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Comment The author has a certain level of understanding (Score 0) 134

"Only five percent of respondents didn't know the characteristics of a secure password, with the majority of respondents understanding that passwords should contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols."

This would be great advice... for a person in 2002.

Comment "Claims" to be building? (Score 1) 232

Amazon has been doing this in the Pacific Northwest for several months already.

And until recently, you could always tell an "Amazon" delivery because the packages were left out in the rain, thrown over the fence, dropped in the middle of the driveway, or otherwise mishandled by lazy-ass delivery people. But I suspect they've gotten a lot of complaints, because the last couple of Amazon-delivered packages were left at our actual door - what a concept!

Comment Obama is right (Score 0) 199

He needs to tread a careful line - as sitting president, waiting for the results of the FBI investigation is the right thing to do.

I've railed against Trump here on more than one occasion. I think he'll be a disaster as president. But what the Democrats are REALLY upset about here is Hillary and her people are doing their damnedest to lose this election. There are numerous things to dislike about Clinton, and she seems hellbent on repeatedly bringing those things to the fore.

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