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Comment Re:Not that expensive (Score 1) 248

Yes, I have seen every decent older movie I care to see. Every once in a while I am surprised by an old movie I missed, but it's quite rare. After a couple decades even great movies start to show their age anyway.

If you can say this with a straight face, then you are someone who:

  • ** has no respect for the history of film

** is too young to know what the fuck you want

** deserves to pay $50 for crap like "Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension"

Comment Re:Always (Score 3, Interesting) 615

Use the -d flag with pkunzip, otherwise, you might end up with a big stinking mess.

Why was this not the default?

Probably because CP/M didn't have directories, and PKZIP had a definite familial relationship with LBR, which came from CP/M and therefore had no directories; and with ARC, which was cross-platform, including a CP/M port.

Comment Re:Multitasking (Score 1) 435

You're really going to watch 3d commercials?

While commercials do work, they rely on a tiny fraction of the viewing audience noticing what was advertised. Nobody is fascinated by commercials' content; nobody is going to keep their 3d glasses on when the commercials come on; and no advertiser is going to shoot 3d commercials. Except as a gimmick.

Doing other stuff during commercials is only sensible.

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