate it. They expect that they will soon be able to launch up to 48 missions per year, some on the same day.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 856

I know I know, "clump of cells" and all. But Progressive are incredibly blasé about life in one sense and incredibly dramatic about it in another.

There are strict legal limits on abortion, which basically boil down to 'you can't kill it if it has a brain stem'. Do you eat meat? If so, the animals that you kill are closer to an intelligent being than anything that it's legal to abort. The millions sperm that die every time that you ejaculate are also denied the ability to grow into an adult human, but you don't seem too concerned about those, yet that have precisely the same level of intelligence as an aborted zygote and each one has half of the ability to grow into an adult human. Attempting to claim some kind of moral equivalence between a collection of insentient cells and a living sentient human is insulting to anyone reading your post.

Comment Yep (Score 1) 1

On page 204 he suggests that Google and Apple are influenced by their shareholders. Seems to me to be a remarkably naive statement

You can throw Oracle and Facebook and Twitter in there, and who knows how many other companies (just look at the banks as one blatant example). It's the whole "we're too big to fail, so we're too big to be held accountable." Donald Trump continues to live his life that way.

Comment Re:Broadcast delayed by 1 hour (Score 2) 19

yeah, they have it in slow mo and kind of wind it back a bit to build excitement:

  • Matt: Well Chuck with an annularity of only 6 minutes looks like the sun is about to have it's lights put out
  • Chuck: Matt, the plays tonight have been superative, the moon is really letting the sun have it
  • M: Do you think there is any chance for the sun to make a comeback
  • C: At this stage of the game it looks like in this, the decider, the moon is going to finally break a 4.5 billion year loosing streak
  • M: and look at the crowd out here, a lot of excitement build in the moon supporters, all mooning the sun
  • C: and those sun supporters are sunning their moons
  • M: Chuck it's all moons as we slooh closer to annularity 0
  • C: OMG what a spectacular play from the sun just managing to hold on, I don't know where they pulled that play from
  • C: an incredible upset as the moon gets their ass kicked again by the sun, and I'll get the moon for a post game comment,
  • Moon: like yeah, sun had some great plays, we tried mainly blocking moves, but yeah sun came up again.
  • M: And as can be expected, jubilation over here in the suns box, a few words sun
  • Sun: like yeah, moon had some great moves going around the earth only to come up in the line of play but our game strategy was to just let everyone else go around
  • M:Brilliant play

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