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Comment Re:So true (Score 4, Insightful) 188

Also, many young developers use third-party libraries too easily.

This is probably my biggest pet-peeve about younger programmers.

It is a nice metric for measuring competence, though. Anyone who automatically trusts a black box assumes it is higher quality than anything they need to test. Anyone who uses third party code assumes it solves their problem faster, failure risk and debug cost included, than writing it themselves. The quality of the third party code someone chooses shows the upper bound of their own ability, and of their ability to perceive quality itself.

It can be used as a flanking maneuver to trick incompetent people into outing themselves. Critique their code directly, they puff up and make excuses. Criticize the third party shit they introduced into the build, and if they agree with you to appear wise and knowledgeable, the noose goes tight.

If only I could say this directly: we can fix the shit you write. Fixing someone else's shit you found on github is more expensive.

Comment Re:Some of it is obsolete. (Score 3, Insightful) 188

Accept that sometimes we come up with a way to do better.

Do you think a millennial invented automated unit tests? Do you think a millennial invented source control triggers?

That was old hat in 2003. The only reason it wasn't "continuous" integration is that build times could be on the order of hours.

Comment Edgy fucks always ruin it for everybody (Score 2) 149

It is apparently in response to something called, and looking at what it does, holy fucking hell, how the fuck has such a thing existed as long as it has, and why did those dumb fucks think Apple would be cool with them hot-patching code?

What concerns me is

This includes any code which passes arbitrary parameters to dynamic methods such as dlopen(), dlsym(), respondsToSelector:, performSelector:, method_exchangeImplementations(), and running remote scripts in order to change app behavior or call SPI [sic],

which means no method swizzling and no introspection, which is absurd. You can't even implement many idiomatic Objective-C patterns without respondsToSelector. Maybe the key is "arbitrary parameters", though in that case, they should be looking for calls to NSSelectorFromString, not these methods.

This is also seems to rule out calling a web service through a JavaScript front-end published by the server. And hell, most jailbreak checks call dlopen. Apple will be screwing over anti-cheat and anti-piracy techniques so they can enforce their own security theater.

Comment This is different from the status quo how? (Score 3, Insightful) 338

The people who call themselves "coders" already do little more than paste together half-assed open source projects they find on github and snippets copied from Stack Overflow.

Replacing them with an AI would increase the quality of software by orders of magnitude, and increase the productivity of everyone who can't be replaced.

Comment Me am play gods! (Score 1) 159

The real "ethical debate" should be about whether a group of moralizing busybodies should be allowed to interfere in the reproductive choices of other people.

Of course, it is a short debate, because the answer is "no".

It's funny how many of our most contentious issues are actually about people fearing that someone else's (undeserving) kids will out-compete their own.

Comment Re:This backlash is done by children (Score 1) 626

The injunction issued by a whiny, politically motivated judge whose argument was nothing but "my fee-fees!" is not going to stand.

Still standing. For all your whining about the "fee fees" of judges, el Presidente Anaranjado sure is getting into an all-caps frothy rage over this. Your populist hero is the biggest lolcow in American history.

Comment Re:Showing your bias, eh? (Score 1) 94

You want to give Trump an extra 4 years? Keep bashing and invalidating people who are trying to do good things.

What an odd threat. Recognize those (rare) times Republicans do the right thing, or they will help rather than hinder the incompetent president they nominated?

Well, thank you for making my metaphor explicit. Trump's power functions like he is holding the country hostage, and even his own party sees it that way.

Comment Re:This backlash is done by children (Score 3, Insightful) 626

These are not people that will ever be satisfied or content with Trump. There is no reason to cater to them at all.

Well, yes, intelligent people see him for the Dunning-Kruger charlatan that he is, so even when his policies are advantageous, they fear the taint his supporting them would bring to their cause. So opposing Trump is always a win-win in the long run.

I know you people still feel like losers, even after your political tantrum was successful, so it must really stick in your craw when Trump is thwarted. You're just going to have to learn to live with it. The President is not a king and he must answer to a wide variety of power that challenges his own - and his only originates from and is limited by the Constitution. He has no soft power at all. His leverage is that of a toddler holding gasoline and a match.

You might want to consider why right-wing boycotts and protests usually amount to nothing more than providing material to comedians, while the protests against Trump have traction and are supported by the most successful companies. I mean, even Anheuser-Busch trolled you dumbasses hard.

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