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Comment Re:Does not follow? (Score 1) 805

Pretend he's an actual white supremacist and proud of it.

That's strange. For all your whining about labels, you're the one equating white nationalism with white supremacy.

Can we not criticize his points on their own, like actual discourse requires?

Your hero is a reality TV star who jokes about sexually assaulting women. His lackey is racist against Jews, Muslims, and apparently Asians as well. You don't get to have "discourse", you dumb sea lion, you get it the same way you give it.

Are you too soft for ridicule? Do the big words like "white nationalist" hurt your feelings? Would you like a safe space to compose yourself?

Comment Not a puppet, not a puppet (Score 2, Interesting) 224

"And not thin skinned. Most definitely not thinned skinned. I have the thickest skin. Let me tell you, it's thick, really thick."

And golly-bob howdy, his supporters sure are defensive in this thread.

I've been thinking, maybe the cluster fuck of him getting elected might be the only thing that fixes them. The way Paula Bean had to get fired, maybe these people need to see what happens to the country when they actually hold the reins.

Who am I kidding, they'd just find another conspiracy theory, or another ethnic group to blame. The system is rigged. The system is always rigged against them.

Comment Re:They are stopping? (Score 3, Informative) 380

They're called SHARPs, Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice. If you haven't heard of them before, that's probably because you live in a severely insulated bubble. If you actually knew some skins or even some punks you'd have heard of SHARPs.

lol, this is like chastising someone for not knowing the difference between a Playstation and a Nintendo

"Mommmm! I'm not a neo-Nazi, I'm a SHARP! And it's not just a phase, it's who I am now!"

Comment Re:How many of these "anti-Semites" are DNC plants (Score 1) 380

Oh, so you're mad that they misrepresented themselves, that they were more organized than they appeared? That counts as "false flagging"? You poor thing. Tricking dumb people is cheating. It's just not fair.

Yet somehow that is different than James O'Keefe's conspiracy theorists pretending to be people they weren't.

I think you're mad because of your video demonstrates: Democrats are master manipulators whose main weakness is they like to brag, and Trump supporters are violent rubes who can be provoked into a frothy rage on cue. Your big coup is evidence that you're easily trolled.

Comment Re:How many of these "anti-Semites" are DNC plants (Score 1) 380

You're confused. "False flag" is not the word you're looking for, "agents provocateurs" is.

It's funny that the most damning thing you can say about these political agitators is that they're very good at making Trump supporters drop their tendies and REEEE at the slightest provocation.

Comment Re:I reject the premise... (Score 0) 116

Tim Cook is a either a moron who doesn't know what words mean, or he is trying to spin his company's product direction (or lack thereof) in relation to its competitors with gibberish evasion so ridiculous it would make Donald Trump and Baghdad Bob embarrassed.

How will Apple fanboys spin this one?

Comment Great Programmer deliver us from smart morons (Score 4, Funny) 1042

So the kind of people who take Dork Enlightenment and Roko's Basilisk seriously now want to create an actual Tower of Babel.

Can't we just take it down a notch and worry about something reasonable - like the AI apocalypse or being wiped out by aliens?

Comment Re:She's right (Score 3, Insightful) 221

I love how graphs made by deniers even have a hockey stick.

But they drew a little lip at the end, from which they can project centuries of flat temperature, or perhaps even a decrease!

They should make up their minds. If the warming trend is natural and not at all bad for us, why not draw the graph realistically? What compels them to sugar-coat their own sad "me too" rebuttal?

Comment Re:Liberals and their insults (Score 0, Troll) 136

Other than name calling

I wasn't calling you a name, I am asserting you are stupid. The evidence is your belief in a conspiracy. Do you deny the evidence?

Name one thing that Clinton has done *ever* that has benefited the American people?

Well, for one thing, she just trounced Sniffles McPumpkinface, which was better value for our entertainment dollar than all episodes of "The Apprentice" combined.

Comment Re:Everything Trump does is bad (Score 1, Informative) 136

Why is it that, in the media, everything Trump does is "bad".

Probably because everything he says or does in the public sphere is cringeworthy.

Why don't you go one step further and claim that his own words were placed in his mouth by the liberal media conspiracy. You guys are practically that dumb already.

Comment Re:Greater wealth inequality (Score 1) 367

I got my genome sequenced for a hundred bucks a decade after the Human Genome Project concluded. How long did it take the third world gain cell phones, which are now ubiquitous?

If this technology is ever denied to the poor, it will be the consequence of government meddling at the behest of busybody moralizers and the ultra-rich who manipulate them as useful idiots.

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