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Comment Re:Sexism and Racism (Score 0) 178

Calling an opponent a sexist or a racist are sure fire ways to ostracize them and shut them up.

It's funny how right wingers say this, in spite of them never actually shutting up, because if they didn't, there'd be no weight to their persecution complex.

It's also funny how that puts them in the same position as the people who shout racism and sexism at the drop of a hat. They both believe it will silence the opposition, but neither actually believes it does, because they're playing their designated role in their identity politics game. (Do not let their political alignment confuse you, the conservative white male is the most identity-focused out of all of them.)

And what is lost in the identity warriors' stupid race to the bottom is the fact that there is still plenty of racism and sexism left in the world. For example, Donald Trump is undeniably both. His statements are not even dog whistles, they're foghorns. And yet his supporters will pretend that pointing that out is lying, and also an attempt at censorship, because, you know, embarrassing a person for their stupidity is censorship.

Comment Re:Ah, Slashdot (Score 0) 1095

If you assert that all a man has to do to hang out in women's locker rooms is declare "I think I'm a woman", well, how naive or disingenuous do you have to be to not recognize that thousands of pervs will do exactly that?

That cliched objection sounds more like a fantasy of the person saying it than any scenario based in reality.

Imagine what could be accomplished if conservatives believed that rapists were half as common as the mythical cross-dressing peeping tom.They might actually believe the victim.

Comment Ah, Slashdot (Score 3, Insightful) 1095

Where aliens will be found, computers will be sentient, brains will be uploaded, and Linux will have a year on the desktop, all believed with the fervent faith of a religious nutter...

but the idea that gender identity is an innate function of the brain, which may not always develop to the identity dictated by chromosomes or genitalia, is just too damn mind blowing for them to handle, despite oodles of scientific evidence.

Comment Re:*TRIGGERED* (Score 3, Interesting) 571

If the ratio of women to men at your university is so low, aren't you interested to know why?

We already know why, women experience stereotype threat and they're more sensitive to the social stigma society attaches to nerdy pursuits.

It's not a problem for most of us, so we don't care, and we shouldn't have to. Only women can fix themselves.

Comment Re:I already posted this on another site.... (Score 1) 1092

30% of people live on less than that.

You think that is an argument in your favor?

She works for a tech startup and is making poor person money.They should at least pay her a livable wage, or do the honorable thing and offshore her job to someone someplace where that salary is not an insult.

Comment Re:Twitter shouldn't be shutting anyone down.. (Score 1) 832

The idea that you can say whatever you want, and that no one can stop you; is not the idea behind free speech.

Actually, no, that's pretty much it.

The "no one can stop you part" is particularly relevant to government only because they're the only ones who can shut you up with violence and it sometimes be acceptable.

And before you go all libertarian about it being Twitter's platform, remember whatever argument you make applies to network neutrality as a whole.

Free speech is the same as freedom of conscience. The ideas in your head are yours, no one can force you to have different ideas, and you can share your ideas with whomever you please. That is what free speech means.

Comment Re:Remember when (Score 1) 139

Can anyone remember when laws were made by elected officials?

Do you think they just invented a right to record people? Strange how the grandstanding government hater thinks we need the government's permission to do something.

We have the right to record anything we damned well please. We're doing it constantly in our heads; fortunately technology gives us a way to do it that is permanent and non-repudiable.

We only restrict that right with laws in the interests of privacy, trade secrecy, copyright, etc.

Comment Re:Theory that Drones can be weaponized (Score 1) 410

Dey derker derns!

Now they can assume any drone is a threat and respond accordingly, and have the legal authority to take it out and arrest its pilot if they can find him.

If you don't understand how easy it is now to build a homemade cruise missile, well, you're probably the kind of stupid person who was shocked, shocked that passenger jets could be turned into weapons.

Comment Re:jobs (Score 0) 173

Who is going to hire someone out of prison with a record as a programmer.

Seriously, use to be an ex-con knew his place, and you could count on them to shovel all the shit you threw at them and they'd keep their traps shut.

But now they come out of Rikers with their heads full of nerd gibberish and they think they're fuckin' rock stars! You tell 'em you got a job for them and they demand free meals and a massage therapist! If you want a rub and tug, get it on your own damn time!

Comment To everyone whining about the title... (Score 4, Informative) 110

Here is the list of organizations who got the info:

Georgia Democratic Party
Georgia Republican Party
Georgia Libertarian Party
Independence Party of Georgia
Southern Party of Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Macon Telegraph
Savannah Morning News
Georgia GunOwner Magazine
Georgia Pundit
News Publishing Co.

Who is the biggest risk? Who has the least to lose and the most ideological fervor? Who is most likely simply to get hacked?

Actually, it isn't the gun nut magazine, it's the Southern Party of Georgia.

That would make an even better headline: Georgia Gives Personal Data of 6 Million Voters To Racist Lost Cause Political Party You've Never Heard Of

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