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Comment Re:I heard one guy made a deal with the Robot Devi (Score 1) 81

well to be fair, the hololens is such a difficult instrument, only a few people in the whole universe can master it.

Well, unless you can score a pair of hands from the Robot Devil - then you'll be able to write great operas and all sorts of stuff!

Comment Re:Google Home (Score 1) 129

It seems the issue here really isn't the doll spying on children... it's that some unauthorized third party could take advantage of the manufacturer's bad design and make use of that spying ability themselves.

But we like to pretend we're protecting our kids, even while simultaneously letting Google or Amazon monetize them.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 498

It's well known and obvious that aides tweet for Tump. Because aides use an iOS device and Trump uses and Android device. That doesn't change the issue.

Well that, and... When the aides tweet, the missives generally don't have that "this just popped into my head and I'm blurting it out immediately" vibe to them.

It's a shame this guy is so old - I suspect it would've been interesting to talk to his grade school teachers regarding his behavior in the classroom.

Comment Re:In lay terms you say ... (Score 1) 154

You have got a car with Piers Morgan sitting in it. An attacker wants to head butt him in the face (trying to think of a backronym for AnC for this - I have Attacker Nuts... but I can't think of a word beginning with C that describes Piers Morgan) so, for his own protection, you choose where he sits in the car by a random process (Arsehole Seat Location Randomisation), so the chances are the attacker opens the wrong door.

Given what I've heard regarding Piers Morgan, I'd probably want to help the attacker identify the correct door!

Comment 50 feet? (Score 2) 225

Here in Seattle we've had some tunnel boring going on over the past few years - and, based on experience, I believe our tunnelers will tell you there are lots of man-made obstacles deeper down than that.

Comment Re:Local Boy (Score 3, Interesting) 382

Yeah, King County Metro buying a bunch of electric busses doesn't "indicate there's a shift", since Metro has been running a significant number of electric busses for decades. With hydro power rather plentiful and relatively cheap, using electric vehicles around here makes sense.

Sound Transit's Link light rail also runs on electricity, for that matter.

On a side note - I always find it mildly amusing (and simultaneously annoying) when my Metro driver has to get out of the bus and deal with a broken electrical connection. Those overhead wired tracks don't seem to be the most reliable system in the world... but I suspect it's just because it's decades old design. Link certainly doesn't have any issues like that.

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