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Submission + - Detection of Earth-like Civilizations Now Possible

Mr. McGibby writes: "Astronomers have proposed an improved method of searching for intelligent extraterrestrial life using instruments like one now under construction in Australia. The Low Frequency Demonstrator (LFD) of the Mileura Wide-Field Array (MWA), a facility for radio astronomy, theoretically could detect Earth-like civilizations around any of the 1,000 nearest stars. The original paper describes the details."
The Internet

Submission + - Dojo to support offline AJAX apps

prostoalex writes: "A popular Dojo toolkit will soon support offline browsing, eWeek reports: "To deliver the tool kit, Neuberg said, he does not need to "adopt radically different or exotic programming models, such as loading Single Page Applications like TiddlyWiki from the file system, adopting Adobe's Apollo framework, or downloading huge, entire Web servers with specialized application logic that run locally, such as Zimbra's offline solution." Instead, the Dojo Offline Toolkit will use a simple, small Web proxy that runs locally. The proxy will cache files that need to cached for later access without hitting the network, Neuberg said. In addition, to enable the browser to talk to the local Web proxy, the new tool kit will use a standard technology known as PAC (Proxy AutoConfiguration). A PAC file is a small bit of JavaScript that is invoked on each browser request.""
Data Storage

Submission + - Setting up a storage network at home

Lucas123 writes: "There's a story on about setting up storage networks in your home for file/photo sharing between in-home computers and over the Internet that includes a review of six different network-attached storage devices."

Submission + - Are cell phone cameras really a security risk?

str4ng3 writes: "I work for a DOD Contractor that does not allow camera phones in the building, however there are no restrictions on mp3 players, USB thumbsticks and PDAs. Are camera phones really that big of a security risk in this day and age? Does anyone else share my pain?"
The Internet

Submission + - Opera Responds on "Secret" Security Patch

Kelson writes: "A member of the Opera development team has responded to last week's article which criticized Opera for fixing critical security issues in December's 9.10 release, but not disclosing the existence of the vulnerability until three weeks later.
Sometimes it even happens that we do not mention issues in our changelogs even though we have fixed it — because we are waiting for other vendors to fix the same issue in their products.
It can happen that the severity of an exploit is upgraded by our internal security team at a later stage, since further analysis shows that the original severity was not accurate: our priority is to first fix the issue...
So what you have been seeing with the 9.10 release and the delayed announcement of two vulnerabilities is an unhappy coincidence of the release and the Christmas vacation.
United States

Journal Journal: What Hillary tried ten years ago 9

Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday proposed to extend health coverage to nearly all of California's 6.5 million uninsured people, promising to spread the cost among businesses, individuals, hospitals, doctors, insurers and government.

The plan contains elements that are likely to provoke opposition from a wide range of powerful interests, including doctors, hospitals and insurers, as well as employers and unions. But it also contains incentives for each of them.


Submission + - Help choose the best tech writing of 2007

handle writes: You can help choose 'The Best of Technology Writing 2007' for an upcoming anthology to be published by The University of Michigan Press and University of Michigan Library. Visit to nominate your favorite articles, essays and blog posts. The 2006 edition has been published, and you can read it online free (as in beer).

[Resubmitted with correct URL. D'oh!]

Submission + - Bill Gates funds anti-net neutrality politicians

Ditesh writes: "Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates privately funded a campaign by a United States Congressman opposed to net neutrality, according to data in the campaign finance database and the US House of Representatives voting record. According the records, Bill Gates donated the maximum allowed US$2,000 to Republican House Representative David Dreier of California, a staunch opponent of net neutrality who brought down the Democrat Edward Markey Net Neutrality Act of 2006."

Submission + - Has Digg Raised the Quality of Slashdotters?

jav1231 writes: "Given the idea that there is a competition between Digg and Slashdot, does it seem that the average response on Slashdot has gotten better? I'm seeing far less flamebait-like responses. Furthermore, even controversial posts that have some point and reason to them are given opportunities that before would have been vehemently (and dare I say childishly) buried and modded down. Has Digg served Slashdot well by funneling off the less mature among us?"

Security Threat Changing, Says Symantec CEO 78

narramissic writes "At the Symantec Vision event in Tokyo Thursday, chairman and CEO John Thompson spoke about a shift his company has observed in the threat posed to computer users and companies by hackers. 'While a few years ago many people were much more focused on attacking the machine and attacking the broad-based activities that were going on online, now all of a sudden we've noticed a significant shift in both the type of attack and the motivation of the attack,' he said. 'The attacks that we see today are more targeted and more silent and their objective is to create true financial harm as opposed to visibility for the attackers.'"
The Internet

Submission + - What websites do you use when job hunting?

An anonymous reader writes: Currently I am in the process of relocating from a small mid-west city to the hustle and bustle of big city life in Washington DC. My question to slashdot is: What have you found to be the best websites for job hunting? I know of the major ones (Monster, Dice, Craigslist) but I want to know what worked for you and what sites to pass over. Your knowledge and comments would be greatly appreciated.

This question is geared toward personal experience and "best kept secrets" of job hunting, so please no comments about going to google and searching.

Submission + - Sending Passwords

Phr33k_Magg0t writes: "I work at a research facility with remote users who have a need to log onto our central servers (obviously) for sharing their work. The problem is, I have no secure way of sending the user any sort of password for their account once it's created. I realize I could set up something like PGP and transfer it through email but that still requires the remote user to do the same (from what I understand). It seems like most of the ideas that have been thought of either have a higher then acceptable security risk or the user on the other end to have some significant technical knowledge in order to compelte the pairing. I've heard of "scratch" tickets where you have tickets with a scratchable surface that you scratch off to reveal the password and a key so I would know what password they were given. This way at least the user would be able to let us know if the password was compromised if the surface was scratched. The trouble is I can't seem to locate any of these. Does any one have any ideas of a relatively secure way of getting a user a temporary password for them to change once they receive it or know where I might get the tickets I mentioned?"

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