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Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 356

In what alternate reality does one think that the internet wouldn't have been developed without one person? Or that computers and thus networking of those computers, and thus communication via those computers isn't just an inevitable part of the path of science and technology? We are all dumber for having read your post.

Comment Me am play gods! (Score 1) 159

The real "ethical debate" should be about whether a group of moralizing busybodies should be allowed to interfere in the reproductive choices of other people.

Of course, it is a short debate, because the answer is "no".

It's funny how many of our most contentious issues are actually about people fearing that someone else's (undeserving) kids will out-compete their own.

Comment Re: no comments? (Score 1) 267

BLS 2014: 3.9 million
H-1B Visas (New and renewed) 2014: 315,857

315,857 / 3,900,000 = 8%

I'm also incredibly curious how companies are hiring "11% fewer employees" because of H1B visas when H1B employees only make up 8% of the CS workforce (And that's even assuming 100% of all H1B visa applicants go into CS). That would imply that H1B employees are so efficient that the total workforce can be scaled down by nearly 33% thanks to their presence. Which would mean H1B employees are incredible!

Comment Re:Desert (Score 2) 457

Also, decay of plant material under hyrdo reseviors and active aquatic microbial digestion is a source of added methane emmissions. Studies show these emissions may be quite high.

No headlines make these emissions sound "quite high" relative to every other energy source they're in-line with solar and wind. They aren't perfect, but they aren't worse than fossil fuels by a factor of 10.

Comment Re:Always (Score 3, Interesting) 605

Use the -d flag with pkunzip, otherwise, you might end up with a big stinking mess.

Why was this not the default?

Probably because CP/M didn't have directories, and PKZIP had a definite familial relationship with LBR, which came from CP/M and therefore had no directories; and with ARC, which was cross-platform, including a CP/M port.

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